DON’T give them a brain cell @work: The Outgoing Introvert

Some people don’t deserve an iota of your time or thoughts.

There exists a person who exists only to irritate and disrupt the creative process that you are trying to accomplish (sometimes more than 1) What do you do? Although it may not be easy, ignore them. This is especially hard for me because I’d like to think of myself as an outgoing introvert. That is, a person who loves people but can only tolerate them for a particular amount of time. What leaves a bad taste in my mouth is gossip, idle use of time and stupidity in general. I know a person who works with a GROWN person who comes to the window (they are on the ground floor) and makes faces at the people who walk by; like a gorilla at the zoo. My friend is like- This can’t be life!


Alas, we all work with someone or several people who, although grown, never made it past the puberty portion of adolescence mentally.

However, as for us that have our only option is to keep hope alive and continue to work on ourselves because it is hard to overcome stupidity, but fortunately it can be accomplished by ignoring ignorance.

What is the buffoon at your job like? How do you cope?

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Ladies First: Casual Slay Ft. Forever21

Sometimes you just have to remind them.


I know that in this day and age, this is a foreign concept to some but I know mothers around the world are still teaching sons this, so here’s to the mothers out there that still teach their sons to treat ladies first without reservation.


This is for you. I wore this and cars stopped to let me by, doors were opened all day and one man opened the door and when I said thank you he answered “ladies first right.” My husband is chivalrous and learned the same from his mother so I never have to ask, but strangers opened them for him and I – who says fashion doesn’t allow others to form opinions or better yet, change the world for the better?




Shirt from Forever 21 purchased during the winter months of 2016.

Sunglasses here.

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Dress like a Lady with the BASIC CLASSICS. (PRIMARY NEUTRALS) Part 1

These days there is such a negative connotation when it comes to anything basic. When basically the person who considers another, basic is paying close attention to their basic ways so who’s the basic one?

All of that aside EVERYTHING begins with the basics including fashion. Use your basic wardrobe as a base and build up by layering. I know it’s still mid summer, however, autumn is fast approaching (in most circles fashion runways have already been lit) in early July. Zimmerman, one of my favorite houses had their showing about 1 week ago.

Here is the first basic in this series which I think will help your wardrobe easily transition from Fall to Winter, showcase your accessories, and highlight your style. The long sleeved cotton top.

These shirts go great with everything as long as you purchase them in the primary neutral colors such as grey, black, white or tan, they look good dressed up or down. Below are some examples. I like the Mossimo brand available at Walmart, however, you can also find the shirts at H&M, Forever 21, and outlets like Asos. Accessories are available here. Happy shopping.

Black long sleeve t-shirt






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Dress Like a Lady: Off the shoulder tops. Be casual and sexy at the same time.

The cold shoulder version never did suit me. I don’t know if it’s just me but I really like my clothing well fitted and cold shoulder shirts always droop on my shoulders. On me the cut is just not flattering.

Enter off the shoulder tops.



They can be sexy but not over expose you; in the meantime they cover flaws  if you get the right style. Pair it with Capri, shorts and sandals- WALA! You’re all set for the weekend.


This off the shoulder number is from Free People I got mine this past winter – as I generally shop for my clothing off season. Don’t fret! The trend is all over the place and still available at such retail outlets like Fashion Nova, necklace and accessories from LabelMePosh.

Sundress Season

Sundress season can sometimes come with its reservations. Am I sundress ready? Do I have enough wiggle to support the jiggle? You can be subtly sexy in a sundress without being overtly so.

Calvin Klein has THE sexiest sundresses that won’t cause undue attention, and believe it or not some of us just want to be comfortable. The reason this is so is because of the patterns. For instance a sundress in a solid color gives the eye nowhere to wander so instead of focusing on the look the focus shifts to the body shape. The focal order can however, change if the sundress has a pattern such as stripes or flowers thereby making people pay attention to your style instead of your amazing figure. Throw on some accessories and wala worship appropriate. I purchased my sundress at T.J. Maxx, they can be purchased as well at Burlington Coat Factory. My chain belt is from Etsy (I support small business) and the purse and gladiator sandals are from Designer’s Shoe Warehouse. Happy sun dressing.

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Dress like a LADY; Dream in Living COLOR

Dress like the night; COLORFUL.


I refuse to let winter define me. I am IN LOVE with this top. It is glamorous, yet casual, laid back, yet dressy all while maintaining your modesty. This top can be worn during the daytime while transitioning with ease into the night. The colors just dance off it, and don’t worry vegans it’s not fur. Paired with liquid black jeans and black boots all eyes will be on you. Support me here or here.

I am an avid watcher of YouTube so I can’t take the full credit for miraculously finding this shirt; I got the inspiration from a hottie who has a YouTube channel called StylesbyFash, make sure you go check her out-She dresses classy and conservative. Right up my alley.

The shirt is from Zara, but as you know if you don’t grab up an item right away it could be gone. (In this case I hunted this shirt down on ebay) Unfortunately it is no longer available, furthermore, this top is so unique I couldn’t find an alternative. The jeans are from Guess.

Who or what inspires you? I hope that I do.