The HISTORIC wooden street of Cleveland: Hessler Crt.

There exists a street in Ohio that is as interesting as the history of Millionaire’s Row. Some streets of myth are paved in gold, some in silver, some with yellow brick, however we have one in Ohio that is paved in wood- Norfolk Pine to be exact and it is masterfully laid.

The street is laid using the same method that the brick rounds were, tile by tile meticulously placed and leveled so that the traveler has an easy trip.

It is beautiful and intricate nestled in a cozy little cul de sac that you would miss even if you were looking for it. (It’s the shortest street in Cleveland at 300 feet) I suppose that’s part of the intrigue.

The interesting part is that at one time the whole street was paved in pine. The cost of that today would be astronomical although worth it because it has stood the test of was constructed in 1920. Sure, it has shown wear but wouldn’t you?


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Interview with East Cleveland’s own; Ohio lawyer and HBCU Graduate.

hbcu1I was inspired to reach out to one of East Cleveland’s own lawyers and childhood friend, the reason being is because I was watching a special regarding the impact of HBCU’s which is an (acronym for Historically Black College’s and University’s) that really moved me, because attending an HBCU is not a path I had chosen, however, although there is no major difference academically when it comes to HBCU’s and majority attended colleges, after reading this perhaps it may move YOU to consider enrollment for refinement.

The special touched me because even though we live a racially charged society, the Black students interviewed state that attending an HBCU was a sort of refuge from the “outside world” and that versus a conventionally diverse college, they felt safer with expression. (HBCU’s house at least 87% Black attendees)

The interview is very insightful, I invite you to read along:

Q1: At what age did you decide to pursue law?

A: “Every since middle school, during the high school experience I had a criminal studies course, and that’s what substantiated my love for law.”

Q2: You got accepted to Ivy League colleges. What made you choose an HBCU for undergrad?

A: “I always knew I wanted to attend an HBCU.” She states she watched television programs such as A Different World and was entralled with the thought of attendance.

Most importantly she states that she did her research about how HBCU’s came into existence and that played a major, influential role in her final decision.

Q3: What lessons did you learn in at your HBCU that you carried into the real world?

A: She states that not only was it phenomenal, but also, empowering through knowlege and fun! Not only that but she recieved support, and enrichment.

“It molds a more strategic mind by teaching your own history which in turn builds confidence.”

It was a pleasure doing this interview.. thank you!

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Whisper Listings soon to change?

Hi, there! If you’re unfamiliar as to what a whisper listing is…click here.

As in regards to a whisper listing the rules may soon change according to the Real Estate Board of New York. There is a proposal at the table for them to be more transparent. No more secrecy involved.

The arguments for brokers regarding the changes cite the protection and privacy  and wishes of high profile clients, in turn for the REBNY the argument is for the clients as well, but for the seller getting the highest exposure; that whisper listings don’t serve the greater good, in fact they stifle needed information to a broader audience.

Looks like the whisper may be getting louder.


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The highly popular site Instagram has become a breeding ground for thieves especially for well meaning business people.

Although “Joanne the Scammer” is a character, art oftentimes imitates life.

If its too good to be true, it probably is. I believe that to achieve good results a person must put in hard work, but if you find a reputable person to promote your product sometimes the reward can be great which is why business people may flock to INSTAGRAM promotion for their business. Sometimes it works out, but other times not so much. We’ll explore reasons below:


Buyer beware– there are so many thieves that its hard to sift through the madness. I recently paid a INSTAGRAM scammer know as JAHDIAHDNORELUS for promotion that never came to fruition, and despite numerous attempts to either communicate with him or get my money back, my cries went unanswered, so I had to go to the bank and try to retrieve my hard earned money for what comes down to a breach of contract. (I have receipts but won’t post here unless it becomes necessary.)

Another person on INSTAGRAM that I won’t name because she’s a person I decided not to work with- The reason being was simple; her only accepted method of payment is $CASHAPP. No thank you, with that choice the money can only be traced to a phone number.

In short, for a business owner we should want longevity not INSTAgratification – INSTAGRAM has become a source for vultures that prey on the hope of fast sales and silence.

On to bigger and better things, because despite challenges I choose to be happy.








What is a Whisper Listing?

I’ve been influenced by the television show Billions, I admit. It’s a fascinating show that has allowed me to expand my business vocabulary, this fact has lead me to find out what a “whisper listing” is.

The fact that I sought this out doesn’t belong exclusively to “Billions” but, curiosity led me to want to know other terms that millionaires use.

Back to the topic at hand.


A whisper listing is real estate that is NOT listed on the market and only few, privileged people know about it. It’s appropriately called this because you may only hear of this listing through the doormen (if you have one) a.k.a word of mouth because the broker isn’t in on the deal. This type of listing is meant for the wealthy; which could include a well known celebrity or high profile business person that is looking to sale their property without an audience.

While I was researching this information I found that there are some interesting things that are shifting in the “whisper listing” world, but you’ll have to follow my blog to learn more about that. *)

Until next time.

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