Health: Manicures and Pedicures all seasons; Pretty is a bonus.


There is a common misconception that getting ones nails done has to do with looks and not health.

This assumption is terrible because manicures and pedicures are just like check ups, except they are for the health and maintenance of the hands and feet, embellishments are secondary.

cals nails


Self care is important. When you get a manicure and pedicure a massage is usually included in the service. Massages are good for people with arthritis, and it has a calming effect, which in turn helps the nervous system while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Beauty is more than skin deep and inner beauty has to be maintained all year round, not just specific times of the year. The problem is so widespread that the beauty industry refers to the summer as “pedicure season”; with feet and hands being the most used portion of our bodies, there is no reason they should be done only during a specific season.

In short, get a manicure and pedicure regularly, the overall health of your skin is important.

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Must Visit Ohio: The West Side Market

 The West Side Market is so much a part of Cleveland’s landscape that I am always shocked to find native Clevelanders that haven’t visited.

The West Side Market has 2 sides, on one side there is fresh produce and on the other meats, pastries, perogies (a nod to Cleveland’s Polish population) and prepared foods.

The food and people are so diverse that you can make a day of people watching. The market also allows the sampling of foods so that you don’t necessarily have to commit if it isn’t appealing to your taste buds.

What lead me to the West Side Market this time is that it’s been about 2 months since I’ve eaten meat and I was feeling tempted so I went to the market determined to find an interesting variety of vegetables and it didn’t disappoint.

I ate a Jicama (which is a Mexican yam bean that proports to help prevent cancer), cactus and mango salad, that because of the acidic base I’d suggest eating as a dip or pairing with sharp cheese. Still it was a taste adventure.


The architecture is simply amazing.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, come on down to the Market.

The schedule: CLOSED: The West Side Market is closed on the “T” days as my mom used to say.

OPEN: Monday and Wednesday 7 am – 4 pm; Thurday and Friday 7 am – 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm

NOTE: There is now a parking fee which hasn’t always been present but the first 2 hours are free!

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Interview with Ohio’s Own Actress- Heather Rich

Lights, Camera, Action

When I asked to interview Heather Rich, I had no idea that she is a somewhat seasoned actress that is very compelling while at work.

Heather Rich has come up against many obstacles that she has overcome, but has shattered stereotypes along the way. She grew up in a single parent household in which she is 1 of 4. Her mother always worked 3 jobs to care for the family and battled stage 4 cancer. Can you imagine the responsibilities that came along with that as a young child? Still Heather persevered.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Heather began exploring theater while in the 5th grade and won the lead role as Peter Pan! Her determination has lead her to act in at least 8 roles, the most current role as “Lyric” of the stage play and movie “Jason’s Lyric; In addition she is also seen in the YouTube series “Upstairs”  Episode 102 around mark 06:20. The role is charming, romantic and we get to see her act vulnerably as well. I couldn’t stop smiling.

To contact Heather you can reach her here on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and watch her work on YOUTUBE.

Heather so graciously answered my interview questions:

Q1: How do you prepare for roles:

A: I turn all of my lines into a song; for character development I study the person I am assigned to emulate their voice, movement and style.

Q2: What kind of actor would you describe yourself as:

A: Well rounded, emotional

Q3: Is the competition for roles high in Ohio?

A: Very high, competition is good, makes a person better, and want to work harder.

Heather does not currently have an agent but is open to representation.


Must Visit: Severance Hall

Visiting Severance Hall is a culturally enriching and enlightening experience.

It is a beautifully constructed building in the inside as well as the outside. It boasts marble floors and limestone construction. It is also home to the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra which plays and pays homage to classical composers such as Brahms, Beethoven and Suk. Magnificent! The architectural influences are art deco with a nod to Egyptian culture.

Seating: Severance Hall is a visually appealing experience wherever one may choose to sit. ( I was worried about that since I like to see the passion in a musicians eyes.)



Dress Code: There is no dress code, many patrons dress down but on my recent visit I decided to make it an experience and go on the formal side simply because I love an excuse to get dolled up and wear a beautiful clutch.

Severance Hall’s address is 11001 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Click here for concert times and dates.


Take a date, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Interview with Ohio’s Philanthropist – Tawanda Angela

Tawanda Angela @angela_watchesovrme has figured out her mission.

While taking care of a family, being a student, and donating, Tawanda Angela is focused on improving the lives of others through philanthropy.

One of her goals has always been to give back to the community. In fact, she has organized an event in which she is using her own time and resources to make bag lunches for children in the Buckeye area. The date of this event is Saturday April 14th., eventually Tawanda would like to extend her hospitality to battered women and children by giving them personal products for hygiene. What a beautiful spirit and heart full of love that benefits the Cleveland area!


You too can extend your love by donating.

Get to know Tawanda a little better with her answers to my interview questions:

Q1: Who is the most influential person in your life?

A: Tawanda Angela cites her older sister because of her tenacity and family structure.

Q2. How do you balance family and school while still having time to organize a drive?

 For this budding philantrophist God, and family helps her to have a clear mind.

Q3. Encouraging words to offer the youth?

