Crush fashion #3 Types of stylish #sunglasses that spell #posh #romance #sexy

Sunglasses are the epitome of cool, and with that carry a level of sex appeal. The right sunglasses can dress up any outfit even when wearing a plain shirt. Just take a look at Jamie Foxx, you can not even see what he is wearing and he already looks cool.

Jamie Fox in aviator square sunglasses

Here are some suggestions for sexy, inexpensive, fashionable sunglasses

Aviator Style

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All #bras are not created equal. Wear the right bra. #4 #Occasion bras.

One of my girlfriends wanted to do something nice for her friend and husband and drop off pizza. Problem is, her bra choice was wrong and it prompted her friend to take her to the side and have the “husband” chat. Come to find out during our conversation and unbeknownst to me, the wife was correct. My friend was completely covered with a black shirt and oblivious; she wore the wrong bra – a sheer bra that showcased her nipples.

Sometimes we just want to be sexy for ourselves and don’t think about how others may feel.

Keep your friends, be humble and understand that all bras are not created equal.

  • Sheer bra- Scrumptious, for the bedroom, for your significant other.
  • T-shirt bra- Casual, covers your breasts well and smooths out your look.
  • Push up bra- Sexy, showcases the cleavage but doesn’t give away as much as the sheer bra and offers coverage for the nipples.
  • Sports bra- This bra allows for high impact workouts and heavy activities

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#Classy dating. #3 Suggested dates. Don’t go on a date after 10 p.m. Set the tone.

Which classy establishment is open after 10 p.m.? If your arrival time is 10 what time will you be going back to the comfort of your home?

Even if sex isn’t on the horizon why does the date have to be so late, who from or what is your potential trying to hide? How does that make you look? You don’t want to appear desperate, available for your date during all times of the day or in this case night. Above all don’t accept a last minute date.

Date suggestions:

1.] Brunch: It happens during midday you’ll feel less pressure and the rest of the day is yours to think about if you’d like to see them again.

2.] Wine tasting: This will allow both of you to relax, learn something new and get acquainted with each others tastes.

3.] Horseback riding: How is the person with animals? Do they take charge? Are they gentle?

Go home by yourself, guilt free.

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Shoes!! Shoegasm featuring Designer Shoe Warehouse 30% off sale. #DSW

I love a good shoe and I was on a mission; to prepare myself and wardrobe for a special event. Few things make me feel better than purchasing them at a lower price. This could explain why I always wait until the last fashion season ends to to buy them.

Got these beauts from Designer Shoe Warehouse affectionately known as DSW. They are comfortable heels no higher than 3.5 inches. See, once I got out of my late 30’s my ankles couldn’t take 4 inches any more so I got my heel height down to a science. If I can run in my shoes, I chose well because I like to be active and to be able to walk about in my heels without looking like Bambi, stammering and what not, that’s not attractive.

Fact is, just because they are lower heels doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy (I will style them for you later) But for now all of the heels that I will picture were lower than $40.

Sidebar:  I have on the stockings the store provides for sanitary reasons. Tap on the pictures for name of product. PLEASE BE ADVISED KELLY & KATIE shoes are true to size. I had to buy larger sizes because my size was available only online and I waited until last minute. SMH.


Top to bottom: NinaVaretta” Sandal in silver.

  Kelly & KatieThilima” Pump

Kelly & KatieNadia” Glitter Sandal

Not pictured; practical navy pumps you can get them here: AbellaJudith” pump in navy.



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Dress Like a Lady: Off the shoulder tops. Be casual and sexy at the same time.

The cold shoulder version never did suit me. I don’t know if it’s just me but I really like my clothing well fitted and cold shoulder shirts always droop on my shoulders. On me the cut is just not flattering.

Enter off the shoulder tops.



They can be sexy but not over expose you; in the meantime they cover flaws  if you get the right style. Pair it with Capri, shorts and sandals- WALA! You’re all set for the weekend.


This off the shoulder number is from Free People I got mine this past winter – as I generally shop for my clothing off season. Don’t fret! The trend is all over the place and still available at such retail outlets like Fashion Nova, necklace and accessories from LabelMePosh.

Sundress Season

Sundress season can sometimes come with its reservations. Am I sundress ready? Do I have enough wiggle to support the jiggle? You can be subtly sexy in a sundress without being overtly so.

Calvin Klein has THE sexiest sundresses that won’t cause undue attention, and believe it or not some of us just want to be comfortable. The reason this is so is because of the patterns. For instance a sundress in a solid color gives the eye nowhere to wander so instead of focusing on the look the focus shifts to the body shape. The focal order can however, change if the sundress has a pattern such as stripes or flowers thereby making people pay attention to your style instead of your amazing figure. Throw on some accessories and wala worship appropriate. I purchased my sundress at T.J. Maxx, they can be purchased as well at Burlington Coat Factory. My chain belt is from Etsy (I support small business) and the purse and gladiator sandals are from Designer’s Shoe Warehouse. Happy sun dressing.

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Dress like a lady, think like a POWER PLAYER.

I was up for feeling powerful, sexy and classy at the same time. I decided to go for RED.

Who can resist a good modest, yet sexy red dress? Certainly not me. In addition, I tend to lean toward sweater dresses for the practicality. They are very forgiving and hide otherwise problem areas. During wintertime I often get discouraged with clothing in the Midwest because the variety of hues are few and far between amidst the blues, grays and of course black. With that being said, this look is perfect for the winter because it is stylish, warm and introduces a much needed color boost during an otherwise drab season. This style of dress can easily transition from work to dinner, worship or date night.  I purchased this little red number early in the season at H&M so unfortunately it is no longer available, however; although not sweater material, here’s an attractive alternative. (It was very difficult to find a perfect match.)

For makeup I went with a  bold red lip and subtle eyes. My booties are by Marc Fisher with gold detailing on the back, purse is Michael Kors, the sweater vest is Baby Phat (throwback)  and the attractive baubles can be purchased here.

Ladies, be seductive, show the youngsters how it’s done.. “PUT ON YOUR RED DRESS AND SLIP ON YOUR HIGH HEELS”.. you know the rest.

What’s your go to color for the winter? Let’s have an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Comment upper right corner.

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