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So you’re an optimist. I’m happy for you but that definitely doesn’t negate the fact that race plays a huge part in everything you and I do. Or are you so far removed or in such an imaginary blissful state that it doesn’t affect you? So when people say that race doesn’t have to do with EVERYTHING. That’s a state of ignorance that I don’t understand.

I get it, certain topics we like to avoid, but in my mind acknowledging it is a first step in making change.11

I don’t consider myself racist, although I have been a victim of it, I am willing to admit that some of my thoughts based on treatment are bias. When another minority experiences hurt from another on a regular basis it skews the view. I think the reason is because in the case of minorities both groups are so small that it’s easier to be offended the majority of times. For instance when I encounter a Caucasian person that’s prejudice it doesn’t affect me because the majority I’ve met are welcoming; it’s quite the opposite with minorities. If a person doesn’t deal with or run into a particular group all of the time they may not see it, but – put in a job application with an ethnic name and you’ll see it, go to a certain venue, you’ll experience it.. having an education doesn’t make a person less affected. And if you can’t see it, at least be empathetic of those that do. Don’t spend all of your life in a plastic bubble.

Is it supposed to permeate your life? No, but it does or there wouldn’t be a need for it to be eradicated. What do you think?

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