What is a Whisper Listing?

I’ve been influenced by the television show Billions, I admit. It’s a fascinating show that has allowed me to expand my business vocabulary, this fact has lead me to find out what a “whisper listing” is.

The fact that I sought this out doesn’t belong exclusively to “Billions” but, curiosity led me to want to know other terms that millionaires use.

Back to the topic at hand.


A whisper listing is real estate that is NOT listed on the market and only few, privileged people know about it. It’s appropriately called this because you may only hear of this listing through the doormen (if you have one) a.k.a word of mouth because the broker isn’t in on the deal. This type of listing is meant for the wealthy; which could include a well known celebrity or high profile business person that is looking to sale their property without an audience.

While I was researching this information I found that there are some interesting things that are shifting in the “whisper listing” world, but you’ll have to follow my blog to learn more about that. *)

Until next time.

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Interview with Ohio’s Children’s Braid Artist @marquetta.slim

Who says we don’t use Math everyday? @Marquetta.slim certainly does.

Marquetta is a licensed braid artist of 7 years, but she’s much more than that, she performs geometry on the hair. And she’s good.

Her focus is primarily on children’s hair because not only has she always wanted to do it, but she genuinely enjoys the experience of the looks on their faces as they rush to the mirror to examine her work, she further explains that for children, braids are a confidence booster.

With fine attention to detail, Marquetta can weave many patterns into the hair; stars, parallel, horizontal, and perpendicular lines.. she even uses materials to make the pattern stand out. She performs this task under tedious care of the hair, being careful not to apply too much tension while performing so that her clients aren’t in unbearable discomfort.


To contact @Marquetta.slim  you can reach her at The Braid Cartel 5828 Lee, South Maple Heights 44137 also INSTAGRAM

Q1: What fuels your drive?

A: The desire to provide for herself and her family

Q2: What goes through your mind before executing a style?

A: Marquetta reminds herself before braiding that she wants to keep a professional, effective pace and to focus on making her client comfortable.

Q3: When did you realize you were given the gift of braiding?

A: 7-10 years old

Q4: What are your aspirations for the future?

A: To have her own KID ZONE, a space for children to come and be pampered. She also has goals of opening a clothing store for children so that her ideas can be combined in one place.

Q5: How do you measure success in your field?

A: For Marquetta, success is seeing the smile on the children’s faces when they perform their happy dance after looking at the artwork on their hair. Braiding produces a whole new attitude once they get out of her chair.

It was joy finding out the answers to Marquetta’s questions because it put a smile on my face, I used to be her age on the porch sipping lemonade getting beauty supply store hair all over my mama’s porch while performing my art.. the love of braiding.

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Must Visit Ohio: The West Side Market

 The West Side Market is so much a part of Cleveland’s landscape that I am always shocked to find native Clevelanders that haven’t visited.

The West Side Market has 2 sides, on one side there is fresh produce and on the other meats, pastries, perogies (a nod to Cleveland’s Polish population) and prepared foods.

The food and people are so diverse that you can make a day of people watching. The market also allows the sampling of foods so that you don’t necessarily have to commit if it isn’t appealing to your taste buds.

What lead me to the West Side Market this time is that it’s been about 2 months since I’ve eaten meat and I was feeling tempted so I went to the market determined to find an interesting variety of vegetables and it didn’t disappoint.

I ate a Jicama (which is a Mexican yam bean that proports to help prevent cancer), cactus and mango salad, that because of the acidic base I’d suggest eating as a dip or pairing with sharp cheese. Still it was a taste adventure.


The architecture is simply amazing.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, come on down to the Market.

The schedule: CLOSED: The West Side Market is closed on the “T” days as my mom used to say.

OPEN: Monday and Wednesday 7 am – 4 pm; Thurday and Friday 7 am – 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm

NOTE: There is now a parking fee which hasn’t always been present but the first 2 hours are free!

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Interview with Ohio’s Own Actress- Heather Rich

Lights, Camera, Action

When I asked to interview Heather Rich, I had no idea that she is a somewhat seasoned actress that is very compelling while at work.

