Must Visit Ohio: The West Side Market

 The West Side Market is so much a part of Cleveland’s landscape that I am always shocked to find native Clevelanders that haven’t visited.

The West Side Market has 2 sides, on one side there is fresh produce and on the other meats, pastries, perogies (a nod to Cleveland’s Polish population) and prepared foods.

The food and people are so diverse that you can make a day of people watching. The market also allows the sampling of foods so that you don’t necessarily have to commit if it isn’t appealing to your taste buds.

What lead me to the West Side Market this time is that it’s been about 2 months since I’ve eaten meat and I was feeling tempted so I went to the market determined to find an interesting variety of vegetables and it didn’t disappoint.

I ate a Jicama (which is a Mexican yam bean that proports to help prevent cancer), cactus and mango salad, that because of the acidic base I’d suggest eating as a dip or pairing with sharp cheese. Still it was a taste adventure.


The architecture is simply amazing.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, come on down to the Market.

The schedule: CLOSED: The West Side Market is closed on the “T” days as my mom used to say.

OPEN: Monday and Wednesday 7 am – 4 pm; Thurday and Friday 7 am – 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm

NOTE: There is now a parking fee which hasn’t always been present but the first 2 hours are free!

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The cost of “Michelin Star” FINE Dining and why the working class is needed. #labelmeposh

I like to eat, eat, eat ooples and banaynays. I enjoy food, my husband and I love a good restaurant, we just went out to “Red the Steakhouse” for the first time this past weekend, and turns out the eating is good; expensive from a working class stand-point but good.

I had no IDEA what a Michelin Star was but, because I like to eat I came across an article on MSN about a gentleman that gave up his “Michelin Star.” Turns out that the Michelin Star is rewarded to renowned chefs that use only the best ingredients and implements the highest standards when creating food. It’s the highest honor and is ranked 1-3 by an anonymous reviewer. Quite the accomplishment!

The ranking however comes with a certain type of exclusivity. The chef is allowed to charge exorbitant prices that caters to the wealthy. A dish can run a person $130.00. Chump change if you’re affluent right?!

Needless to say Chef Brochot accepted the award and come to find out because of the costs he lost customers, money (apparently Michelin places stipulations on the pricing) and had to lay-off staff. The high prices were much too expensive for working class citizens. Thinking of his newfound economic situation Chef Brochot felt he had no choice and gave the star back – without the Michelin Star he could now still serve his favorite dishes but lower his prices in the interim.

As a result he has gained back his lost customer base and is back on track to be a thriving, successful taste maker that he was before winning the prestigious award. Chef Bochot had to go back to the drawing board and now I can keep him in mind should I visit France for a tasty helping of humble pie.

  Now, I’d like to know which restaurants have ever given up the chance to don the “Michelin Star” to be a viable business. Should make for good eating.

xoxo, Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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How to make your strawbabies (berries) last longer.

Buy the nicest patch of berries that you can find.
Use 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar.
Put the berries in a bowl or container and soak for 5 minutes.
Pat your berries with a dry paper towel.
Put the berries and towel in a container; leaving it slightly ajar so that air can escape.
1 week later; nicer looking berries.

Ok so they’re not perfect, but you have to admit they look much better than if they were to sit in the fridge without treatment within even 2 days. And if you’re wondering, the berries do not taste like vinegar. Strawberries are my favorite fruit, so I will be on the lookout and keep you guys posted if I find another alternative and I’d love if you guys would return the favor. Until next time,

xoxo, Kanesha