Interview with East Cleveland’s own; Ohio lawyer and HBCU Graduate.

hbcu1I was inspired to reach out to one of East Cleveland’s own lawyers and childhood friend, the reason being is because I was watching a special regarding the impact of HBCU’s which is an (acronym for Historically Black College’s and University’s) that really moved me, because attending an HBCU is not a path I had chosen, however, although there is no major difference academically when it comes to HBCU’s and majority attended colleges, after reading this perhaps it may move YOU to consider enrollment for refinement.

The special touched me because even though we live a racially charged society, the Black students interviewed state that attending an HBCU was a sort of refuge from the “outside world” and that versus a conventionally diverse college, they felt safer with expression. (HBCU’s house at least 87% Black attendees)

The interview is very insightful, I invite you to read along:

Q1: At what age did you decide to pursue law?

A: “Every since middle school, during the high school experience I had a criminal studies course, and that’s what substantiated my love for law.”

Q2: You got accepted to Ivy League colleges. What made you choose an HBCU for undergrad?

A: “I always knew I wanted to attend an HBCU.” She states she watched television programs such as A Different World and was entralled with the thought of attendance.

Most importantly she states that she did her research about how HBCU’s came into existence and that played a major, influential role in her final decision.

Q3: What lessons did you learn in at your HBCU that you carried into the real world?

A: She states that not only was it phenomenal, but also, empowering through knowlege and fun! Not only that but she recieved support, and enrichment.

“It molds a more strategic mind by teaching your own history which in turn builds confidence.”

It was a pleasure doing this interview.. thank you!

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Why the Terry Crews #metoo conversation is so important

We’ve all seen the questions and whispers that occur when a woman waits “too long” to report her sexual assault.

  1. Why didn’t she report it sooner?
  2. She’s just trying to make him look bad.
  3. Why didn’t she tell someone in her family?

I really could go on and on. Instead of concern for the victim the barrage which made it difficult to report the crime in the first place continues. (This post is not pertinent to people that lie)

The conversation is important because Terry Crews  (we know him from shows such as ” Everybody Hates Chris” or recently the Old Spice commercials ) is a tall, muscular man that seemingly wouldn’t come off as the victim. He’s in fact the anti victim to most people. Terry Crews has testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on Tuesday regarding the “Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.”

His testimony is important, powerful and moving. He speaks on the power struggle of not only being African American, but being in a position of being a subordinate to a powerful person, in this case a supervisor, but in many cases the perpetrator may be an older family member or, even someone of the physically stronger sex.

It’s also important because Terry Crews is a man! Yes, a man who felt powerless in at the hand of another man that felt he had ownership over Terry Crew’s body.

Close your eyes and imagine how a woman may feel.

See the partial testimony here:




Interview with Ohio’s Own Actress- Heather Rich

Lights, Camera, Action

When I asked to interview Heather Rich, I had no idea that she is a somewhat seasoned actress that is very compelling while at work.

Heather Rich has come up against many obstacles that she has overcome, but has shattered stereotypes along the way. She grew up in a single parent household in which she is 1 of 4. Her mother always worked 3 jobs to care for the family and battled stage 4 cancer. Can you imagine the responsibilities that came along with that as a young child? Still Heather persevered.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Heather began exploring theater while in the 5th grade and won the lead role as Peter Pan! Her determination has lead her to act in at least 8 roles, the most current role as “Lyric” of the stage play and movie “Jason’s Lyric; In addition she is also seen in the YouTube series “Upstairs”  Episode 102 around mark 06:20. The role is charming, romantic and we get to see her act vulnerably as well. I couldn’t stop smiling.

To contact Heather you can reach her here on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and watch her work on YOUTUBE.

Heather so graciously answered my interview questions:

Q1: How do you prepare for roles:

A: I turn all of my lines into a song; for character development I study the person I am assigned to emulate their voice, movement and style.

Q2: What kind of actor would you describe yourself as:

A: Well rounded, emotional

Q3: Is the competition for roles high in Ohio?

A: Very high, competition is good, makes a person better, and want to work harder.

Heather does not currently have an agent but is open to representation.


The Mean Girls wear Prada; Mean Girl #1- Episode 1 #labelmeposh

  My new seasonal job is interesting, to say the least. I actually love and enjoy going to it. It’s a stylish job, right up my alley.

I fulfill web orders, with that being said, the customers are my main and only concern. I make sure that if you order, you receive your purchase in a timely and efficient manner. More important, that your time is precious and I can’t afford to sit around when you order because a customer that is in the store may come and snatch up your item after you’ve probably spent hours on the web trying to find exactly what you’re looking for. I know..I’ve been there. Let’s talk about the 1st MEAN GIRL.

Mean Girl #1

It’s my first day of the job, I am thrown onto the floor not knowing the rules to the game. So I go into this particular department and grab different customers’ orders (I am all over the store fulfilling orders, there are usually multiple orders to fulfill in 1 department.) Upon arriving in the department I tell one young lady who by the way is very nice; that I will be using the counter, but once all of my orders are fulfilled I will be out of her way. She was fine. In the interim the next employee that I am going to introduce you to screams over the intercom to the pleasant young lady “Did you hear me?”

