Interview with Ohio’s Children’s Braid Artist @marquetta.slim


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Who says we don’t use Math everyday? @Marquetta.slim certainly does.

Marquetta is a licensed braid artist of 7 years, but she’s much more than that, she performs geometry on the hair. And she’s good.

Her focus is primarily on children’s hair because not only has she always wanted to do it, but she genuinely enjoys the experience of the looks on their faces as they rush to the mirror to examine her work, she further explains that for children, braids are a confidence booster.

With fine attention to detail, Marquetta can weave many patterns into the hair; stars, parallel, horizontal, and perpendicular lines.. she even uses materials to make the pattern stand out. She performs this task under tedious care of the hair, being careful not to apply too much tension while performing so that her clients aren’t in unbearable discomfort.


To contact @Marquetta.slim  you can reach her at The Braid Cartel 5828 Lee, South Maple Heights 44137 also INSTAGRAM

Q1: What fuels your drive?

A: The desire to provide for herself and her family

Q2: What goes through your mind before executing a style?

A: Marquetta reminds herself before braiding that she wants to keep a professional, effective pace and to focus on making her client comfortable.

Q3: When did you realize you were given the gift of braiding?

A: 7-10 years old

Q4: What are your aspirations for the future?

A: To have her own KID ZONE, a space for children to come and be pampered. She also has goals of opening a clothing store for children so that her ideas can be combined in one place.

Q5: How do you measure success in your field?

A: For Marquetta, success is seeing the smile on the children’s faces when they perform their happy dance after looking at the artwork on their hair. Braiding produces a whole new attitude once they get out of her chair.

It was joy finding out the answers to Marquetta’s questions because it put a smile on my face, I used to be her age on the porch sipping lemonade getting beauty supply store hair all over my mama’s porch while performing my art.. the love of braiding.

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