The Mean Girls wear Prada; Mean Girl #1- Episode 1 #labelmeposh

  My new seasonal job is interesting, to say the least. I actually love and enjoy going to it. It’s a stylish job, right up my alley.

I fulfill web orders, with that being said, the customers are my main and only concern. I make sure that if you order, you receive your purchase in a timely and efficient manner. More important, that your time is precious and I can’t afford to sit around when you order because a customer that is in the store may come and snatch up your item after you’ve probably spent hours on the web trying to find exactly what you’re looking for. I know..I’ve been there. Let’s talk about the 1st MEAN GIRL.

Mean Girl #1

It’s my first day of the job, I am thrown onto the floor not knowing the rules to the game. So I go into this particular department and grab different customers’ orders (I am all over the store fulfilling orders, there are usually multiple orders to fulfill in 1 department.) Upon arriving in the department I tell one young lady who by the way is very nice; that I will be using the counter, but once all of my orders are fulfilled I will be out of her way. She was fine. In the interim the next employee that I am going to introduce you to screams over the intercom to the pleasant young lady “Did you hear me?”

Enter the aforementioned second employee- MEAN GIRL #1; not so nice. She began to put the items that I had already fulfilled back onto their prospective shelves into the designated area. SIDEBAR: IT IS HARD TO FIND THE ITEMS THAT I HAD ALREADY FULFILLED BECAUSE OF THE SHEER MAGNITUDE OF THE STORE, and she knows this because she is a lifer and I’ve seen her before, after all I have shopped in this store more than a few times myself. Upon re-shelving she noticed that I was behind her and with boxes in hand proceeds to ask me are they mine. To which I confirm. The Mean Girl who probably feels that this is the job that “a million girls would die for” proceeds to let me know that “If I were her, she wouldn’t do such and such and so and so.” (In my head I whisper but you’re NOT me) but, I smile and reply “o.k.” With boxes in hand, she continues to lecture me on what she would not do if I were her. To which I again acknowledge her statement. At this time I tire of her being in my face exchanging in childish banter. So I ask her to put the boxes down.

The way she slammed those boxes down was in the way a spoiled rotten 5 year old would upon hearing they can’t have the last piece of candy, it was pure comedy. I started to bust out laughing but was so shocked, I couldn’t. LOL! The boxes didn’t become disheveled neither did anything fall out of them so everything was “Gucci.” Afterwards all I could hear was her heels clacking against the metal in pure fury.

I can handle it, I am a big girl. Stay tuned for Mean Girl #2. She’s a real doozy.

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