The Grand Opening of East Cleveland’s premiere wine and cigar bar Andreas Dekar & T.D. Interview

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Andreas and his wife Tiffany’s new wine bar- Andreas Dekar & T.D. located at 15905 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland Ohio, 44112. Needless to say it was a wonderful experience. The community came together and supported a classy event.

Andreas is one of East Cleveland’s own; and he and his wife decided to give back by opening a business. The wine and cigar bar has the space to showcase talent and a live band, it has an area where you can purchase cigars, a place where video games can be played on a large screen, a kitchen and of course a fully operational bar. The atmosphere is calm and laid back with the interior being versatile for the men and women that are being catered to.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Andreas wife Tiffany, she was busy hosting so I only asked the most relevant question in my opinion:

Q: What made you invest in East Cleveland?

A: “Dre is from East Cleveland, this is home and this is where he wanted to put everything back into to.” Being spiritual she quotes “to whom much is given to whom is much required.”

She feels now is the best time to invest because of the rapidly changing landscape of the city.

Andreas and Tiffany have their own brand of wine which you can purchase here: and you can find them on Instagram @dre_oh10 


I got a chance to taste the Apricot Moscato, (one of my classmates chose it because I don’t like Moscato) however, it was surprisingly delicious, light and flavorful.

HRS. OF OPERATION: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

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Interview with East Cleveland’s own; Ohio lawyer and HBCU Graduate.

hbcu1I was inspired to reach out to one of East Cleveland’s own lawyers and childhood friend, the reason being is because I was watching a special regarding the impact of HBCU’s which is an (acronym for Historically Black College’s and University’s) that really moved me, because attending an HBCU is not a path I had chosen, however, although there is no major difference academically when it comes to HBCU’s and majority attended colleges, after reading this perhaps it may move YOU to consider enrollment for refinement.

The special touched me because even though we live a racially charged society, the Black students interviewed state that attending an HBCU was a sort of refuge from the “outside world” and that versus a conventionally diverse college, they felt safer with expression. (HBCU’s house at least 87% Black attendees)

The interview is very insightful, I invite you to read along:

Q1: At what age did you decide to pursue law?

A: “Every since middle school, during the high school experience I had a criminal studies course, and that’s what substantiated my love for law.”

Q2: You got accepted to Ivy League colleges. What made you choose an HBCU for undergrad?

A: “I always knew I wanted to attend an HBCU.” She states she watched television programs such as A Different World and was entralled with the thought of attendance.

Most importantly she states that she did her research about how HBCU’s came into existence and that played a major, influential role in her final decision.

Q3: What lessons did you learn in at your HBCU that you carried into the real world?

A: She states that not only was it phenomenal, but also, empowering through knowlege and fun! Not only that but she recieved support, and enrichment.

“It molds a more strategic mind by teaching your own history which in turn builds confidence.”

It was a pleasure doing this interview.. thank you!

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Ohio’s own Lebron James is going to Cali and I’m not angry

I don’t know where these out of town news outlets are getting their information about the exit of Lebron James and that Ohioans are angry. We’re not. In fact, everyone that I’ve spoken with is nothing short of supportive. We wish the best for him. He paid his dues in Ohio, even came back to do it. He owes us nothing because he’s already given us so much; notoriety, back to back finals and a championship, he was even an encouragement to the Cleveland baseball team. So, we’re not angry, he even has the
Cavs band-wagoner’s cheering for him.

We wish you the best Lebron and thank you for the memories. Although you will reside in California, you will always belong to Ohio.




Sweet travels.

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Town Hall on W. 25th IS the Hipster crowd #CLEVELAND

So there’s this spot that I stumbled upon with one of my friends during my lunch break called Town Hall.

Town Hall is hip and current with the menu catering to meat eaters, vegans and anyone in between (like me).

The aesthetic is warm and inviting and the décor looks like a patio. Yes, the décor.

The majority of the walls have brick on them, but there is one accent wall that has grass on it. The chandeliers are rustic and the crowd is alive; you look to the left you may notice a conversation going on, to the right working on their laptops and somewhere in the interim brokering deals. It has its own culture right in the center of Cleveland.

The cost index is about a 3, I would venture into a 4 since I don’t normally spend $20.00 for lunch.

On the flipside the food is good and the menu extensive and tasty. I drank a healthy, collagen infused smoothie and ate vegan tacos, both were fantastic, in addition to the good food and healthy drinks Town Hall also has plethora of alcoholic beverages to choose from and the service is awesome, unbeknownst to me I was sitting right next to the manger. This place is a must visit, if given the opportunity be sure to do so.


