Interview with N.Y.A. MARIE – Ohio’s Own

NYA Marie is so dope that out of her name and pain came an acronym that hints at her past .


N.Y.A. stands for Not.Yours.Anymore; this is not a story of woe, but one of triumph! She turned lemons into lemonade by breathing life into her music. A particular song out of her catalog “When It Comes” is refreshing, ¬†and rhymed over a melodic, cool beat that encourages her listeners to fight through the storm because change is underway. The beauty in her message is that her wordplay and the accompanying video makes us believe her. TAKE A LOOK HERE.

Peer into N.Y.A. Marie’s thoughts with her answers to my questions:

Q1. Where do you see yourself creatively in 3 years?

N.Y.A. Marie: “I¬†want to be at a point where I’m able to channel different levels of expression, through visual art via photography, as well as tapping into different genres of music- reaching different people.”

Q2. Do you have any advice for younger women in the industry?

N.Y.A. Marie: “Never give up, be persistent, BE FEARLESS! Stand out and be different- BE YOU!”

Q3: Describe your musical content in 3 words

N.Y.A. Marie: Strong. Emotional. Raw

Indeed. We look forward to hearing more from N.Y.A. Marie.

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