A: “Take nothing for granted because anyone or anything could be taken away, stay determined and give back.”

Q4. What can others donate to improve the outcome of the event?

A: Money.

Find out the times and dates of her drive, also feel free to donate by following her INSTAGRAM @angela_watchesovrme or @tee_angela984

The Mean Girls wear Prada Episode #3 “Dry Snitching” #labelmeposh


This particular person is a fulfiller, started the same day I did. Which is why despite the fact that she’s not full-time, I think she deserves an honorable mention.

She’s introduced to me by the supervisor as an equal, I take a breath of consolation because, at last someone I can identify with. I mean she’s a bit unkempt with a scarf on her head and attitude on her sleeve, but maybe she’s not so mean.

During the task we are assigned walkie talkie’s, which I am not a fan of, being a woman of a certain age it feels like an ankle bracelet,  and it wasn’t offered so I didn’t ask nor assume one. I mean, I did not even play with them when I was young. They are practical in their use, they come in handy if the supervisor or manager wants to send you home early or to assert any other kind of authority. So, I’m not opposed to them, I just simply was  not offered one.

After the introduction the supervisor goes off to do something for no more than about 1 minute. My counterpart leans in and inquires in my ear; in a whisper regarding the location of MY walkie talkie since she has been attached to one right away. I tell her that I wasn’t given one and neither do I want one in an equivalent tone, she responds that she hates me her exact words were “I don’t know you and I already hate you.” I don’t like the word hate because it’s so strong, but I chuckle just a little because I mean she doesn’t know me, so she can’t be serious right!?! These kids. That’s my mindset.

The supervisor returns- No longer then 5 seconds later and I am not exaggerating; my counterpart looks away from me and looks DEAD in the supervisor’s face and states “don’t you think she needs a walkie talkie?” My mouth must have dropped 10 inches to the floor I was so shocked, but I gave a corporate chuckle and blew it off.

To this day I still don’t have a walkie talkie perhaps because my supervisor doesn’t have to look for me, she knows that I am doing my job. Besides this I don’t trust the counterpart because she’s done and said some other questionable things.

Anyway that’s it for today. I have another jewelry snob part coming up. You won’t believe the snarkiness of it all.

xoxo, Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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The Mean Girls wear Prada Mean Girl #2 #labelmeposh “Customer Dealings with the Jewelry Snobs”

As mentioned in my initial blog entitled the same I am employed seasonal at a well known luxury department store. I am a web fulfiller; I hate the term “picker” because I am a person of color and well, I don’t like the connotation.

In any event I have to fulfill customers’ orders at this particular counter as well. The maker of these pieces owns a very expensive luxury jewelry line and when I fulfill there is a lengthy process that I have to go through that involves wrapping the package just so, but only if the order is over a certain amount and during and after this process I am not allowed to take the order off of the counter.

As stated, I am all about the customer, they are my main concern.

Enter Mean Girl #2

I go to the counter and ask her can she find a particular piece for me. (Let’s rewind) Before I needed her I ask her are there a lot of customers and she tells me yes and begins to explain that her customers hate coming to her due to the fact that she makes so much commission and she is spending all of their hard earned money (of course the customers are saying this in jest because they still come and I took it as such) But in the back of the mind I thought to myself how much she must be overly concerned about sales; back to the issue- the time is ticking for me to fulfill; the clock counts down and the piece that the customer is waiting for to add to their collection or their loved ones’ could go unfilled I was on 32 mins.  I ask the mean girl to help me to find the piece. In the interim an employee who is on break walks up to purchase. She states that she will be with me in 2 mins and that she has a customer.  I look at her and blatantly state “you have a customer (pause) that’s also an employee?” to which I tell her o.k. and walk off to come back. 23 mins left to fulfill for my customer that’s on the web.

I come back to get my item and there is another salesman there who is eager to help, while he’s getting my item together mean girl #2 expresses in front of the other salesman how rude she thinks I am. To which I reply and tell her that I think she was rude. She attempts to explain that although the person was an employee that they still are a customer. I replied o.k. (guilty conscience)? She should have had one, just because a customer is not standing next to me does not make them less of a customer. She continues the condescending speech in front of the other employee and reiterates that I can do it myself. I mentioned in the previous blog that I was thrown on the floor without procedural do’s and don’ts. 15 mins left to fulfill the order. I had no idea I could do it myself. Meanwhile the gentleman is wrapping the piece for me and I try to stop him because mean girl #2 is so adamant about me helping myself, however,  he explains he is going to continue helping, so that the process can go smoother and in the process acknowledges my uncomfortable demeanor and assures me that if no one teaches me how am I to know. He is a grade A employee. Mean girl #2 is still talking.

At this point I am fed up with her tone and I look her dead in the face and remind her that she’s already stated twice that I was rude and how I could do it myself. I told her in a firm but confident manner that she didn’t have to repeat herself any longer. To which she concedes.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, stop treating me like a “picker” and treat me like a web fulfiller an equal because that’s what I am.

Oh yes, I have a mean girl # 3.. although not as bad she’s a bit of a habitual liar. Stay tuned.

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