Enter the aforementioned second employee- MEAN GIRL #1; not so nice. She began to put the items that I had already fulfilled back onto their prospective shelves into the designated area. SIDEBAR: IT IS HARD TO FIND THE ITEMS THAT I HAD ALREADY FULFILLED BECAUSE OF THE SHEER MAGNITUDE OF THE STORE, and she knows this because she is a lifer and I’ve seen her before, after all I have shopped in this store more than a few times myself. Upon re-shelving she noticed that I was behind her and with boxes in hand proceeds to ask me are they mine. To which I confirm. The Mean Girl who probably feels that this is the job that “a million girls would die for” proceeds to let me know that “If I were her, she wouldn’t do such and such and so and so.” (In my head I whisper but you’re NOT me) but, I smile and reply “o.k.” With boxes in hand, she continues to lecture me on what she would not do if I were her. To which I again acknowledge her statement. At this time I tire of her being in my face exchanging in childish banter. So I ask her to put the boxes down.

The way she slammed those boxes down was in the way a spoiled rotten 5 year old would upon hearing they can’t have the last piece of candy, it was pure comedy. I started to bust out laughing but was so shocked, I couldn’t. LOL! The boxes didn’t become disheveled neither did anything fall out of them so everything was “Gucci.” Afterwards all I could hear was her heels clacking against the metal in pure fury.

I can handle it, I am a big girl. Stay tuned for Mean Girl #2. She’s a real doozy.

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Louis Vuitton Cherie Pumps for the not so basic 9-5 business worker. #labelmeposh

I love business wear. It gives us the opportunity to express our style in a conservative yet visually appealing way. I don’t mind dressing up for work, I actually like it although the slant these days is more toward casual, even in offices.

This blog though, happens to be for the not so basic, POSH chic.

Enter the stylish, smart and sexy Louis Vuitton Cherie pump. The height (2.6) is perfect for movement.


They don’t hurt the feet and are a good height for walking the halls at work. The logo embossed leather is durable and the color is mainly a neutral brown, the back half is black patent leather.



The only con is that there is leather on the bottom which is a bummer because the leather is soft so they scratch SUPER easy; reminiscent of the wear that plagues Christian Louboutins, all I did was a little modeling for my YOUTUBE video and they’re scuffed with that being said I am presently on the look out for shoe pads for the bottom to prevent this. Minor issue for the look.

What do you think?

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When Black and White Stripes Give Life featuring Ralph Lauren; LabelMePosh; Fashion Nova and Free People


When a shirt has an attitude! I am in favor of stripes, as long as they don’t leave me looking like an umpire. This top has accomplished the alternative masterfully because the shirt features horizontal and vertical stripes, it even has the nerve to have outlets made in it for your fingers to peep through. SEXY! The top is form fitting so I decided to wear white form fitting jeans and to round it off black riding boots. I feel like a sexy (albeit) tall jockey.

When the look is bold I like to take a minimal approach to the shades and jewelry. I wore some not so basic black shades with bottomless rims and a minimalist necklace with crystal detailing that creates a cascading effect down my neck.

The shades and jewelry are here, the top is no longer available but from Free People, the pants are from Fashion Nova and boots are Ralph Lauren.



Hidden Figures is an absolutely stunning gem of a film about a dynamic trio of genius, groundbreaking women who played a pivotal  role of sending men into space and retrieving them back to earth. We know that, we fell in love with that, these facts are what has drawn us to this inspirational film.

In addition to those qualities I was also mesmerized by the fashion. The movie was a feast for the mind, however; the wardrobe was scrumptious- a gloriously aesthetic feast for the eyes. I am not alone in my feelings the Designer Ehrlich Kalfus  was recently recognized by her peers by being nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award for Excellence in Period Film! From her perspective she wanted “the costumes to have a fresh reality in a period way, that was not too flashy.” She succeeded, because all of the women looked lovely. For me personally  Janelle Monae who plays Mary Jackson, NASA’s first African American female engineer was a standout, her pieces were immaculate. Simply put, Mary Jackson was sharp! The garments were fresh, modest, hip and glamorously understated. The wardrobe contained patterns I have worn today, done with a more modern flare thanks to Zara.

One of the looks that Jenelle Monae wore was breathtaking and made me sit up and take notice. This piece had everything I would wear (if it weren’t deadstock) Notice the contrast of patterns, the bob, the violet lip. She is advertising smart, confident, and trendy with a playful side.


Hidden Figures is cohesive, right down to the wardrobe. Thank you Ehrlich Kalfus for your ability to help us to get to know these phenomenal women from ALL views.

XOXO, Kanesha

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Do you not see that belt and pleated skirt?
Playing with color, red lips, and a topper

What did you enjoy about the movie Hidden Figures? Who was the standout character for you? What look would you have worn during that decade? I’d love to share thoughts. Please follow for more interesting topics or leave a comment or like.