It’s about time Nicki Minaj is speaking up for herself.


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Although I am not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj’s music, her writing skills were dismissed because she is a woman that plays in the arena of men, plain and simple.


For years  has been saying she writes her own bars and no one believed her, but guess who they DID believe? One lone man who just happens to be her ex, bitter lover. Safaree has the nerve to say she is just a girl that is holding on to a past that should have been written off. What he neglected to mention is that he REPEATEDLY lied and said he wrote most of her music, trying to sabotage her career because as Nicki states he was “was buying prostitutes while she was buying him a hairline.” Now we see where the anger comes from.

What’s even worse is that Safaree is a man that she was once in love with and trusted. Sounds like he’s the jealous, bitter one.

That would have left a sour taste in my mouth even if it were after a past issue. I can also identify as a woman and not only when it comes to writing but in every aspect of life, that’s why we have the #metoo movement. Here’s the scenario: man says something every word is believed, woman says something she is “angry” or “bitter.” Some issues are worth our anger, and this, in my opinion is one of them.


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