Save money with #5 Shoe basics you MUST have in your closet. #classy #sexy #heels #shoes #basic

Invest in these shoes for your closet and I promise you won’t have to buy new shoes for a while. Luxury name obsolete.

Nude – You must find a nude shoe that compliments your skin tone. They will come in handy when wearing a colorful print.

Black – A primary color that can be worn with almost anything.

Navy – For those days when black just won’t do.

Brown – Brown is versatile and can be worn formally or informally.

Patent leather – Patent leather is transitional and can be worn throughout all of the seasons. My suggestions include the colors nude or black.

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Designed with Bermuda in mind

Upon designing these earrings it reminded me of the crystal clear and blue waters of Bermuda; beautiful, sparkling, warm and inviting. These beautiful and elegant earrings reflect colors of blue and green, there is just something about these colors that reminds me of a getaway vacation in a faraway location.



Of course the components are gold filled so they won’t change colors (ever) and the stone of choice is crystal-Swarovski Crystal. They are short dangle earrings for pierced ears. The shape of the crystal is now archived so they aren’t likely to be found anywhere else.
“Bermuda” earrings.. exclusively at LABEL ME POSH





Just in case you’re in the market for a red, white and blue look.  SIDEBAR: I STRONGLY believe in natural looking brows. ALSO I NEVER FILTER OR MANIPULATE MY TECHNIQUE.

You can find the silver plated hoop earrings here.


I LOVE the result. The look is relatively simple, the only thing you work hard at is  blending because we want the makeup to look like there was hardly any work involved. The blending technique is effortless with the  brands I used together.

BASE: My favorite primer is a glitter primer, but I use it to for my colors to adhere- it is Too Faced “Glitter Bonding Glue” I use a white base and to avoid creasing I bake with Laura Mercier “Translucent Loose Setting Powder” in that order.

EYES: Clinique “Wear Everywhere Greys” palette on the lid (the 5th color from the left) make sure to pat on-also before going to next step add the 5th silver color to transition seamlessly in the BH Cosmetics “Foil Palette” (the color is not named but it’s the darkest blue) MAC “Swiss Chocolate” in the crease as a transition color and MAC “Naked Lunch” as highlight. BLEND BABY BLEND!

LASHES: Ardell “Wispy Natural” lashes and for drama I added blue Make Up Forever glitter on the lash line.


FACE: Smashbox CC Crème in the color “Medium Dark”

LIPS: NK Wine (discontinued-once I find a compatible red, I stick with it) with a red beauty supply gloss atop. Any brand will do, just make sure it’s a true red.



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FACE shots

20170628-1794988147FACE shots

I absolutely loved doing this look. This is one of those looks that most people can pull off if done correctly.

EARRINGS: Can’t go wrong with a pair of hoops! Get yours here.

EYES: The colors are vibrant and compliment one another. I decided to use Make Up Forever No.9 and Nars duo palette in South Pacific which, are  pricey brands but in my opinion the color payoff justifies the price. Make Up Forever and Nars eye shadows blend well with other products and they last long after application. I also used Ardell brand – “Demi Wispies” for the top lashes and, rounding out this colorful eye look on my bottom lashes is NYX mascara; color CM02 Blue/Bleu. Any white eyeliner will do for the waterline. (While researching the products on this look, I discovered that Nars and Make Up Forever have discontinued  these colors however; the BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes Palette will give a similar look for less.)

*I will use BH COSMETICS and do the same look another day* I did a look here.

FACE: CC Cream by Smashbox in the color “Medium Dark”  and NARS “Taos” on the cheeks.

LIPS: Beauty store brand NK color A12 lip liner and Maybelline “Raw Chocolate” (Every time I see this color I buy it) reminds me of old Hollywood. Their whole Color Sensational buff lipstick line is amazing.




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P.S. I am trying products for oily eyelids…. stay tuned.


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Dress like a lady, think like 50 Shades of Grey

Gray is the new black! I am pleased. I am not a proponent of black, though it is classy as well. I like the color gray because it matches well with anything, it fits almost any skin tone and it’s a cool color that makes me think of blue. With gray you can wear 50 different shades to make an impact; unlike black, which, unfortunately if the primary shade you are wearing does not match the others it will look like you’re wearing mismatched, faded garb.


The suit jacket and skirt are separates from 2 different stores. The jacket is from H&M and the skirt is from Asos (no longer available). If you look closely you can see that the color of the skirt is ever so faintly lighter than the jacket; although they blend effortlessly. I went for sky blue as my pop of color-the top is a bodysuit I purchased from FashionNova. This look can be worn to work, worship, even a power lunch. I am all about empowering women. You look good you feel good!


Rounding out the clothing I opted for (say it with me) gray accessories with the exception of the necklace which you can find here. My suede heels are from Ralph Lauren -I love Ralph Lauren because the heel heights are so practical, and last but not least the bag is from Designer Shoe Warehouse.

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