We celebrate Domestic Violence in the Music Industry and Cleveland’s Own Michelle Knight is a survivor; 5 years free.

This week has been a whirlwind of emotion for me, and I am just a person that cares, not a relative or close acquaintance of the following women, along with that, you’ll find that abuse encompasses all age groups.

Stylist Emily B was allegedly assaulted by her rapper husband John David Jackson alias, Fabolous; she reported that he beat her so severely that he knocked her front teeth so loose that there was no way to repair them, as a result they had to be removed. Yet, within a week or less they were spotted at Coachella and she has since posted a picture to Instagram with new veneers. The first assumption by many was that there is no way on earth Fabolous could do this. fabolous-emily-b

  Cuban Doll alias CubanDaSavage is a well known rapper with over 1 million followers on Instagram, she is 20 years old and just Saturday she was assaulted (allegedly) by her rapper boyfriend (it’s not clear if he is her ex) Tadoe just for laughing and talking to another man. Her beautiful face is battered and bruised and people are in the comment section happy that her face is disfigured. I had to unfollow some of my favorite Instagram posters because they were celebrating her misfortune. Truly sickening.

Could it be that maybe they are tired of what they feel is the bait and hook? The women complain about the abuse and then go back? Femcee Rocky Badd even felt a level of justification, because when she mentioned the abuse in her Cuban Doll diss song, no one believed her. In conjunction, she took to Instagram and bounced her behind to the diss track when the news hit that Cuban had been assaulted. I found that disgusting and disturbing because It’s not our place to judge the situation; there are way too many scenarios.

Michelle Knight.. the survivor! 5 years later

Michelle Knight has a new name and from this day forward I will call her by the one that she has designated for herself; Lily Rose Lee. Lily is promoting her new book “Life After Darkness” and she is recently married. She went through untold horrors in that house including physical, mental and basic human rights like showering being taking away. She seems to be doing reasonably well despite her circumstances and continues to help women that are being abused and trafficked. She is truly reflective of her name.

Michelle Knight Deborah Feingold Photography

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