The HISTORIC wooden street of Cleveland: Hessler Crt.

There exists a street in Ohio that is as interesting as the history of Millionaire’s Row. Some streets of myth are paved in gold, some in silver, some with yellow brick, however we have one in Ohio that is paved in wood- Norfolk Pine to be exact and it is masterfully laid.

The street is laid using the same method that the brick rounds were, tile by tile meticulously placed and leveled so that the traveler has an easy trip.

It is beautiful and intricate nestled in a cozy little cul de sac that you would miss even if you were looking for it. (It’s the shortest street in Cleveland at 300 feet) I suppose that’s part of the intrigue.

The interesting part is that at one time the whole street was paved in pine. The cost of that today would be astronomical although worth it because it has stood the test of was constructed in 1920. Sure, it has shown wear but wouldn’t you?


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The Grand Opening of East Cleveland’s premiere wine and cigar bar Andreas Dekar & T.D. Interview

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Andreas and his wife Tiffany’s new wine bar- Andreas Dekar & T.D. located at 15905 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland Ohio, 44112. Needless to say it was a wonderful experience. The community came together and supported a classy event.

Andreas is one of East Cleveland’s own; and he and his wife decided to give back by opening a business. The wine and cigar bar has the space to showcase talent and a live band, it has an area where you can purchase cigars, a place where video games can be played on a large screen, a kitchen and of course a fully operational bar. The atmosphere is calm and laid back with the interior being versatile for the men and women that are being catered to.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Andreas wife Tiffany, she was busy hosting so I only asked the most relevant question in my opinion:

Q: What made you invest in East Cleveland?

A: “Dre is from East Cleveland, this is home and this is where he wanted to put everything back into to.” Being spiritual she quotes “to whom much is given to whom is much required.”

She feels now is the best time to invest because of the rapidly changing landscape of the city.

Andreas and Tiffany have their own brand of wine which you can purchase here: and you can find them on Instagram @dre_oh10 


I got a chance to taste the Apricot Moscato, (one of my classmates chose it because I don’t like Moscato) however, it was surprisingly delicious, light and flavorful.

HRS. OF OPERATION: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

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Designed with Bermuda in mind

Upon designing these earrings it reminded me of the crystal clear and blue waters of Bermuda; beautiful, sparkling, warm and inviting. These beautiful and elegant earrings reflect colors of blue and green, there is just something about these colors that reminds me of a getaway vacation in a faraway location.



Of course the components are gold filled so they won’t change colors (ever) and the stone of choice is crystal-Swarovski Crystal. They are short dangle earrings for pierced ears. The shape of the crystal is now archived so they aren’t likely to be found anywhere else.
“Bermuda” earrings.. exclusively at LABEL ME POSH




TOM FORD Vegas is like a walk in closet

                                            I don’t pop molly I rock Tom Ford

                                           Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Tom Ford store on the Vegas strip in Nevada, it should definitely be on your to-do list. The store is well put together on the outside and is quite the experience on the inside.

tf vegas

The store is like a tunnel with three layers. As you walk into the store you enter the men’s section, which I have to be honest I didn’t look twice at because I was so enamored with the way that the inside was built. The mid portion of the store is reserved for the variety of scents that Tom Ford has to offer, and finally the last layer, the back is where the women’s clothing is housed.

Tom Ford leather peplum skirt

The store is eloquent, like the walk in closet that you’ve always wanted. The staff is very friendly and attentive (not in an intrusive way) and there is a bigger selection of clothing then what you may see online.

We are not allowed to film inside of the store, but before I was informed of this I got a small snippet on video that you can view here.

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Town Hall on W. 25th IS the Hipster crowd #CLEVELAND

So there’s this spot that I stumbled upon with one of my friends during my lunch break called Town Hall.

Town Hall is hip and current with the menu catering to meat eaters, vegans and anyone in between (like me).

The aesthetic is warm and inviting and the décor looks like a patio. Yes, the décor.

The majority of the walls have brick on them, but there is one accent wall that has grass on it. The chandeliers are rustic and the crowd is alive; you look to the left you may notice a conversation going on, to the right working on their laptops and somewhere in the interim brokering deals. It has its own culture right in the center of Cleveland.

The cost index is about a 3, I would venture into a 4 since I don’t normally spend $20.00 for lunch.

On the flipside the food is good and the menu extensive and tasty. I drank a healthy, collagen infused smoothie and ate vegan tacos, both were fantastic, in addition to the good food and healthy drinks Town Hall also has plethora of alcoholic beverages to choose from and the service is awesome, unbeknownst to me I was sitting right next to the manger. This place is a must visit, if given the opportunity be sure to do so.


1909 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113 – It’s open until 2:30 a.m.

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“Adidon” Pusha T diss will Drake answer?

Some things are better left alone. Looks like it’s going to be a “Cruel Summer” for Drake.

Pusha T baited Drake with his subtle diss Infrared by playing with his emotions and fanning the flames, but in my opinion he finished him with “The Story of Adidon” The genre of tickle rap is seemingly over, true artists are battling for the crown. I must admit that Drake’s follow up “Duppy” is noteworthy as well, pulling Pusha T in with the jabs at his fiancé and street credibility, but it was lightweight compared to Pusha T’s latest offering.


If we say it’s old news about Drake allegedly fathering a child of a pornography actress then we have to say it’s old news about Pusha T’s alleged drug selling, but that didn’t stop Drake from bringing it up. For instance did you know about the black face that Drake posed in? I didn’t.


This beef is reminiscent get it..of the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef. I for one don’t think Drake can win, on his own anyway, another thing I am tired of these new age rappers trying to come for the age of the veterans. Be careful because seasoned rappers have history on their hands and I think Drake just got a taste of History 101.REMY AND NICKI


Until next time,

Midwest Kandi

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The Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s connection to Ohio

Meghan Markle recently married Prince Harry of the Royal British family May the 19th 2018 and she looked breathtakingly beautiful and he looked handsome. The wedding was one of the most historical of recent times.

We all hear of Dutchess Meghan’s humanitarian efforts, but did you know she started at quite an early age? As early as 12 years old in fact, by campaigning for human rights. Meghan is seen in a commercial regarding Dove dishwashing soap’s use of women as a household mule that is the only gender good enough for washing dishes or keeping a clean house. Meghan visibly looked the disturbed. Although the ad made a quick, subtle reference, one had to be astute to catch the mention, especially at the ripe age of 12.


See the commercial here:

Meghan immediately went into action. She wrote a letter to the President of Proctor & Gamble, the headquarters of which is in the state of Ohio and asked that the reference to dishwashing be all inclusive to both genders, to which within 3 months Proctor & Gamble complied. Way to go Meghan! This just goes to show change can be made regardless of the age!

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