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Oh happy day! Billions is one of my favorite television series. I found out the new release date thanks to the stalking of Brian Koppleman’s Twitter page.

Brian Koppleman is one of the co/creators of Billions and each season it comes on, he satisfies my innate desire to know the intellectual, yet filthy, inside dealings of the ridiculously, but fabulously dressed wealthy. We left season 2 with an insatiable Chuck Rhoades  seemingly grabbing the super villain that we love to root for, Bobby Axelrod by the kahoonas. Now he doesn’t have to worry about Bobby wooing his wife with expensive gifts or promised allegiance right?

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We don’t know, but what we do know thanks to Mr. Koppleman is that the release date is March 23rd at 10 p.m. on the Showtime network. Give yourself a favor and binge watch so that you can be in the know; while watching I have learned several new terms that I have had to look up to keep abreast with the business lingo expressed during the show. But this is part of the reasons why I love it!

xoxo, Label Me Posh by Kanesha Nikia

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