Heather Rich has come up against many obstacles that she has overcome, but has shattered stereotypes along the way. She grew up in a single parent household in which she is 1 of 4. Her mother always worked 3 jobs to care for the family and battled stage 4 cancer. Can you imagine the responsibilities that came along with that as a young child? Still Heather persevered.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Heather began exploring theater while in the 5th grade and won the lead role as Peter Pan! Her determination has lead her to act in at least 8 roles, the most current role as “Lyric” of the stage play and movie “Jason’s Lyric; In addition she is also seen in the YouTube series “Upstairs”  Episode 102 around mark 06:20. The role is charming, romantic and we get to see her act vulnerably as well. I couldn’t stop smiling.

To contact Heather you can reach her here on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and watch her work on YOUTUBE.

Heather so graciously answered my interview questions:

Q1: How do you prepare for roles:

A: I turn all of my lines into a song; for character development I study the person I am assigned to emulate their voice, movement and style.

Q2: What kind of actor would you describe yourself as:

A: Well rounded, emotional

Q3: Is the competition for roles high in Ohio?

A: Very high, competition is good, makes a person better, and want to work harder.

Heather does not currently have an agent but is open to representation.


Must Visit: Severance Hall

Visiting Severance Hall is a culturally enriching and enlightening experience.

It is a beautifully constructed building in the inside as well as the outside. It boasts marble floors and limestone construction. It is also home to the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra which plays and pays homage to classical composers such as Brahms, Beethoven and Suk. Magnificent! The architectural influences are art deco with a nod to Egyptian culture.

Seating: Severance Hall is a visually appealing experience wherever one may choose to sit. ( I was worried about that since I like to see the passion in a musicians eyes.)



Dress Code: There is no dress code, many patrons dress down but on my recent visit I decided to make it an experience and go on the formal side simply because I love an excuse to get dolled up and wear a beautiful clutch.

Severance Hall’s address is 11001 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Click here for concert times and dates.


Take a date, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Interview with Ohio’s Own; The Hair Junky- Brianna Pinkkk

Watch the throne.

At the tender age of 19, @Brianna_Pinkkk is a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. Along with her natural talents she is business savvy as well.

Brianna is a licensed beautician and is responsible for having launched her own hair care collection called “The Hair Junky Collection” which specializes in a range of products such as shampoos, conditioners,  growth oils and many more tailored to promote hair growth. In addition, her salon, synonymous with her brand, is called “The Hair Junky Studio” and there is where she styles, constructs units for clients (wigs),carries virgin and raw hair bundles, and manages to teach 1 on 1 classes. WHEW! She is a busy woman!

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I myself came into contact with Brianna_Pinkkk’s work through one of her clients that wears her wigs. The wig was so flawless and beautifully constructed that I asked the client to direct me to her Instagram page.

You can get your hair styled here:

17325 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland, Ohio 44112


You can follow Brianna’s INSTAGRAM here and take a look at her YOUTUBE channel here.

Learn a little more about Brianna_Pinkkk through  my interview:

Q1: When did you realize that styling hair was your passion?

A. “The desire was always there at a really young age. I realized that no other field would satisfy me so I pursued my dream.”

Q2: How does it make you feel when a client is satisfied with their results?

A. “I love it, one of the best feelings is a satisfied client.”

Q3: What are your top 3 strengths as a stylist?

A. “Healthy hair care, creating wigs and protective styles, marketing my brand.”

Q4: What’s next for The Hair Junky?

 Growing and expanding my business. I definitely have more in store for the future!

And we will all be watching.

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Cleveland Clinic set to open in London

Cleveland get your passports ready!

As if international locations in Abu Dhabi and Canada weren’t enough, the world renowned Cleveland Clinic is planning on expanding employment to London’s Belgravia district in 2020 by opening up another facility. Yet another proud moment in Ohio’s history!


Cleveland Clinic London will offer the following institutes:

Heart and Vascular

Digestive Disease 



Critical Care and Anesthesia

The best part!? For those that want to travel abroad, there are career opportunities. Click here to find out in what fields.

Not bad for the “Mistake on the lake.” 😗

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