Are 3somes worth the hype? Teyana Taylor and Boosie Bad clap back.

teyana taylor

Recently with the blessing of Teyana Taylor and BoosieBad.. it has come to fruition that they enjoy the occasional romp in the sack with other people. Teyana discussed her business all over interviews while supposedly promoting her music, but instead of sticking to the music she chose to focus on her sexual escapades. It seems as though Teyana and Iman Shumpert enjoy threesomes with random strangers from anywhere on earth and Boosie, with his friend.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not an insecure woman, but at the same time I’m not naïve enough to think that other people don’t find my spouse attractive,

I would be a fool to assume that since I think I am all that and a bag of chips that during a threesome or extramarital activities that either one may catch feelings for the other that is not their spouse. In short, I ain’t on it and don’t think that people should discuss what goes on in their personal boudoir or they risk opening themselves up to strangers on the internet GEESH don’t they have a child at home?


P.S. No internet relationship is #goals..focus on your own.

How do you feel?

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The “Cash Me Outside” Girl

“Cash me outside how bout dat?” And with the push of a social media “share “button this young lady will go down in history as the person who went viral for disrespecting the hard earned work her parent(s) put into her.

The young girl whose name is Danielle Brigolia is,at the time of this discussion 13 years old and is popular for challenging her mother to a fight, live on the Dr. Phil show all the while making a plumb fool of herself telling the audience in almost unintelligible language to “cash her outside.” In the meantime she has amassed quite a following for herself on social media sites such as Instagram and Youtube; both totaling over 2 million.

You read that right OVER 2 MILLION followers for what? Being the face of what society has become? Disrespectful, disloyal and ungrateful? I must admit her voice is quite catchy, she is cute but at the same time she is plain ugly and unattractive. She no doubt will go on to make more money than the average working class person will make in maybe 10 years if she capitalizes off of this moment, which judging by her Instagram she already has. (At the time of this published story she has already been kicked off of an airplane for disrespecting a passenger.) What does that say about us as a society? The fact that we are willing to let that happen. It may not pertain to us if she didn’t have so many followers, but she at this point has a substantial amount of the world watching, albeit, many are probably laughing AT HER, not WITH HER


But in the grand scheme of things she is laughing her way to the bank. Catch her cashing checks how bow dah?” What do you think, you think she deserves this recognition, do you follower her on Instagram? I’d love to know what you think.. leave your comment top right corner.


xoxo, Kanesha

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