Wearing You. #poetry #labelmeposh


A Poem

Wearing you is comfort, the feel, the caress, the soft touch makes me feel as though you love only me.

Wearing you takes me to a place that is uncommon to go, the sensuality of your touch makes me long for more.

You glide on my skin, manipulating the crevices inch by inch, for there is nothing comparable.

My spirits are lifted when you cling to me, hugging me ever so gently as when a husband explores the curves of his wife with his fingertips.

I love to wear you silk.


Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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Showtime’s “Billions” is coming back on!!!


Oh happy day! Billions is one of my favorite television series. I found out the new release date thanks to the stalking of Brian Koppleman’s Twitter page.

Brian Koppleman is one of the co/creators of Billions and each season it comes on, he satisfies my innate desire to know the intellectual, yet filthy, inside dealings of the ridiculously, but fabulously dressed wealthy. We left season 2 with an insatiable Chuck Rhoades  seemingly grabbing the super villain that we love to root for, Bobby Axelrod by the kahoonas. Now he doesn’t have to worry about Bobby wooing his wife with expensive gifts or promised allegiance right?

Read my previous write up about “Billions.”

We don’t know, but what we do know thanks to Mr. Koppleman is that the release date is March 23rd at 10 p.m. on the Showtime network. Give yourself a favor and binge watch so that you can be in the know; while watching I have learned several new terms that I have had to look up to keep abreast with the business lingo expressed during the show. But this is part of the reasons why I love it!

xoxo, Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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GET NAKED. It’s liberating.

The real reason behind this revelation is plain and simple. I wanted to feel and look good from the outside. I thought what better way than to get naked?

kane497 007.JPG

Getting naked is something that I have pondered over again and again because it’s not an easy task, everyone wants to look good but does not want to put in the effort to make it happen. I thought what if I am embarrassed, what if it’s just not good and even worse.. what if someone sees me? I decided to bite the bullet; it was inevitable, to feel good from the inside and therefore the outside I had to start somewhere. So I did it!

I walked right into my neighborhood gas station and got Naked.  It was worth the effort and I didn’t feel embarrassed at all, I purchased the flavor “Green Machine.” It looked weird, but boy did it taste good! And.. you know what? I would do it again and again, and so would you. Get Naked here.

Here’s a recipe for a green smoothie using at home ingredients.

So how about you? Have you got the guts to go Naked and if you did, what flavor did you try? I’d like to know. Post your response in the upper right.

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