6 ways to be strategic while leveling up #levelup #boss #tips

When you think of a leveling up journey oftentimes people think of romantic relationships. However, professional level up is just as important so here are ways that have worked for me.

Always be the best or top 5 at whatever you venture into.

Arrive everyday even if the company offers Voluntary leave. (Be dependable)

Arrive early.

Think like a supervisor. (Don’t linger around, don’t get involved in gossip, be stern but relaxed)

This point cannot be stressed enough. Mentally prepare to be an outcast (people will naturally be envious and try to find a way to discredit you, don’t allow them. )

Always communicate with management about your desire to advance.

Important: Don’t be afraid to leave the company where you are trying your best and it still goes unnoticed. A good company will recognize and reward hard workers because you are in effect making them money and in the public eye- more desirable to work at.

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Gold digger? Women and Hypergamy?#classy #hypergamy #lifestyle #noto5050

While marriage is beautiful, there are many reasons for divorce. Money being one of the top reasons. Try to eliminate that factor. This among others are reasons for women to adopt a hypergamous lifestyle. (By the way this works generally) How to do it:

  1. Be confident
  2. Dress well (particularly in neutrals)
  3. Be well traveled
  4. Set the bar high (do not settle)
  5. Be patient
  6. Stay well manicured
  7. Put yourself first
  8. Never pay on dates (this will eliminate a lot of faux suitors)
  9. Be feminine
  10. Don’t worry about what others think (you’ll get a lot of push-back)

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Crush fashion #3 Types of stylish #sunglasses that spell #posh #romance #sexy

Sunglasses are the epitome of cool, and with that carry a level of sex appeal. The right sunglasses can dress up any outfit even when wearing a plain shirt. Just take a look at Jamie Foxx, you can not even see what he is wearing and he already looks cool.

Jamie Fox in aviator square sunglasses

Here are some suggestions for sexy, inexpensive, fashionable sunglasses

Aviator Style

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Save money with #5 Shoe basics you MUST have in your closet. #classy #sexy #heels #shoes #basic

Invest in these shoes for your closet and I promise you won’t have to buy new shoes for a while. Luxury name obsolete.

Nude – You must find a nude shoe that compliments your skin tone. They will come in handy when wearing a colorful print.

Black – A primary color that can be worn with almost anything.

Navy – For those days when black just won’t do.

Brown – Brown is versatile and can be worn formally or informally.

Patent leather – Patent leather is transitional and can be worn throughout all of the seasons. My suggestions include the colors nude or black.

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#Classy ways to respond to vile or #provocative #conversation

Every now and again someone tries to engage in unbecoming or unwelcome conversation. Some of these conversations may be directed toward a person’s ethnicity or style and in a lot of cases it may stem from unfounded jealousy. Oftentimes a person may even do it in group settings to get a provocative response. Don’t succumb to stupidity.

Count to 10 in your head and try these responses:

  1. “Wow, that is inappropriate and I do not appreciate that at all.”
  2. “I beg your pardon if my accent (in this case) bothers you, I speak several languages including yours.”
  3. “You know, it is okay to agree to disagree. Don’t you love the fact that each of us can be diverse in our expressions?”
  4. “I don’t agree with the direction this conversation is headed in, please excuse me.”

Stay classy, even if the world decides it no longer wants to indulge.

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Be a gracious at home wife. Here are 5 ways

It’s a privilege to be a stay at home wife especially in this economy. In most households there are some things that you’ll have to sacrifice in order to do so.

During this ever changing process you don’t want to add any additional stress to your spouse. Here are some realistic ways to help them to be happy to secure your stay at home.

  1. Cook breakfast and dinner.
  2. Keep a clean home.
  3. Shop second-hand (second hand is en vogue because good fibres like cotton and silk are very expensive in department stores)
  4. If your spouse affords you a lifestyle budget, save some of it just in case he needs it.
  5. Try to limit complaining, hopefully you both talked about the sacrifices you would both have to make with 1 of you working, so they should come as no surprise.

Enjoy it while it lasts, secretly there are a million women that would love to be in your shoes.

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#Capitalize on #beauty; here are #3 ways

Anyone can be considered beautiful. Cleopatra is world renowned for her beauty and dated the most power, recognizable names in history – However, history attests to the fact that her beauty did not lie in her looks. Looks would not have captivated Caesar and Mark Antony since they had seen their share of women. Here are some ways to capitalize on beauty.

Be kind – Smile, compliment and help others in your free time. Volunteer; it’s good for the soul.

Be confident – Mean what you say and say what you mean with tact and honesty in a way that’s not offensive.

Be learned – College yes, but travel opens the mind to different cultures, adventures and architecture. Impress with your mind.

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