Erika Jayne of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills outfit

As of late I really have been fascinated by black and white clothing, so when I saw Erika Jayne of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in this sweater on Kandi Koated Nights, I was intrigued to find out who the designer is, because as we know Erika loves her designer, as do I, my paycheck just won’t allow it.

ejThe fashion house is headquartered in France, is named Maison Margiela and was founded by Martin Margiela and his business partner and fellow designer Jenny Meirens. The fashion house is known for obscuring the models faces on the runway to bring greater attention to the clothing. In October 2014 it was announced that John Galliano would take the position of creative director.

The sweatshirt which Erika wore is ready to wear and can be found here, ej2She chose to wear it as a dress which made for the perfect combination of relaxed and stylish, her hair was in an updo and she finished off the look with rhinestone thigh high boots. The top appears to be layered.

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Designed with Bermuda in mind

Upon designing these earrings it reminded me of the crystal clear and blue waters of Bermuda; beautiful, sparkling, warm and inviting. These beautiful and elegant earrings reflect colors of blue and green, there is just something about these colors that reminds me of a getaway vacation in a faraway location.



Of course the components are gold filled so they won’t change colors (ever) and the stone of choice is crystal-Swarovski Crystal. They are short dangle earrings for pierced ears. The shape of the crystal is now archived so they aren’t likely to be found anywhere else.
“Bermuda” earrings.. exclusively at LABEL ME POSH




Wearing You. #poetry #labelmeposh

A Poem

Wearing you is comfort, the feel, the caress, the soft touch makes me feel as though you love only me.

Wearing you takes me to a place that is uncommon to go, the sensuality of your touch makes me long for more.

You glide on my skin, manipulating the crevices inch by inch, for there is nothing comparable.

My spirits are lifted when you cling to me, hugging me ever so gently as when a husband explores the curves of his wife with his fingertips.

I love to wear you silk.


Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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The Mean Girls wear Prada Episode #3 “Dry Snitching” #labelmeposh


This particular person is a fulfiller, started the same day I did. Which is why despite the fact that she’s not full-time, I think she deserves an honorable mention.

She’s introduced to me by the supervisor as an equal, I take a breath of consolation because, at last someone I can identify with. I mean she’s a bit unkempt with a scarf on her head and attitude on her sleeve, but maybe she’s not so mean.

During the task we are assigned walkie talkie’s, which I am not a fan of, being a woman of a certain age it feels like an ankle bracelet,  and it wasn’t offered so I didn’t ask nor assume one. I mean, I did not even play with them when I was young. They are practical in their use, they come in handy if the supervisor or manager wants to send you home early or to assert any other kind of authority. So, I’m not opposed to them, I just simply was  not offered one.

After the introduction the supervisor goes off to do something for no more than about 1 minute. My counterpart leans in and inquires in my ear; in a whisper regarding the location of MY walkie talkie since she has been attached to one right away. I tell her that I wasn’t given one and neither do I want one in an equivalent tone, she responds that she hates me her exact words were “I don’t know you and I already hate you.” I don’t like the word hate because it’s so strong, but I chuckle just a little because I mean she doesn’t know me, so she can’t be serious right!?! These kids. That’s my mindset.

The supervisor returns- No longer then 5 seconds later and I am not exaggerating; my counterpart looks away from me and looks DEAD in the supervisor’s face and states “don’t you think she needs a walkie talkie?” My mouth must have dropped 10 inches to the floor I was so shocked, but I gave a corporate chuckle and blew it off.

To this day I still don’t have a walkie talkie perhaps because my supervisor doesn’t have to look for me, she knows that I am doing my job. Besides this I don’t trust the counterpart because she’s done and said some other questionable things.

Anyway that’s it for today. I have another jewelry snob part coming up. You won’t believe the snarkiness of it all.

xoxo, Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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Businesses put on BLAST!!!

In this day of social media everyone looks like they are instantly rich. There are people who showcase their money, affiliations and other material things like they are easy to acquire. The fact of the matter is, they aren’t. The hustle, just like the struggle is real.

With this being said I do have entrepreneurs that I admire that show you their grind and not just the shine, they are as follows:

  1. Ming Lee @iamminglee– Ming Lee is as grind as they come. It started from her hunger to give a good product to consumers direct. She started a YouTube channel, demonstrated her skills and trust worthiness and kept saving until she became the influencer that she is now. She literally started her hair business with $50.00. Catch her here on Youtube and also on Instagram.


2.  Ms. Bling Miami @msblingmiami–  Inspiration with a side of hustle..Ms. Bling has become so successful and influential in her own right that the oversees companies are using her body to sell their product. Her clothing line is sexy glam. So if you see a dress that you can get from an oversees company more than likely Ms. Bling had it first. You can keep up with Ms. Bling here on Instagram. 


3.  Tiarra Monet @thecrownedcollection– I cannot say enough positive things about this young lady, she gave me a chance when others wouldn’t by stating her love of my products when she was a “small” channel and she can give a mean hair cut and great tutorials in addition, she is now partnered with Maybelline and has her own hair business called the Crowned Collection.


4. Jennifer Lee @iamjenniferle– Jennifer Le designs shoes and fur beautifully. She is now venturing into clothes and is definitely the next huge business, you may have seen Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. in her boots. She also reminds us that it takes hard work and diligence to get to a certain level of status. Her design mixes of fur, suede and leather makes her work lush and distinctive.


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Audrey Hepburn $100,000 clothing auction hosted by Christie’s of London

These are the type of stories I look forward to writing and I hope you look forward to reading them from me.

When I pander off from writing that usually means that nothing has inspired me, and I apologize,  but to me there are moments like this that are worth writing for.

Christie’s of London is auctioning off some of Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful couture clothing. Audrey Hepburn was a British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian.  The actress of Breakfast at Tiffany’s fame has worn every enviable designer from Oscar De La Renta to Givenchy. She was quite the fashionista, in fact, women who desire to dress classic often look to her for inspiration.

Among some of the items are a CARTIER (!!!) lipstick holder and compact, a little black dress worn in the 1963 movie CHARADES which is expected to sell for 100k and a BURBERRY trench coat to name a few.  See the visual story here.

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Cleveland Browns Makeup Look ft: MAC and Nicole Guierro “134” lashes

In honor of the Cleveland Browns pre-season wins I’ve decided to do a makeup looked based on the team colors. I think it turned out fantastic!

For live application and step by step instructions, click here. For accessories here.


Lower Lid-Red Brick; on top of MAC -Makeupforever: “No.18.”

Crease- Hip Duo- “Shady” brown also MAC-” Swiss Chocolate.”

Brow Bone- MAC “Naked Lunch”

Lashes: Nicolas Guierro “134”


MAC liner in “Nightmoth” Lipstick “#560 Raw Chocolate” on top Anastasia Beverly Hills “Parfait.”

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