1909 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113 – It’s open until 2:30 a.m.

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The Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s connection to Ohio

Meghan Markle recently married Prince Harry of the Royal British family May the 19th 2018 and she looked breathtakingly beautiful and he looked handsome. The wedding was one of the most historical of recent times.

We all hear of Dutchess Meghan’s humanitarian efforts, but did you know she started at quite an early age? As early as 12 years old in fact, by campaigning for human rights. Meghan is seen in a commercial regarding Dove dishwashing soap’s use of women as a household mule that is the only gender good enough for washing dishes or keeping a clean house. Meghan visibly looked the disturbed. Although the ad made a quick, subtle reference, one had to be astute to catch the mention, especially at the ripe age of 12.


See the commercial here:

Meghan immediately went into action. She wrote a letter to the President of Proctor & Gamble, the headquarters of which is in the state of Ohio and asked that the reference to dishwashing be all inclusive to both genders, to which within 3 months Proctor & Gamble complied. Way to go Meghan! This just goes to show change can be made regardless of the age!

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East Cleveland Ohio’s Philanthropist Walter Melton Sr. #saveoursons

East Cleveland used to be a bustling, sprawling suburb on the east side of Cleveland. There were several legacies founded there; East Cleveland is the home of the first billionaire John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil, in addition, the homes of Euclid Avenue were once referred to as “Millionaire’s Row” but that was a long time ago, the Great Depression caused the demolition of many of those homes although there are still remnants left of what once was.

Just because East Cleveland used to be a wealthy area doesn’t mean that now that it isn’t, that the residents don’t deserve courtesy and to be surrounded by cleanliness. Enter crusader Walter Melton Sr. Walter Melton has founded an organization called ‘Save Our Sons’ through this organization he is leading a campaign to clean up East Cleveland by not only his works but also by helping to enforce anti littering laws. In his words “he believes in the city, loves it and wants it to be beautified.” He is taking charge.

walter melton


YOU CAN GET INVOLVED AS WELL; Save our Sons is having a food giveaway at the MLK Center (some of us know this space as the old skating rink) in East Cleveland on Saturday May 26th from noon until 2 p.m.

The address is 14801 Shaw Ave. East Cleveland, Ohio 44112

He does have a public Facebook page called ‘Voice for My People’  if you have any additional questions or would like to participate you can reach him there.

*I tried to reach out to Mr. Melton for an interview, but got no response*

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We celebrate Domestic Violence in the Music Industry and Cleveland’s Own Michelle Knight is a survivor; 5 years free.

This week has been a whirlwind of emotion for me, and I am just a person that cares, not a relative or close acquaintance of the following women, along with that, you’ll find that abuse encompasses all age groups.

Stylist Emily B was allegedly assaulted by her rapper husband John David Jackson alias, Fabolous; she reported that he beat her so severely that he knocked her front teeth so loose that there was no way to repair them, as a result they had to be removed. Yet, within a week or less they were spotted at Coachella and she has since posted a picture to Instagram with new veneers. The first assumption by many was that there is no way on earth Fabolous could do this. fabolous-emily-b

  Cuban Doll alias CubanDaSavage is a well known rapper with over 1 million followers on Instagram, she is 20 years old and just Saturday she was assaulted (allegedly) by her rapper boyfriend (it’s not clear if he is her ex) Tadoe just for laughing and talking to another man. Her beautiful face is battered and bruised and people are in the comment section happy that her face is disfigured. I had to unfollow some of my favorite Instagram posters because they were celebrating her misfortune. Truly sickening.

Could it be that maybe they are tired of what they feel is the bait and hook? The women complain about the abuse and then go back? Femcee Rocky Badd even felt a level of justification, because when she mentioned the abuse in her Cuban Doll diss song, no one believed her. In conjunction, she took to Instagram and bounced her behind to the diss track when the news hit that Cuban had been assaulted. I found that disgusting and disturbing because It’s not our place to judge the situation; there are way too many scenarios.

Michelle Knight.. the survivor! 5 years later

Michelle Knight has a new name and from this day forward I will call her by the one that she has designated for herself; Lily Rose Lee. Lily is promoting her new book “Life After Darkness” and she is recently married. She went through untold horrors in that house including physical, mental and basic human rights like showering being taking away. She seems to be doing reasonably well despite her circumstances and continues to help women that are being abused and trafficked. She is truly reflective of her name.

Michelle Knight Deborah Feingold Photography

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