#Capitalize on #beauty; here are #3 ways

Anyone can be considered beautiful. Cleopatra is world renowned for her beauty and dated the most power, recognizable names in history – However, history attests to the fact that her beauty did not lie in her looks. Looks wouldn’t have captivated Caesar and Mark Antony since they had seen their share of women. Here are some ways to capitalize on beauty.

Be kind – Smile, compliment and help others in your free time. Volunteer; it’s good for the soul.

Be confident – Mean what you say and say what you mean with tact and honesty in a way that’s not offensive.

Be learned – College yes, but travel opens the mind to different cultures, adventures and architecture. Impress with your mind.

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Alcohol infused beverage of the weekend #bubbly #brut #spanish #alcohol #classy

It’s Friday.

Would you like to feel like you just bit into a nice, juicy, golden delicious apple? Look no further than Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut! It’s a sparkling wine that’s sure to send your taste buds in a frenzy.

Chilled, it is simply divine. The apple notes are complimented by the taste of freshly picked pears and the bubbly dances off of your tongue in a non overbearing way and these are just the top notes. Also look at that classy packaging!

It’s an overall pleasant, nice drink for a day in the house, while getting pampered, amongst friends or on a date. No one will complain, trust me.

If enjoying Freixent while out, just don’t let it sneak up on you..don’t let the drink control you.

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All #bras are not created equal. Wear the right bra. #4 #Occasion bras.

One of my girlfriends wanted to do something nice for her friend and husband and drop off pizza. Problem is, her bra choice was wrong and it prompted her friend to take her to the side and have the “husband” chat. Come to find out during our conversation and unbeknownst to me, the wife was correct. My friend was completely covered with a black shirt and oblivious; she wore the wrong bra – a sheer bra that showcased her nipples.

Sometimes we just want to be sexy for ourselves and don’t think about how others may feel.

Keep your friends, be humble and understand that all bras are not created equal.

  • Sheer bra- Scrumptious, for the bedroom, for your significant other.
  • T-shirt bra- Casual, covers your breasts well and smooths out your look.
  • Push up bra- Sexy, showcases the cleavage but doesn’t give away as much as the sheer bra and offers coverage for the nipples.
  • Sports bra- This bra allows for high impact workouts and heavy activities

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#Classy dating. #3 Suggested dates. Don’t go on a date after 10 p.m. Set the tone.

Which classy establishment is open after 10 p.m.? If your arrival time is 10 what time will you be going back to the comfort of your home?

Even if sex isn’t on the horizon why does the date have to be so late, who from or what is your potential trying to hide? How does that make you look? You don’t want to appear desperate, available for your date during all times of the day or in this case night. Above all don’t accept a last minute date.

Date suggestions:

1.] Brunch: It happens during midday you’ll feel less pressure and the rest of the day is yours to think about if you’d like to see them again.

2.] Wine tasting: This will allow both of you to relax, learn something new and get acquainted with each others tastes.

3.] Horseback riding: How is the person with animals? Do they take charge? Are they gentle?

Go home by yourself, guilt free.

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Have a no flip flop summer..#Where to find.. 3 #classy #summer shoes #espadrilles #ballet flats

Flip flops are just that, items made for flopping around the house- and the sound? How do you feel when you hear it? If you’ve been oblivious to it trust me, from now on you won’t be.

Problem is they just aren’t classy. Extremely comfortable yes, but not classy. I don’t even care for the ones designed by Hermes.

Espadrilles, ballet flats and mules are the alternative, for comfort , beauty and construction here are 3 go to brands.

1.} Manebi- This brand carries flat and wedge espadrilles is handmade and designed in Spain, and offers different colors and textiles.

Hamptons” Wedge mules color Sunny Yellow

2.} Jessica Simpson- Her ballet flats are gorgeous, comfortable and leather with just amount sheen to not distract from what you’re wearing. They’re also available in the color black.

3.} Tory Burch- Can’t go wrong with classic Tory. These espadrilles have the features of ballet flats. That’s why you’d be hard pressed to find them. I found 1 Poshmark seller. Click the name “Elisa”

**Honorable mention**

Guess- of course if you fancy jean espadrilles.

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3 #Tips for #Classy #behavior of guests

Arrive fashionably late.

Who do you think that you are?

Stop arriving late. It shows lack of appreciation for the person that is kind enough to invite you to the event, in addition you make it look as though you view yourself as more important than the planner. (See how many times the words “you” and “yours” is used?) It’s just rude.

I’ve never realized how stressed out the white rabbit looks rushing around like a worry wart until now. You can eliminate that feeling. Here are some tips to help you be a more gracious guest and to keep getting invites.

1.) Plan ahead. (Choose your outfit the night before)

2.) Leave in a reasonable amount of time. Double the time that you usually leave.

3.) Think about how you would feel if a person that you invite keeps arriving notoriously late.

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#Sexy #high #heels for #weak ankles

We all love and want to wear them. However, not every designer makes them so that they are comfortable. Here’s an unavoidable tip – figure out the height that works for you and stick to it, no matter how cute the shoe out of your comfort zone is. It’s just not classy nor appealing to walk like an injured fawn. I can go no higher than 3 3/4 inches.

Here are the ones that I’ve worn that are not only attractive and easy to walk in but in addition the designers produce them with good materials.

Ralph Lauren (around December is when they have their sales)

Lauren “Lindella” leather pumps
3 1/2 inch or 90 mm

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein “Kirsten” synthetic material (for summer) pumps
3 1/4 heel

Marc Fisher (wild side designer that also carries wide widths)

Gianni Bini

Gianni Bini “Elliah” Leather Asymmetrical Block Heel Sandals
3.9 inch heel; tolerable because of the width of the block

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