Interview with Ohio’s Philanthropist – Tawanda Angela

Tawanda Angela @angela_watchesovrme has figured out her mission.

While taking care of a family, being a student, and donating, Tawanda Angela is focused on improving the lives of others through philanthropy.

One of her goals has always been to give back to the community. In fact, she has organized an event in which she is using her own time and resources to make bag lunches for children in the Buckeye area. The date of this event is Saturday April 14th., eventually Tawanda would like to extend her hospitality to battered women and children by giving them personal products for hygiene. What a beautiful spirit and heart full of love that benefits the Cleveland area!


You too can extend your love by donating.

Get to know Tawanda a little better with her answers to my interview questions:

Q1: Who is the most influential person in your life?

A: Tawanda Angela cites her older sister because of her tenacity and family structure.

Q2. How do you balance family and school while still having time to organize a drive?

 For this budding philantrophist God, and family helps her to have a clear mind.

Q3. Encouraging words to offer the youth?

A: “Take nothing for granted because anyone or anything could be taken away, stay determined and give back.”

Q4. What can others donate to improve the outcome of the event?

A: Money.

Find out the times and dates of her drive, also feel free to donate by following her INSTAGRAM @angela_watchesovrme or @tee_angela984


The Terminator

I. Felt. Like. The. Terminator.

Yes, that part.

It’s amazing what clothes and a little attitude can do for your physche. I felt like I walked into the office and across Ohio’s wide streets like (chook, chook, chook) making the sounds of a robot.

People ask me all of the time how I do it. It’s easy look cute, confident and non offensive. That’ really the only secret. If you look the part act the part. The sunglasses made the outfit in my opinion.



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Are you ready for FENTY BEAUTY Body Lava? #brownsugar #whoneedsclothes

Fentybeauty by Rihanna is set to come for our pocketbooks yet again.

Set to be released next are what looks to be 2 different body liquid body shimmers set to have your body glowing like the “Trophy” that it is. I hope it smells good too. The names of the products are as follows:

1. #Whoneedsclothes: This formula is a light gold colored formula, with faint glitter particles for fairer toned women.

2. #BrownSugar is a bronze toned formula with the same attributes for women with deeper tones.

LAUNCH DATE: April 6th

GET your sexy, shimmer on this summer. Yes! I’m ready!

Watch Rihanna slather it all over her body here .

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Beyonce’s Temperley London Dress

I love dresses, the look for this spring is romantic. The trend is flirty,  feminine and pastel. A look that’s always in style to me.

Beyonce has embodied those characteristics with her sheer, floaty, dreamy Temperley London “Starling” dress that she wore on Instagram.

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The details in this dress are dainty and soft. The dress is a vanilla hue, the embroidered birds that cover the dress are adorned with sequins, and it has a ruffled bodice. She finished the look off with Tom Ford shoes. The look is beautiful and the design house that it hails from is one of Kate Middleton’s favorites.

You can dress like Beyonce here.

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Interview with N.Y.A. MARIE – Ohio’s Own

NYA Marie is so dope that out of her name and pain came an acronym that hints at her past .


N.Y.A. stands for Not.Yours.Anymore; this is not a story of woe, but one of triumph! She turned lemons into lemonade by breathing life into her music. A particular song out of her catalog “When It Comes” is refreshing,  and rhymed over a melodic, cool beat that encourages her listeners to fight through the storm because change is underway. The beauty in her message is that her wordplay and the accompanying video makes us believe her. TAKE A LOOK HERE.

Peer into N.Y.A. Marie’s thoughts with her answers to my questions:

Q1. Where do you see yourself creatively in 3 years?

N.Y.A. Marie: “I want to be at a point where I’m able to channel different levels of expression, through visual art via photography, as well as tapping into different genres of music- reaching different people.”

Q2. Do you have any advice for younger women in the industry?

N.Y.A. Marie: “Never give up, be persistent, BE FEARLESS! Stand out and be different- BE YOU!”

Q3: Describe your musical content in 3 words

N.Y.A. Marie: Strong. Emotional. Raw

Indeed. We look forward to hearing more from N.Y.A. Marie.

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The Met Gala fashion show is coming!

At one time i had no idea what the hype was about the Met Gala. I get it now.

It’s the opportunity to do something wild and uncomfortable – art on your body, out of the ordinary, the chance to embrace a theme.

The hosts: This year’s hosts are Rihanna, Amal Clooney and Donnatella Versace. They’re a nice combination; Rihanna is a bit of a wild child that takes fashion risks, Donnatella loves prints and Amal’s aura is very classic and chic.

Rihanna in 2017’s Comme de Garcons avant garde theme.


2018 Theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. My guess would be that based on the style of the Catholics and the Vatican, the Gala will be very opulent with an artful display of fantastic, expensive jewelry and rich colors like red, gold, and green. We shouldn’t be surprised if we see crucifixes either.

The date: May 7, 2018 for the Met Gala fashion event

View the actual artwork: May 10th- October 7th

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