Have a no flip flop summer..#Where to find.. 3 #classy #summer shoes #espadrilles #ballet flats

Flip flops are just that, items made for flopping around the house- and the sound? How do you feel when you hear it? If you’ve been oblivious to it trust me, from now on you won’t be.

Problem is they just aren’t classy. Extremely comfortable yes, but not classy. I don’t even care for the ones designed by Hermes.

Espadrilles, ballet flats and mules are the alternative, for comfort , beauty and construction here are 3 go to brands.

1.} Manebi- This brand carries flat and wedge espadrilles is handmade and designed in Spain, and offers different colors and textiles.

Hamptons” Wedge mules color Sunny Yellow

2.} Jessica Simpson- Her ballet flats are gorgeous, comfortable and leather with just amount sheen to not distract from what you’re wearing. They’re also available in the color black.

3.} Tory Burch- Can’t go wrong with classic Tory. These espadrilles have the features of ballet flats. That’s why you’d be hard pressed to find them. I found 1 Poshmark seller. Click the name “Elisa”

**Honorable mention**

Guess- of course if you fancy jean espadrilles.

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#Green summer Fibres to wear to stay elegant and feel cool. #earthfriendly #sustainable #recycle #thrift

The fabric of our lives..

100% cotton tweed walking coat
Photo cred http://depop.com/labelmeposh

Though cotton is a fiber I get what the commercial was trying to communicate.

If you want to feel and look elegant during the summertime while maintaining a proper body temperature, breathable fiber is your go to.

Dupioni, chiffon, charmeuse and lace silk top
Photo cred http://depop.com/labelmeposh

Fibers such as cotton, linen and silk – (though to avoid damage to clothing you want to go with a silk blend) are fibrous and allow you look stylish and protect the earth with its sustainable qualities. For the long haul they are classic pieces that will never go out of style.

Silk blend halter
Photo cred https://instagram.com/labelmeposh?igshid=jjfkwj1gt4dr

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Wednesday- Feminine, Girly, Flirty Pink #thrift #thriftohio #labelmeposh

Ice cream wristlet https://labelmeposh.com/
skirt #rayon #chaus #thrifted
scalloped edge top #noname #thrifted
ballet flats DSW; Jessica Simpson

I have recently started to outsource clothing for my business. I like the idea of earth sustainable fashion. The catch that I love is that I find items that no one else has or is wearing. My style; as is the style of my store is classy, but fun where there’s room for it. Let’s just say I’ve been in the process of leveling up and being true to myself. No one else.

I’ve found silks, cottons, designer, leather, and hard to acquire vintage pieces and jewelry. This outfit is an example and I love the result.

What does this outfit say to you?

Sunglasses from https://labelmeposh.com/
Earrings NO NAME #thrifted

A FENDI bag and a bad attitude. Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Ready to Wear

Since the early 80’s Fendi has been associated with Hip Hop culture, solidified with the rapper L.L. Cool J’s hit “Around the Way Girl.”

However there’s also no secret that there has been an oversaturation of Fendi lately. The logo has been seen everywhere and on everyone, in short, our timelines have been inundated with it.

Despite the obvious, Fendi manages to pull off a dainty collection


I want a piece. (CLICK HERE FOR PRICING)

The 2018 Fall campaign uses beautiful, diverse models and the tones are earthy; showcasing the colors green, brown and camel which work together and on anyone.



The shots were done by none other than Karl Lagerfield and beautifully so. I’m also impressed by the fabric that Fendi is using – wool, rich leathers such as calf skin and my favorite, but easily soiled material, suede.



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Dress like a lady: MONOTONE PINK- Pink Lemonade- #issalook

When life throws you  lemons.. make pink lemonade.

I love a well put together monotone look; I decided to go light yesterday, light pink. I felt the need to be colorful because lately I’ve been feeling encouraged and uplifted. What better color to compliment the mood than pink?

Monotone done correctly. I love the results. (NO FILTERS)

pink 3

Kandi do you love me are you ridin’?



Put on pink dress, pink heels, pink sunglasses, fluffy pink purse for texture and a purple belt to break up the monotony.

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Are 3somes worth the hype? Teyana Taylor and Boosie Bad clap back.

teyana taylor

Recently with the blessing of Teyana Taylor and BoosieBad.. it has come to fruition that they enjoy the occasional romp in the sack with other people. Teyana discussed her business all over interviews while supposedly promoting her music, but instead of sticking to the music she chose to focus on her sexual escapades. It seems as though Teyana and Iman Shumpert enjoy threesomes with random strangers from anywhere on earth and Boosie, with his friend.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not an insecure woman, but at the same time I’m not naïve enough to think that other people don’t find my spouse attractive,

I would be a fool to assume that since I think I am all that and a bag of chips that during a threesome or extramarital activities that either one may catch feelings for the other that is not their spouse. In short, I ain’t on it and don’t think that people should discuss what goes on in their personal boudoir or they risk opening themselves up to strangers on the internet GEESH don’t they have a child at home?


P.S. No internet relationship is #goals..focus on your own.

How do you feel?

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Erika Jayne of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills outfit

As of late I really have been fascinated by black and white clothing, so when I saw Erika Jayne of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in this sweater on Kandi Koated Nights, I was intrigued to find out who the designer is, because as we know Erika loves her designer, as do I, my paycheck just won’t allow it.

ejThe fashion house is headquartered in France, is named Maison Margiela and was founded by Martin Margiela and his business partner and fellow designer Jenny Meirens. The fashion house is known for obscuring the models faces on the runway to bring greater attention to the clothing. In October 2014 it was announced that John Galliano would take the position of creative director.

The sweatshirt which Erika wore is ready to wear and can be found here, ej2She chose to wear it as a dress which made for the perfect combination of relaxed and stylish, her hair was in an updo and she finished off the look with rhinestone thigh high boots. The top appears to be layered.

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