“Adidon” Pusha T diss will Drake answer?

Some things are better left alone. Looks like it’s going to be a “Cruel Summer” for Drake.

Pusha T baited Drake with his subtle diss Infrared by playing with his emotions and fanning the flames, but in my opinion he finished him with “The Story of Adidon” The genre of tickle rap is seemingly over, true artists are battling for the crown. I must admit that Drake’s follow up “Duppy” is noteworthy as well, pulling Pusha T in with the jabs at his fiancé and street credibility, but it was lightweight compared to Pusha T’s latest offering.


If we say it’s old news about Drake allegedly fathering a child of a pornography actress then we have to say it’s old news about Pusha T’s alleged drug selling, but that didn’t stop Drake from bringing it up. For instance did you know about the black face that Drake posed in? I didn’t.


This beef is reminiscent get it..of the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef. I for one don’t think Drake can win, on his own anyway, another thing I am tired of these new age rappers trying to come for the age of the veterans. Be careful because seasoned rappers have history on their hands and I think Drake just got a taste of History 101.REMY AND NICKI


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The Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s connection to Ohio

Meghan Markle recently married Prince Harry of the Royal British family May the 19th 2018 and she looked breathtakingly beautiful and he looked handsome. The wedding was one of the most historical of recent times.

We all hear of Dutchess Meghan’s humanitarian efforts, but did you know she started at quite an early age? As early as 12 years old in fact, by campaigning for human rights. Meghan is seen in a commercial regarding Dove dishwashing soap’s use of women as a household mule that is the only gender good enough for washing dishes or keeping a clean house. Meghan visibly looked the disturbed. Although the ad made a quick, subtle reference, one had to be astute to catch the mention, especially at the ripe age of 12.


See the commercial here:

Meghan immediately went into action. She wrote a letter to the President of Proctor & Gamble, the headquarters of which is in the state of Ohio and asked that the reference to dishwashing be all inclusive to both genders, to which within 3 months Proctor & Gamble complied. Way to go Meghan! This just goes to show change can be made regardless of the age!

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East Cleveland Ohio’s Philanthropist Walter Melton Sr. #saveoursons

East Cleveland used to be a bustling, sprawling suburb on the east side of Cleveland. There were several legacies founded there; East Cleveland is the home of the first billionaire John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil, in addition, the homes of Euclid Avenue were once referred to as “Millionaire’s Row” but that was a long time ago, the Great Depression caused the demolition of many of those homes although there are still remnants left of what once was.

Just because East Cleveland used to be a wealthy area doesn’t mean that now that it isn’t, that the residents don’t deserve courtesy and to be surrounded by cleanliness. Enter crusader Walter Melton Sr. Walter Melton has founded an organization called ‘Save Our Sons’ through this organization he is leading a campaign to clean up East Cleveland by not only his works but also by helping to enforce anti littering laws. In his words “he believes in the city, loves it and wants it to be beautified.” He is taking charge.

walter melton


YOU CAN GET INVOLVED AS WELL; Save our Sons is having a food giveaway at the MLK Center (some of us know this space as the old skating rink) in East Cleveland on Saturday May 26th from noon until 2 p.m.

The address is 14801 Shaw Ave. East Cleveland, Ohio 44112

He does have a public Facebook page called ‘Voice for My People’  if you have any additional questions or would like to participate you can reach him there.

*I tried to reach out to Mr. Melton for an interview, but got no response*

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The highly popular site Instagram has become a breeding ground for thieves especially for well meaning business people.

Although “Joanne the Scammer” is a character, art oftentimes imitates life.

If its too good to be true, it probably is. I believe that to achieve good results a person must put in hard work, but if you find a reputable person to promote your product sometimes the reward can be great which is why business people may flock to INSTAGRAM promotion for their business. Sometimes it works out, but other times not so much. We’ll explore reasons below:


Buyer beware– there are so many thieves that its hard to sift through the madness. I recently paid a INSTAGRAM scammer know as JAHDIAHDNORELUS for promotion that never came to fruition, and despite numerous attempts to either communicate with him or get my money back, my cries went unanswered, so I had to go to the bank and try to retrieve my hard earned money for what comes down to a breach of contract. (I have receipts but won’t post here unless it becomes necessary.)

Another person on INSTAGRAM that I won’t name because she’s a person I decided not to work with- The reason being was simple; her only accepted method of payment is $CASHAPP. No thank you, with that choice the money can only be traced to a phone number.

In short, for a business owner we should want longevity not INSTAgratification – INSTAGRAM has become a source for vultures that prey on the hope of fast sales and silence.

