Interview with Celebrity Designer Stevie Boi – visionary of SB Shades

Stevie Boi of SB Shades is so busy keeping up with himself that he doesn’t have time to entertain the Jones’.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Stevie Boi’s longevity in the fashion industry is adaptability.

Stevie Boi  is an intelligent businessman, and has managed to stay relevant and current all while maintaining a sense of professionalism and humility. He literally turned shade into a brand before it became a coined phrase. His book entitled “Shade Built My Empire” is a nod to his fashion forwardness and helps entrepreneurs by giving them advice on how to take their business to the next level.


His eyewear line is bold, fearless, unique and best of all unisex! The most current of which is PinkbySB which was featured in Essence Magazine. In addition, Stevie Boi also presents to us shoe wear, clothing lines. Although Stevie Boi is successful with his apparel, accessories, and although he has worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna and most recently Kesha – he doesn’t allow his pursuit of self sufficiency to stop there. Fashion encompasses many avenues and he’s chasing them. For example, who of us is not a lover of food? You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s not. So keeping up with the foodies, Stevie Boi has also turned his attention to giving us StevieBoiEats a cooking show that focuses on food and gossip! The food menu is fashioned in a capacity that keeps our taste buds singing, and encourages us to maintain our health.

Stevie Boi graciously answered some of my questions that can help the aspiring entrepreneur:

Q1: How do you persist in a seemingly oversaturated audience due to social media?

A: I make sure I make the brand about what the people want. I ask people to name the glasses and also interact with everyone. Most people dont do that in a positive way. Its always about clapping back etc. I like to remain positive and uplift my audience. 

Q2: How was your experience designing with Kesha?

A.: I love working with Kesha. She is a real person that writes real music! She is also featured in his book “Shade Built my Empire” which is out everywhere.


Q3: How do you determine which designs hit the runway?

A: I don’t. I work freely, people take fashion too serious. Stevie Boi cites this reason why he has been able to maintain his relevancy. He says he has fun at his shows and enjoys the process.

Q4: How’d you get your first big break?

A: My first break was landing my glasses on the cover of OBVIOUS Fashion magazine the celeb that wore them was Eva Marcille Pigford. 

Q5: How does a designer go about creating networking opportunities for themselves?

A: It depends on the designers strengths. I’m good at holding a conversation and actually like being around people. Sell yourself! The other advice I would give is attend events. Go to EventBrite or Guest of a Guest and see what fashion events are coming up in your local town.

StevieBoi’s Social Networks:

Instagram @SBShades

Instagram for foodies @StevieBoiEats


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The Met Gala fashion show review as I sit on my soap box of broke-ness

No, Chloe Sevigny was not dressed like this at the Met Gala, even though it would’ve made the event more interesting. (Chloe Sevigny dressed as the martyred Joan of Arc)

I predicted the looks spot on for the looks that would probably be worn during the Met Gala Fashion show. Click here to read my previous post, it’s entitled “The Met Gala Fashion Show is coming.”

The Met Gala fashion show was a huge snore fest for me, very predictable. Not too many deviations.



1. The clear winner for me was Zendaya. Zendaya stayed on theme but deviated from the popular clothing choices. She wore a silver, chainmail gown designed by Versace. It was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Her look personified strong women and glamour. It was war-like, much like the history of Catholicism.

zendayazendaya 2

2. Rihanna was on theme and the gown she wore was opulent but she didn’t wear anything ground breaking like when she’s a regular attendee. She was dressed as the Pope, it makes sense yes because she was a co-host, still obvious.


3. Katy Perry was over the top.

katy perrr

4. Cardi B looked beautiful, but obvious and the gown was the same as what Beyoncé wore to the Grammy’s. Although, it may have been homage since Beyoncé was pregnant then and Cardi B is now.

beyonce and cardi

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Are you ready for FENTY BEAUTY Body Lava? #brownsugar #whoneedsclothes

Fentybeauty by Rihanna is set to come for our pocketbooks yet again.

Set to be released next are what looks to be 2 different body liquid body shimmers set to have your body glowing like the “Trophy” that it is. I hope it smells good too. The names of the products are as follows:

1. #Whoneedsclothes: This formula is a light gold colored formula, with faint glitter particles for fairer toned women.

2. #BrownSugar is a bronze toned formula with the same attributes for women with deeper tones.

LAUNCH DATE: April 6th

GET your sexy, shimmer on this summer. Yes! I’m ready!

Watch Rihanna slather it all over her body here .

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Beyonce’s Temperley London Dress

I love dresses, the look for this spring is romantic. The trend is flirty,  feminine and pastel. A look that’s always in style to me.

Beyonce has embodied those characteristics with her sheer, floaty, dreamy Temperley London “Starling” dress that she wore on Instagram.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The details in this dress are dainty and soft. The dress is a vanilla hue, the embroidered birds that cover the dress are adorned with sequins, and it has a ruffled bodice. She finished the look off with Tom Ford shoes. The look is beautiful and the design house that it hails from is one of Kate Middleton’s favorites.

You can dress like Beyonce here.

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The Met Gala fashion show is coming!

At one time i had no idea what the hype was about the Met Gala. I get it now.

It’s the opportunity to do something wild and uncomfortable – art on your body, out of the ordinary, the chance to embrace a theme.

The hosts: This year’s hosts are Rihanna, Amal Clooney and Donnatella Versace. They’re a nice combination; Rihanna is a bit of a wild child that takes fashion risks, Donnatella loves prints and Amal’s aura is very classic and chic.

Rihanna in 2017’s Comme de Garcons avant garde theme.


2018 Theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. My guess would be that based on the style of the Catholics and the Vatican, the Gala will be very opulent with an artful display of fantastic, expensive jewelry and rich colors like red, gold, and green. We shouldn’t be surprised if we see crucifixes either.

The date: May 7, 2018 for the Met Gala fashion event

View the actual artwork: May 10th- October 7th

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Beyonce Balmain Sequin trouser Dupe alert

Every since Beyonce’s too short of a video “Yonce” aired I had been trying to find a pair of sequin trousers. They are not exactly the same, hers are covered in lace with a little sequin, but hey! I’m not in a music video nor am I going to go out in sheer pants.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sequins are all the rage this season (again). They can be dressed up or down, making them versatile for casual or dressy affairs. Balmain has a beautiful pair of trousers that will set you back a little over $1000 or you can get a dupe at House of CB for a little under $100.00. For a live review go to YOUTUBE. They have pockets guys!!

House of CB Sequin trousers


Tis the season to get dressed up!

Are..You..Ready for FENTY Beauty? Rihanna’s new Makeup Line.

BRANDING: Rihanna is ready and set to drop her first makeup line and in true legacy building fashion, it’s appropriately named “Fenty Beauty.”

FACEBOOK PREVIEW: Follow @fentybeauty on Facebook to watch our launch party LIVE at 7:15pm ET 9-7-2017

RELEASE DATE: 9-8-2017 @12A.M. PT which means here on the midwest the time will be 9:00 ET

INCLUSIVE: Included in the makeup line,  is whispered 40 shades of foundation which range from light to dark now this, is unprecedented even in the world of established cosmetic brands. As if that’s not enough to build further excitement Fenty Beauty’s ad campaign features religious diversity and different skin tone inclusions. This is a highly anticipated drop for the makeup world.

THE PRODUCTS: So far some of the visuals include a bronze toned highlight duo called “Killowatt” and although we are unsure what type of product the next color is,  (it looks like an eye shadow) “Trophy Wife” is a true gold color.

“Trophy Wife”


I cannot wait to get my hands on this product!

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