Facebook Freaks

FREAK: A person who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic about a specific interest.

Some people need to have a Xanax and take a seat.

Facebook is not that serious, but it is a platform.  Depending upon how you view it, Facebook can be used for good or bad. I myself am far from perfect, I’ve been known to commit a couple of faux pas. In contrast some people post serious knowledge for your mind . Those are the posts that I enjoy reading, but then there are those that can be quite frivolous and downright demeaning. Point. I came across a poster that referred to women and men as animals by stating about the women “they are in heat” and that the men were dogs! One of his supporters added to the disrespect and called women who have multiple children “Pez dispensers” See what I mean? Judge for yourself and tell me what kind of Facebook Folk you enjoy interacting with or are just plain irritating.

  • DRAMA ALERT: Every time this person posts they are talking about the drama that is happening in their lives or even worse, someone else’s life.
  • THE AWAKENED: These are the type that appear online to have it all together and are so enlightened, but YOU KNOW it’s different.
  • THE SCHOLAR (LESS): Does not have a degree in sight but is always trying to be philosophical.
  • THE ARTIST: The wind is blowing, what new venture will they be getting into?
  • THE KNOW IT ALL: No use in getting into a discussion on their page because they know EVERYTHING and if you don’t agree, they will stalk or @ you until you do.
  • THE INSPIRATIONAL : Even in the wee hours of the morning they want to do better and in exchange want that for you.
  • THE JESTER: Well they are just funny, unpredictable and oftentimes harmless.
  • CONTROVERSY: Either their race or gender is superior.

What type of person are you? Who did you enjoy interacting with? Who do you hit that unfollow button for? What type of person would you add to the list?

I’d love to read and respond to your comments.

XOXO, Kanesha

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