Save money with #5 Shoe basics you MUST have in your closet. #classy #sexy #heels #shoes #basic

Invest in these shoes for your closet and I promise you won’t have to buy new shoes for a while. Luxury name obsolete.

Nude – You must find a nude shoe that compliments your skin tone. They will come in handy when wearing a colorful print.

Black – A primary color that can be worn with almost anything.

Navy – For those days when black just won’t do.

Brown – Brown is versatile and can be worn formally or informally.

Patent leather – Patent leather is transitional and can be worn throughout all of the seasons. My suggestions include the colors nude or black.

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A FENDI bag and a bad attitude. Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Ready to Wear

Since the early 80’s Fendi has been associated with Hip Hop culture, solidified with the rapper L.L. Cool J’s hit “Around the Way Girl.”

However there’s also no secret that there has been an oversaturation of Fendi lately. The logo has been seen everywhere and on everyone, in short, our timelines have been inundated with it.

Despite the obvious, Fendi manages to pull off a dainty collection


I want a piece. (CLICK HERE FOR PRICING)

The 2018 Fall campaign uses beautiful, diverse models and the tones are earthy; showcasing the colors green, brown and camel which work together and on anyone.



The shots were done by none other than Karl Lagerfield and beautifully so. I’m also impressed by the fabric that Fendi is using – wool, rich leathers such as calf skin and my favorite, but easily soiled material, suede.



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Dress like a lady: MONOTONE PINK- Pink Lemonade- #issalook

When life throws you  lemons.. make pink lemonade.

I love a well put together monotone look; I decided to go light yesterday, light pink. I felt the need to be colorful because lately I’ve been feeling encouraged and uplifted. What better color to compliment the mood than pink?

Monotone done correctly. I love the results. (NO FILTERS)

pink 3

Kandi do you love me are you ridin’?



Put on pink dress, pink heels, pink sunglasses, fluffy pink purse for texture and a purple belt to break up the monotony.

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Designed with Bermuda in mind

Upon designing these earrings it reminded me of the crystal clear and blue waters of Bermuda; beautiful, sparkling, warm and inviting. These beautiful and elegant earrings reflect colors of blue and green, there is just something about these colors that reminds me of a getaway vacation in a faraway location.



Of course the components are gold filled so they won’t change colors (ever) and the stone of choice is crystal-Swarovski Crystal. They are short dangle earrings for pierced ears. The shape of the crystal is now archived so they aren’t likely to be found anywhere else.
“Bermuda” earrings.. exclusively at LABEL ME POSH




TOM FORD Vegas is like a walk in closet

                                            I don’t pop molly I rock Tom Ford

                                           Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Tom Ford store on the Vegas strip in Nevada, it should definitely be on your to-do list. The store is well put together on the outside and is quite the experience on the inside.

tf vegas

The store is like a tunnel with three layers. As you walk into the store you enter the men’s section, which I have to be honest I didn’t look twice at because I was so enamored with the way that the inside was built. The mid portion of the store is reserved for the variety of scents that Tom Ford has to offer, and finally the last layer, the back is where the women’s clothing is housed.

Tom Ford leather peplum skirt

The store is eloquent, like the walk in closet that you’ve always wanted. The staff is very friendly and attentive (not in an intrusive way) and there is a bigger selection of clothing then what you may see online.

We are not allowed to film inside of the store, but before I was informed of this I got a small snippet on video that you can view here.

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Health: Manicures and Pedicures all seasons; Pretty is a bonus.


There is a common misconception that getting ones nails done has to do with looks and not health.

This assumption is terrible because manicures and pedicures are just like check ups, except they are for the health and maintenance of the hands and feet, embellishments are secondary.

cals nails


Self care is important. When you get a manicure and pedicure a massage is usually included in the service. Massages are good for people with arthritis, and it has a calming effect, which in turn helps the nervous system while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Beauty is more than skin deep and inner beauty has to be maintained all year round, not just specific times of the year. The problem is so widespread that the beauty industry refers to the summer as “pedicure season”; with feet and hands being the most used portion of our bodies, there is no reason they should be done only during a specific season.

In short, get a manicure and pedicure regularly, the overall health of your skin is important.

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Interview with Celebrity Designer Stevie Boi – visionary of SB Shades

Stevie Boi of SB Shades is so busy keeping up with himself that he doesn’t have time to entertain the Jones’.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Stevie Boi’s longevity in the fashion industry is adaptability.

Stevie Boi  is an intelligent businessman, and has managed to stay relevant and current all while maintaining a sense of professionalism and humility. He literally turned shade into a brand before it became a coined phrase. His book entitled “Shade Built My Empire” is a nod to his fashion forwardness and helps entrepreneurs by giving them advice on how to take their business to the next level.


His eyewear line is bold, fearless, unique and best of all unisex! The most current of which is PinkbySB which was featured in Essence Magazine. In addition, Stevie Boi also presents to us shoe wear, clothing lines. Although Stevie Boi is successful with his apparel, accessories, and although he has worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna and most recently Kesha – he doesn’t allow his pursuit of self sufficiency to stop there. Fashion encompasses many avenues and he’s chasing them. For example, who of us is not a lover of food? You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s not. So keeping up with the foodies, Stevie Boi has also turned his attention to giving us StevieBoiEats a cooking show that focuses on food and gossip! The food menu is fashioned in a capacity that keeps our taste buds singing, and encourages us to maintain our health.

Stevie Boi graciously answered some of my questions that can help the aspiring entrepreneur:

Q1: How do you persist in a seemingly oversaturated audience due to social media?

A: I make sure I make the brand about what the people want. I ask people to name the glasses and also interact with everyone. Most people dont do that in a positive way. Its always about clapping back etc. I like to remain positive and uplift my audience. 

Q2: How was your experience designing with Kesha?

A.: I love working with Kesha. She is a real person that writes real music! She is also featured in his book “Shade Built my Empire” which is out everywhere.


Q3: How do you determine which designs hit the runway?

A: I don’t. I work freely, people take fashion too serious. Stevie Boi cites this reason why he has been able to maintain his relevancy. He says he has fun at his shows and enjoys the process.

Q4: How’d you get your first big break?

A: My first break was landing my glasses on the cover of OBVIOUS Fashion magazine the celeb that wore them was Eva Marcille Pigford. 

Q5: How does a designer go about creating networking opportunities for themselves?

A: It depends on the designers strengths. I’m good at holding a conversation and actually like being around people. Sell yourself! The other advice I would give is attend events. Go to EventBrite or Guest of a Guest and see what fashion events are coming up in your local town.

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Instagram @SBShades

Instagram for foodies @StevieBoiEats


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