Having an Uber pick you up is a cop out. #levelup

Courtesy of @killertrav

If your potential date has a working vehicle that is.

In this day and age chivalry is not dead, but it sure is dormant and women should not allow men to contribute to this lost art. If the Uber driver wants a good review or tip they have to ensure that they treat you accordingly. It is advantageous if the driver opens the door (be a gentlemen), accommodates your choice of music (shows consideration) and makes sure that they get you to your destination in a timely manner (respectful of your time), all of which takes the work from your suitor.

In theory a point of dating is to seek a potential mate, if this is the case let them show that they are interested in your opinion of them and if they are worthy of your fleeting time by coming to pick you up and doing all of the aforementioned things to invest in you. Marriage lasts a lifetime and you don’t want to be responsible for an ill fated decision.

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Instagram issues Photoshop warning

Instagram is not far away from getting cancelled; The app is implementing a new feature in which images that have been photo-shopped will be labelled as such, they will state “False Information.”

Sure photo-shopped images can create falsities and misconceptions, but have you ever beat your face so good and the photos themselves don’t translate your work without a little color enhancement, or you may have dropped a spot of tea on your pants and need to remove it? It’s nice to fallback on a little correction.

However, from a parental standpoint I understand the push back, especially when I think of impressionable young ones that are coming into their own and are already being fed insecurities.

I’d like to know what you think because if this pans out, I want to know what the next hottest thing that someone is already cooking up in regards to social media because people will flee and I want in- early.

Gold digger? Women and Hypergamy?#classy #hypergamy #lifestyle #noto5050

While marriage is beautiful, there are many reasons for divorce. Money being one of the top reasons. Try to eliminate that factor. This among others are reasons for women to adopt a hypergamous lifestyle. (By the way this works generally) How to do it:

  1. Be confident
  2. Dress well (particularly in neutrals)
  3. Be well traveled
  4. Set the bar high (do not settle)
  5. Be patient
  6. Stay well manicured
  7. Put yourself first
  8. Never pay on dates (this will eliminate a lot of faux suitors)
  9. Be feminine
  10. Don’t worry about what others think (you’ll get a lot of push-back)

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Crush fashion #3 Types of stylish #sunglasses that spell #posh #romance #sexy

Sunglasses are the epitome of cool, and with that carry a level of sex appeal. The right sunglasses can dress up any outfit even when wearing a plain shirt. Just take a look at Jamie Foxx, you can not even see what he is wearing and he already looks cool.

Jamie Fox in aviator square sunglasses

Here are some suggestions for sexy, inexpensive, fashionable sunglasses

Aviator Style

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Have a no flip flop summer..#Where to find.. 3 #classy #summer shoes #espadrilles #ballet flats

Flip flops are just that, items made for flopping around the house- and the sound? How do you feel when you hear it? If you’ve been oblivious to it trust me, from now on you won’t be.

Problem is they just aren’t classy. Extremely comfortable yes, but not classy. I don’t even care for the ones designed by Hermes.

Espadrilles, ballet flats and mules are the alternative, for comfort , beauty and construction here are 3 go to brands.

1.} Manebi- This brand carries flat and wedge espadrilles is handmade and designed in Spain, and offers different colors and textiles.

Hamptons” Wedge mules color Sunny Yellow

2.} Jessica Simpson- Her ballet flats are gorgeous, comfortable and leather with just amount sheen to not distract from what you’re wearing. They’re also available in the color black.

3.} Tory Burch- Can’t go wrong with classic Tory. These espadrilles have the features of ballet flats. That’s why you’d be hard pressed to find them. I found 1 Poshmark seller. Click the name “Elisa”

**Honorable mention**

Guess- of course if you fancy jean espadrilles.

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#Green summer Fibres to wear to stay elegant and feel cool. #earthfriendly #sustainable #recycle #thrift

The fabric of our lives..

100% cotton tweed walking coat
Photo cred http://depop.com/labelmeposh

Though cotton is a fiber I get what the commercial was trying to communicate.

If you want to feel and look elegant during the summertime while maintaining a proper body temperature, breathable fiber is your go to.

Dupioni, chiffon, charmeuse and lace silk top
Photo cred http://depop.com/labelmeposh

Fibers such as cotton, linen and silk – (though to avoid damage to clothing you want to go with a silk blend) are fibrous and allow you look stylish and protect the earth with its sustainable qualities. For the long haul they are classic pieces that will never go out of style.

Silk blend halter
Photo cred https://instagram.com/labelmeposh?igshid=jjfkwj1gt4dr

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Wednesday- Feminine, Girly, Flirty Pink #thrift #thriftohio #labelmeposh

Ice cream wristlet https://labelmeposh.com/
skirt #rayon #chaus #thrifted
scalloped edge top #noname #thrifted
ballet flats DSW; Jessica Simpson

I have recently started to outsource clothing for my business. I like the idea of earth sustainable fashion. The catch that I love is that I find items that no one else has or is wearing. My style; as is the style of my store is classy, but fun where there’s room for it. Let’s just say I’ve been in the process of leveling up and being true to myself. No one else.

I’ve found silks, cottons, designer, leather, and hard to acquire vintage pieces and jewelry. This outfit is an example and I love the result.

What does this outfit say to you?

Sunglasses from https://labelmeposh.com/
Earrings NO NAME #thrifted