Designed with Bermuda in mind

Upon designing these earrings it reminded me of the crystal clear and blue waters of Bermuda; beautiful, sparkling, warm and inviting. These beautiful and elegant earrings reflect colors of blue and green, there is just something about these colors that reminds me of a getaway vacation in a faraway location.



Of course the components are gold filled so they won’t change colors (ever) and the stone of choice is crystal-Swarovski Crystal. They are short dangle earrings for pierced ears. The shape of the crystal is now archived so they aren’t likely to be found anywhere else.
“Bermuda” earrings.. exclusively at LABEL ME POSH





Why the Terry Crews #metoo conversation is so important

We’ve all seen the questions and whispers that occur when a woman waits “too long” to report her sexual assault.

  1. Why didn’t she report it sooner?
  2. She’s just trying to make him look bad.
  3. Why didn’t she tell someone in her family?

I really could go on and on. Instead of concern for the victim the barrage which made it difficult to report the crime in the first place continues. (This post is not pertinent to people that lie)

The conversation is important because Terry Crews  (we know him from shows such as ” Everybody Hates Chris” or recently the Old Spice commercials ) is a tall, muscular man that seemingly wouldn’t come off as the victim. He’s in fact the anti victim to most people. Terry Crews has testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on Tuesday regarding the “Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.”

His testimony is important, powerful and moving. He speaks on the power struggle of not only being African American, but being in a position of being a subordinate to a powerful person, in this case a supervisor, but in many cases the perpetrator may be an older family member or, even someone of the physically stronger sex.

It’s also important because Terry Crews is a man! Yes, a man who felt powerless in at the hand of another man that felt he had ownership over Terry Crew’s body.

Close your eyes and imagine how a woman may feel.

See the partial testimony here:




TOM FORD Vegas is like a walk in closet

                                            I don’t pop molly I rock Tom Ford

                                           Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Tom Ford store on the Vegas strip in Nevada, it should definitely be on your to-do list. The store is well put together on the outside and is quite the experience on the inside.

tf vegas

The store is like a tunnel with three layers. As you walk into the store you enter the men’s section, which I have to be honest I didn’t look twice at because I was so enamored with the way that the inside was built. The mid portion of the store is reserved for the variety of scents that Tom Ford has to offer, and finally the last layer, the back is where the women’s clothing is housed.

Tom Ford leather peplum skirt

The store is eloquent, like the walk in closet that you’ve always wanted. The staff is very friendly and attentive (not in an intrusive way) and there is a bigger selection of clothing then what you may see online.

We are not allowed to film inside of the store, but before I was informed of this I got a small snippet on video that you can view here.

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Town Hall on W. 25th IS the Hipster crowd #CLEVELAND

So there’s this spot that I stumbled upon with one of my friends during my lunch break called Town Hall.

Town Hall is hip and current with the menu catering to meat eaters, vegans and anyone in between (like me).

The aesthetic is warm and inviting and the décor looks like a patio. Yes, the décor.

The majority of the walls have brick on them, but there is one accent wall that has grass on it. The chandeliers are rustic and the crowd is alive; you look to the left you may notice a conversation going on, to the right working on their laptops and somewhere in the interim brokering deals. It has its own culture right in the center of Cleveland.

The cost index is about a 3, I would venture into a 4 since I don’t normally spend $20.00 for lunch.

On the flipside the food is good and the menu extensive and tasty. I drank a healthy, collagen infused smoothie and ate vegan tacos, both were fantastic, in addition to the good food and healthy drinks Town Hall also has plethora of alcoholic beverages to choose from and the service is awesome, unbeknownst to me I was sitting right next to the manger. This place is a must visit, if given the opportunity be sure to do so.


1909 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113 – It’s open until 2:30 a.m.

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Whisper Listings soon to change?

Hi, there! If you’re unfamiliar as to what a whisper listing is…click here.

As in regards to a whisper listing the rules may soon change according to the Real Estate Board of New York. There is a proposal at the table for them to be more transparent. No more secrecy involved.

The arguments for brokers regarding the changes cite the protection and privacy  and wishes of high profile clients, in turn for the REBNY the argument is for the clients as well, but for the seller getting the highest exposure; that whisper listings don’t serve the greater good, in fact they stifle needed information to a broader audience.

Looks like the whisper may be getting louder.


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Health: Manicures and Pedicures all seasons; Pretty is a bonus.


There is a common misconception that getting ones nails done has to do with looks and not health.

This assumption is terrible because manicures and pedicures are just like check ups, except they are for the health and maintenance of the hands and feet, embellishments are secondary.

cals nails


Self care is important. When you get a manicure and pedicure a massage is usually included in the service. Massages are good for people with arthritis, and it has a calming effect, which in turn helps the nervous system while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Beauty is more than skin deep and inner beauty has to be maintained all year round, not just specific times of the year. The problem is so widespread that the beauty industry refers to the summer as “pedicure season”; with feet and hands being the most used portion of our bodies, there is no reason they should be done only during a specific season.

In short, get a manicure and pedicure regularly, the overall health of your skin is important.

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The Miss America pageant gets a face lift

It’s 2018, and in the era of the #metoo movement there have been significant changes in the culture of women and this is one of them.

The Miss America “PAGEANT” will no longer be called such, it will now be referred to as a competition, which in my opinion is a long time coming. Women will no longer be required to compete in a swimsuit competition, the focus will no longer be on physical appearance but, going forward as it should have been; intellectual capacity. In addition the evening gown portion will be revamped to express a reflection of confidence in their clothing. (I must admit I don’t understand that portion because one can express confidence in an evening gown)

Now if only they would change the swimsuit portion of “competition” in children’s pageants.

What are your thoughts?

The Miss America Competition will broadcast live on ABC  Sept. 9th, 2018.

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