Phantom Thread

Let’s get this out of the way.. I loved all of its bits and pieces.

The movie was beautiful, dark and well dressed. I dare say that I enjoyed the story line as well. I am not about to give away any spoilers but for me this movie was bliss. The cast was put together very well.

Daniel Day-Lewis who is known for immersing himself into roles is stark, yet likable as the main character in his love for fashion and his unattached sense of reality, his sister as brilliantly acted by Leslie Manville is as gorgeous as she is protective of her brother and Vicky Krieps who is a relative unknown when it comes to film in the United States, is vulnerable, impressionable and defiant as the love interest and muse of Daniel Day-Lewis.

Daniel Day-Lewis is a mad tailor named Reynolds Woodcock that weaves the most beautiful and appealing dresses of his time and is highly sought after, his sister Cyril  who although is a keeper of his heart wants love for him, and Alma played by Manville enters at the not so perfect, but perfect time after he is just getting over another one of his muses. See, how that can be twisted? At one point Alma and Reynolds rip the clothing off of one of his rich clients while she’s wearing it (that’s how deep their love for fashion- his fashion is.)

The mushrooms though? They provide the highlight of the film, as well as the acceptance of such which made me gasp!

You have to see this movie. It’s for the romantic, but it leaves room for the twisted.

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Wearing You. #poetry #labelmeposh

A Poem

Wearing you is comfort, the feel, the caress, the soft touch makes me feel as though you love only me.

Wearing you takes me to a place that is uncommon to go, the sensuality of your touch makes me long for more.

You glide on my skin, manipulating the crevices inch by inch, for there is nothing comparable.

My spirits are lifted when you cling to me, hugging me ever so gently as when a husband explores the curves of his wife with his fingertips.

I love to wear you silk.


Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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