Just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he deserves a date. #levelup

People love saying that women pass up nice guys and then complain later about not finding a suitable date. That’s the equivalent of saying that every guy with suitable means is a jerk!

A nice guy can be broke, selfish and unattractive as well. Around here we do not go on pity dates just because, oftentimes pity dates end in pity sex, and the woman is then left with feelings of self loathing .

So DO NOT let your girlfriends, or family members guilt you into dating someone just because he is a “nice guy”, nice guys are everywhere but are they suitable to afford you the lifestyle that you desire? Choose wisely.

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Having an Uber pick you up is a cop out. #levelup

Courtesy of @killertrav

If your potential date has a working vehicle that is.

In this day and age chivalry is not dead, but it sure is dormant and women should not allow men to contribute to this lost art. If the Uber driver wants a good review or tip they have to ensure that they treat you accordingly. It is advantageous if the driver opens the door (be a gentlemen), accommodates your choice of music (shows consideration) and makes sure that they get you to your destination in a timely manner (respectful of your time), all of which takes the work from your suitor.

In theory a point of dating is to seek a potential mate, if this is the case let them show that they are interested in your opinion of them and if they are worthy of your fleeting time by coming to pick you up and doing all of the aforementioned things to invest in you. Marriage lasts a lifetime and you don’t want to be responsible for an ill fated decision.

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There rarely is ever a benefit

Valentine’s Day is approaching; Don’t be the good time girl, your time is precious and your most valuable commodity, use it wisely and don’t be easily accessible.

IF you choose to be single understand what it means to be so. Here’s a list of what single is.

  • If you are not engaged nor married you are single.
  • Being single means exercising your right to come and go as you please.
  • Dating multiple people- this rule is usually understood to mean having SEX with multiple people.
  • Sex is NOT required while dating.
  • You’re not obligated to be available whenever that person wants you to be.

Enjoy your singlehood, those days won’t last forever. Adjust accordingly.

Kindest regards,



Lady and the Tramp is trash tv. Here’s why:

Please don’t let your children watch this movie unless you are teaching them life lessons on what NOT to fall for.

Being a proponent of hypergamy, the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp popped up into the place of my brain where childhood memories are held, and for lack of a better word, it’s trifling.

  1. Lady is doing just fine in her life until Tramp waltzes in.
  2. Lady begins to rebel and run away.
  3. Lady begins to eat handouts and have dinner in back alleys.
  4. Tramp makes it clear that he is NOT trying to level up, that he in fact loves his chronic trampy ways. (psst.. today we call it homelessness)
  5. Tramp and Lady go on an emotional roller-coaster.
  6. Lady goes on to have a litter by a no go-getter.

No bueno! Yes Tramp is a protector, but ladies need a provider as well. Don’t fall for the climactic concept. After all, we live in the real world.

What do you think?

Kindest Regards,


#4 ways to LET him open the door for you.

Joe Jonas opens the door for his significant other.

Sometimes we’re in such a hurry as women, that we don’t remember to ALLOW a man to be man. While rushing we’ll jet through a door or (gasp) open the door for the man. Slow down – here are some ways.

  1. Always walk in a stride instead of a scurry- this way you can assess your surroundings and notice when a man is trying to be a gentlemen.
  2. While approaching the door step back a little if a man is behind you (as you should always anyway) this way you can give him the opportunity to open the door for you.
  3. Don’t be embarrassed- believe you are worthy of the gesture.
  4. Be confident but not demanding. Stand no longer that a couple of seconds.. if he doesn’t open the door count it as his loss and open it for yourself.

The right man will get irritated if you don’t let them display chivalry, after all they are trying to impress you or in the case of a stranger, display their kindness.

Kindest Regards,

Kandi xoxo

Place your body in affordable, mature night clothes

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Nightclothes are an expensive investment to be honest, however it is a necessity.. for yourself. I want to reiterate for yourself because yes, we would like to please our mates but true beauty starts within.. if you have set a certain standard for yourself it will translate onto future relationships.

It is important to not wear elementary clothing to bed. Never get into the bed with childish prints like cartoon characters. In my opinion that is a no, no. So, you ask what is appropriate? Silk. Silk is appropriate anytime but it is also very expensive. Cotton is a least expensive alternative.

Here is an affordable brand that offer robes and organic cotton sets to stock up on that are earth friendly. Cat in check. Happy shopping.

Instagram issues Photoshop warning

Instagram is not far away from getting cancelled; The app is implementing a new feature in which images that have been photo-shopped will be labelled as such, they will state “False Information.”

Sure photo-shopped images can create falsities and misconceptions, but have you ever beat your face so good and the photos themselves don’t translate your work without a little color enhancement, or you may have dropped a spot of tea on your pants and need to remove it? It’s nice to fallback on a little correction.

However, from a parental standpoint I understand the push back, especially when I think of impressionable young ones that are coming into their own and are already being fed insecurities.

I’d like to know what you think because if this pans out, I want to know what the next hottest thing that someone is already cooking up in regards to social media because people will flee and I want in- early.