Beyonce Balmain Sequin trouser Dupe alert


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Every since Beyonce’s too short of a video “Yonce” aired I had been trying to find a pair of sequin trousers. They are not exactly the same, hers are covered in lace with a little sequin, but hey! I’m not in a music video nor am I going to go out in sheer pants.

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Sequins are all the rage this season (again). They can be dressed up or down, making them versatile for casual or dressy affairs. Balmain has a beautiful pair of trousers that will set you back a little over $1000 or you can get a dupe at House of CB for a little under $100.00. For a live review go to YOUTUBE. They have pockets guys!!


House of CB Sequin trousers


Tis the season to get dressed up!