Town Hall on W. 25th IS the Hipster crowd #CLEVELAND

So there’s this spot that I stumbled upon with one of my friends during my lunch break called Town Hall.

Town Hall is hip and current with the menu catering to meat eaters, vegans and anyone in between (like me).

The aesthetic is warm and inviting and the décor looks like a patio. Yes, the décor.

The majority of the walls have brick on them, but there is one accent wall that has grass on it. The chandeliers are rustic and the crowd is alive; you look to the left you may notice a conversation going on, to the right working on their laptops and somewhere in the interim brokering deals. It has its own culture right in the center of Cleveland.

The cost index is about a 3, I would venture into a 4 since I don’t normally spend $20.00 for lunch.

On the flipside the food is good and the menu extensive and tasty. I drank a healthy, collagen infused smoothie and ate vegan tacos, both were fantastic, in addition to the good food and healthy drinks Town Hall also has plethora of alcoholic beverages to choose from and the service is awesome, unbeknownst to me I was sitting right next to the manger. This place is a must visit, if given the opportunity be sure to do so.


1909 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113 – It’s open until 2:30 a.m.

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Whisper Listings soon to change?

Hi, there! If you’re unfamiliar as to what a whisper listing is…click here.

As in regards to a whisper listing the rules may soon change according to the Real Estate Board of New York. There is a proposal at the table for them to be more transparent. No more secrecy involved.

The arguments for brokers regarding the changes cite the protection and privacy  and wishes of high profile clients, in turn for the REBNY the argument is for the clients as well, but for the seller getting the highest exposure; that whisper listings don’t serve the greater good, in fact they stifle needed information to a broader audience.

Looks like the whisper may be getting louder.


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What is a Whisper Listing?

I’ve been influenced by the television show Billions, I admit. It’s a fascinating show that has allowed me to expand my business vocabulary, this fact has lead me to find out what a “whisper listing” is.

The fact that I sought this out doesn’t belong exclusively to “Billions” but, curiosity led me to want to know other terms that millionaires use.

Back to the topic at hand.


A whisper listing is real estate that is NOT listed on the market and only few, privileged people know about it. It’s appropriately called this because you may only hear of this listing through the doormen (if you have one) a.k.a word of mouth because the broker isn’t in on the deal. This type of listing is meant for the wealthy; which could include a well known celebrity or high profile business person that is looking to sale their property without an audience.

While I was researching this information I found that there are some interesting things that are shifting in the “whisper listing” world, but you’ll have to follow my blog to learn more about that. *)

Until next time.

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Must Visit: Severance Hall

Visiting Severance Hall is a culturally enriching and enlightening experience.

It is a beautifully constructed building in the inside as well as the outside. It boasts marble floors and limestone construction. It is also home to the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra which plays and pays homage to classical composers such as Brahms, Beethoven and Suk. Magnificent! The architectural influences are art deco with a nod to Egyptian culture.

Seating: Severance Hall is a visually appealing experience wherever one may choose to sit. ( I was worried about that since I like to see the passion in a musicians eyes.)



Dress Code: There is no dress code, many patrons dress down but on my recent visit I decided to make it an experience and go on the formal side simply because I love an excuse to get dolled up and wear a beautiful clutch.

Severance Hall’s address is 11001 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Click here for concert times and dates.


Take a date, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Shades/Sunglasses in “Motorsport” video by Migos Nicki Minaj’s anyway #labelmeposh


Nicki Minaj looks like a futuristic, android black Barbie in the Migos hot new video “Motorsport” and let’s just say competition is good because she’s stepped up her bars on the track too.

However, I’m not here for that I’m here for the eyewear she wears while she spits “My crown won’t fit on your bum (expletive) lacefront” THEY are EVERYTHING!

I’m a sunglass fanatic!

"SHOWTIME" Eyewear


By all accounts they look custom and judging by the supposed designer’s INSTAGRAM page, they probably are. I say supposed because all of the clothing has been shouted out except the eyewear, but judging by the asthetic this is where they hail from.


These shades are the creation of @manuelalbarranoficial!! He liked my post!!!!!!! I.KNOW.FASHION


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Yeah, right I can’t even walk in stilettos, see the featured photo? That’s exactly how’d I’d be looking if I tried these.. like a broken doll.

Skating was a huge part of my culture growing up. During the weekends it was and still is a great way to exercise and relieve stress;

I don’t know about you, but it stresses me out just to look at these things.DGSr7P5VwAAD7OY

The concept is cute enough, but I’d love to see someone work them. The thought of falling 4 feet (or more) from the air is enough to convince me that the pain is not worth it, but for you hardcore fashionistas – I am sure you will find a way to make them look cool. As for me, I’ll sit this one out and watch from the sidelines.

Yves Saint Laurent’s eye catching stiletto skates will set you back a couple of thousand. Follow their Instagram account for places to purchase. I wish the best to you, you brave soul!

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