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I don’t post unless I find inspiration in an outfit.

This has to be one of the MOST playful outfits that I’ve worn. I live for the color scheme that I played out against the primarily black undertones. The top even gives a nod to the decade I was born in which is great because I always see the ones depicting the 80’s.


Although all of the above is true the shirt holds a modern millennia feel, it has the popular cold shoulder look and it is midriff (because my abs are no longer defined I added a black t-shirt)



As a play to the colorful rainbow on the sleeve I added my “Fly Doll” handmade earrings to the look. You can only get them here. They are beautiful and unique.



My joggers add dimension to the outfit with the black and white contrast on the drawstring and on the back of the legs.


I decided to wear heeled booties with this outfit but for a more casual look tennis shoes, (or if you’re from everywhere other than Ohio sneakers), would look just as POSH. Customized “Fly Doll” Feather and Crystal Earrings 


LabelMePosh, by Kanesha Nikia

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