A FENDI bag and a bad attitude. Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Ready to Wear

Since the early 80’s Fendi has been associated with Hip Hop culture, solidified with the rapper L.L. Cool J’s hit “Around the Way Girl.”

However there’s also no secret that there has been an oversaturation of Fendi lately. The logo has been seen everywhere and on everyone, in short, our timelines have been inundated with it.

Despite the obvious, Fendi manages to pull off a dainty collection


I want a piece. (CLICK HERE FOR PRICING)

The 2018 Fall campaign uses beautiful, diverse models and the tones are earthy; showcasing the colors green, brown and camel which work together and on anyone.



The shots were done by none other than Karl Lagerfield and beautifully so. I’m also impressed by the fabric that Fendi is using – wool, rich leathers such as calf skin and my favorite, but easily soiled material, suede.



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