Wearing You. #poetry #labelmeposh


A Poem

Wearing you is comfort, the feel, the caress, the soft touch makes me feel as though you love only me.

Wearing you takes me to a place that is uncommon to go, the sensuality of your touch makes me long for more.

You glide on my skin, manipulating the crevices inch by inch, for there is nothing comparable.

My spirits are lifted when you cling to me, hugging me ever so gently as when a husband explores the curves of his wife with his fingertips.

I love to wear you silk.


Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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Drake Juice- reviewing VIRGINIA BLACK

As if the takeover by music of Aubrey Drake Graham was not enough, enter his foray into the liquor world. Drake as his fans affectionately call him, is a Canadian born, Grammy award winning singer rapper known for hits such as “Hotline Bling.”

This beverage is an American whiskey and the result of the collaboration between he and Brent Hocking who happens to also be the creator of Deleon Tequila (which I haven’t tried yet) The promise is that the whiskey is meant to be decadent and glamorous… I mean, the packaging is glamorous, yet understated so points for that.

The origins: Although this alcoholic beverage is named Virginia Black it is actually distilled in Indiana. The taste is a result of 3 different bourbons aged and a 2 year distillation process. The liquor content is 80 proof 40% by volume, a litte lower than your average whiskey alcohol content.  1/5 will set you back about $40.00. The site doesn’t speak of the notes at all.

Being a liquor aficionado I detected vanilla; sweeter vanilla than your typical whiskey, but I wouldn’t call it decadent. Decadence would suggest an incomparable richness -to me it falls flat. Whiskey is supposed to be grown, sexy and full bodied. Virginia Black is smooth enough to get by for the average person, but the taste is childish and simple. No complexities involved. Yes, that’s what the tagline should be “VIRGINIA BLACK-THE CHILDISH WHISKEY.” Drake should stick with entertaining; in my opinion the drink is not a staple but instead a fly by night venture.

Have you had the opportunity to try Virginia Black, if you did, how did you feel about it? What is your favorite whiskey? Do you like the packaging? I’d love to interact with you, top right corner. Also, if you enjoyed this review or video, thumbs up please. Thank you.

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