Audrey Hepburn $100,000 clothing auction hosted by Christie’s of London

These are the type of stories I look forward to writing and I hope you look forward to reading them from me.

When I pander off from writing that usually means that nothing has inspired me, and I apologize,  but to me there are moments like this that are worth writing for.

Christie’s of London is auctioning off some of Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful couture clothing. Audrey Hepburn was a British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian.  The actress of Breakfast at Tiffany’s fame has worn every enviable designer from Oscar De La Renta to Givenchy. She was quite the fashionista, in fact, women who desire to dress classic often look to her for inspiration.

Among some of the items are a CARTIER (!!!) lipstick holder and compact, a little black dress worn in the 1963 movie CHARADES which is expected to sell for 100k and a BURBERRY trench coat to name a few.  See the visual story here.

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Let’s get glowing skin

I love makeup.. I repeat I love makeup, but the skin we’re in is more important than camouflage, after all we have to live in it.

I have a skin regime I adhere to even if I’ve had a long day and don’t want to do another thing. Especially after work, it’s important to wash the city off of your face. You can view a live demonstration here.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. “Oil of Olay” for exfoliation
  3. “Boscia” Exfoliating Peel gel
  4. “Fresh” Rose Face Mask
  5. “Biotin” vitamins

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Pittsburgh Steeler’s Makeup Look feat: Fenty Beauty Killowatt “Trophy Wife”

Like a kept wife who just got her husband’s credit cards smile is the wattage that Rihanna’s color “Trophy Wife” will give to your look.


High voltage, sexy and striking this color is. The product is a highlighter, however, I myself being a woman of a certain age, used it as an eye shadow. It fit perfectly in with the Steeler’s football teams’ colors- gold, black and white. “Trophy Wife” stands on her own.

To see live application go here to my YouTube channel.

EYES : Lid- Trophy Wife/ Fenty Beauty

Crease- Soft Peach/ Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow bone highlight- Naked Lunch/ Mac

LIPS: Maybelline Color Sensations/ 840 (Midnight Blue) 888 (Pitch Black) Shade 50 (Black)

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Are..You..Ready for FENTY Beauty? Rihanna’s new Makeup Line.

BRANDING: Rihanna is ready and set to drop her first makeup line and in true legacy building fashion, it’s appropriately named “Fenty Beauty.”

FACEBOOK PREVIEW: Follow @fentybeauty on Facebook to watch our launch party LIVE at 7:15pm ET 9-7-2017

RELEASE DATE: 9-8-2017 @12A.M. PT which means here on the midwest the time will be 9:00 ET

INCLUSIVE: Included in the makeup line,  is whispered 40 shades of foundation which range from light to dark now this, is unprecedented even in the world of established cosmetic brands. As if that’s not enough to build further excitement Fenty Beauty’s ad campaign features religious diversity and different skin tone inclusions. This is a highly anticipated drop for the makeup world.

THE PRODUCTS: So far some of the visuals include a bronze toned highlight duo called “Killowatt” and although we are unsure what type of product the next color is,  (it looks like an eye shadow) “Trophy Wife” is a true gold color.

“Trophy Wife”


I cannot wait to get my hands on this product!

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Cleveland Browns Makeup Look ft: MAC and Nicole Guierro “134” lashes

In honor of the Cleveland Browns pre-season wins I’ve decided to do a makeup looked based on the team colors. I think it turned out fantastic!

For live application and step by step instructions, click here. For accessories here.


Lower Lid-Red Brick; on top of MAC -Makeupforever: “No.18.”

Crease- Hip Duo- “Shady” brown also MAC-” Swiss Chocolate.”

Brow Bone- MAC “Naked Lunch”

Lashes: Nicolas Guierro “134”


MAC liner in “Nightmoth” Lipstick “#560 Raw Chocolate” on top Anastasia Beverly Hills “Parfait.”

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