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Choose to be happy

Why go in spaces that don’t want you?

Say for instance you have a friend that makes you feel uncomfortable every time you’re around them. Why do you continue to occupy their space? Why do you allow them to make you feel compromised? Another example, a person on social media irritates you with their posts. Why continue to follow? If an area or person is prejudiced of your existence why read articles or visit places that may exasperate you.

If you look for a certain thing you will find it. The old adage misery loves company is still current. If you continue to follow or support what brings you misery, doesn’t that, in some capacity mean you’re miserable or in the very least enjoy entertaining the notion?

Not everything is a conspiracy and not everyone is against you as a person, with the exception of oneself. Happiness is a choice, choose wisely or wallow in misery.

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Interview with Celebrity Designer Stevie Boi – visionary of SB Shades

Stevie Boi of SB Shades is so busy keeping up with himself that he doesn’t have time to entertain the Jones’.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Stevie Boi’s longevity in the fashion industry is adaptability.

Stevie Boi  is an intelligent businessman, and has managed to stay relevant and current all while maintaining a sense of professionalism and humility. He literally turned shade into a brand before it became a coined phrase. His book entitled “Shade Built My Empire” is a nod to his fashion forwardness and helps entrepreneurs by giving them advice on how to take their business to the next level.


His eyewear line is bold, fearless, unique and best of all unisex! The most current of which is PinkbySB which was featured in Essence Magazine. In addition, Stevie Boi also presents to us shoe wear, clothing lines. Although Stevie Boi is successful with his apparel, accessories, and although he has worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna and most recently Kesha – he doesn’t allow his pursuit of self sufficiency to stop there. Fashion encompasses many avenues and he’s chasing them. For example, who of us is not a lover of food? You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s not. So keeping up with the foodies, Stevie Boi has also turned his attention to giving us StevieBoiEats a cooking show that focuses on food and gossip! The food menu is fashioned in a capacity that keeps our taste buds singing, and encourages us to maintain our health.

Stevie Boi graciously answered some of my questions that can help the aspiring entrepreneur:

Q1: How do you persist in a seemingly oversaturated audience due to social media?

A: I make sure I make the brand about what the people want. I ask people to name the glasses and also interact with everyone. Most people dont do that in a positive way. Its always about clapping back etc. I like to remain positive and uplift my audience. 

Q2: How was your experience designing with Kesha?

A.: I love working with Kesha. She is a real person that writes real music! She is also featured in his book “Shade Built my Empire” which is out everywhere.


Q3: How do you determine which designs hit the runway?

A: I don’t. I work freely, people take fashion too serious. Stevie Boi cites this reason why he has been able to maintain his relevancy. He says he has fun at his shows and enjoys the process.

Q4: How’d you get your first big break?

A: My first break was landing my glasses on the cover of OBVIOUS Fashion magazine the celeb that wore them was Eva Marcille Pigford. 

Q5: How does a designer go about creating networking opportunities for themselves?

A: It depends on the designers strengths. I’m good at holding a conversation and actually like being around people. Sell yourself! The other advice I would give is attend events. Go to EventBrite or Guest of a Guest and see what fashion events are coming up in your local town.

StevieBoi’s Social Networks:

Instagram @SBShades

Instagram for foodies @StevieBoiEats


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The Met Gala fashion show review as I sit on my soap box of broke-ness

No, Chloe Sevigny was not dressed like this at the Met Gala, even though it would’ve made the event more interesting. (Chloe Sevigny dressed as the martyred Joan of Arc)

I predicted the looks spot on for the looks that would probably be worn during the Met Gala Fashion show. Click here to read my previous post, it’s entitled “The Met Gala Fashion Show is coming.”

The Met Gala fashion show was a huge snore fest for me, very predictable. Not too many deviations.



1. The clear winner for me was Zendaya. Zendaya stayed on theme but deviated from the popular clothing choices. She wore a silver, chainmail gown designed by Versace. It was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Her look personified strong women and glamour. It was war-like, much like the history of Catholicism.

zendayazendaya 2

2. Rihanna was on theme and the gown she wore was opulent but she didn’t wear anything ground breaking like when she’s a regular attendee. She was dressed as the Pope, it makes sense yes because she was a co-host, still obvious.


3. Katy Perry was over the top.

katy perrr

4. Cardi B looked beautiful, but obvious and the gown was the same as what Beyoncé wore to the Grammy’s. Although, it may have been homage since Beyoncé was pregnant then and Cardi B is now.

beyonce and cardi

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