Costco owes Tiffany&Co. 19 MILLION


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That’s a HUGE chunk of change.

Costco landed in hot water for using luxury jewelry giant Tiffany’s name while selling engagement rings. I am a business owner myself so I agree with the verdict. With that being said, it so happens that Costco’s argument is that the name Tiffany is generic, that¬† it can encompass any statement or meaning. However, anyone else everywhere else knows that the name Tiffany (especially when it comes to jewelry) is a nudge to the luxurious retailer that is known to have made a guest cameo in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and whose name is synonymous with their trademark robin’s egg blue colored boxes; in some circles the blue color is often referred to as Tiffany blue. Costco is now barred from using the name Tiffany alone when it comes to selling jewelry. Come on Costco you were well aware of what you were doing.

And if you weren’t the judge was. Costco is appealing.

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