Businesses put on BLAST!!!

In this day of social media everyone looks like they are instantly rich. There are people who showcase their money, affiliations and other material things like they are easy to acquire. The fact of the matter is, they aren’t. The hustle, just like the struggle is real.

With this being said I do have entrepreneurs that I admire that show you their grind and not just the shine, they are as follows:

  1. Ming Lee @iamminglee– Ming Lee is as grind as they come. It started from her hunger to give a good product to consumers direct. She started a YouTube channel, demonstrated her skills and trust worthiness and kept saving until she became the influencer that she is now. She literally started her hair business with $50.00. Catch her here on Youtube and also on Instagram.


2.  Ms. Bling Miami @msblingmiami–  Inspiration with a side of hustle..Ms. Bling has become so successful and influential in her own right that the oversees companies are using her body to sell their product. Her clothing line is sexy glam. So if you see a dress that you can get from an oversees company more than likely Ms. Bling had it first. You can keep up with Ms. Bling here on Instagram. 


3.  Tiarra Monet @thecrownedcollection– I cannot say enough positive things about this young lady, she gave me a chance when others wouldn’t by stating her love of my products when she was a “small” channel and she can give a mean hair cut and great tutorials in addition, she is now partnered with Maybelline and has her own hair business called the Crowned Collection.


4. Jennifer Lee @iamjenniferle– Jennifer Le designs shoes and fur beautifully. She is now venturing into clothes and is definitely the next huge business, you may have seen Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. in her boots. She also reminds us that it takes hard work and diligence to get to a certain level of status. Her design mixes of fur, suede and leather makes her work lush and distinctive.


**As I am typing this, Ming Lee is rocking a pair of Jennifer Le’s shoes.** SUPPORT IS WHERE IT’S ALL.

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Beyonce Balmain Sequin trouser Dupe alert

Every since Beyonce’s too short of a video “Yonce” aired I had been trying to find a pair of sequin trousers. They are not exactly the same, hers are covered in lace with a little sequin, but hey! I’m not in a music video nor am I going to go out in sheer pants.

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Sequins are all the rage this season (again). They can be dressed up or down, making them versatile for casual or dressy affairs. Balmain has a beautiful pair of trousers that will set you back a little over $1000 or you can get a dupe at House of CB for a little under $100.00. For a live review go to YOUTUBE. They have pockets guys!!

House of CB Sequin trousers


Tis the season to get dressed up!

Seduce with your scent #favorite fragrances #perfume #parfum #issasnack #gucci

I love to smell good, I don’t care too much for describing the ingredients but I am good at providing everyday adjectives for the scent. With that being said and hopefully understood let’s get into my favorite parfum and the experience they give the wearer.

Poppy Blossom by Coach: Cute, adorable, first date (I’m not having sex but you may get the opportunity to take me out again) fantastic! Smells like a sunny day. You’re the fun girl that’s not immature. Bite into a sweet, mandarin orange that’s sticky and dripping tasty.

coach poppy blossom

Rockin’ Rio by Escada: Body gyrating during the sunset, arms flailing in the streets, freedom in a sexy bikini. Tantalizing, teasing. Dancing to Beyonce’s Naughty Girl. A sweet, but tangy grapefruit. Little red corvette that during her raucous romps likes to get a spanking.


Candy by Prada: Cotton candy, baby powder, soft and gentle. Snuggling by a warm fireplace. Caramel, curves, lick, touch, caress, bedtime. A woman that takes her time, but gives in eventually. Neck, back, legs, kisses.


Premiere by Gucci: Rolls Royce, determined, provocative, assertive. Nibbles on skin, sensual silk bound hands, traveler. Whispers in the dark. Exclusive, inconspicuous, suede, wealth, copious.

If the description of these scents make your mouth water imagine the woman behind the words.

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gucci premiere