DON’T give them a brain cell @work: The Outgoing Introvert

Some people don’t deserve an iota of your time or thoughts.

There exists a person who exists only to irritate and disrupt the creative process that you are trying to accomplish (sometimes more than 1) What do you do? Although it may not be easy, ignore them. This is especially hard for me because I’d like to think of myself as an outgoing introvert. That is, a person who loves people but can only tolerate them for a particular amount of time. What leaves a bad taste in my mouth is gossip, idle use of time and stupidity in general. I know a person who works with a GROWN person who comes to the window (they are on the ground floor) and makes faces at the people who walk by; like a gorilla at the zoo. My friend is like- This can’t be life!


Alas, we all work with someone or several people who, although grown, never made it past the puberty portion of adolescence mentally.

However, as for us that have our only option is to keep hope alive and continue to work on ourselves because it is hard to overcome stupidity, but fortunately it can be accomplished by ignoring ignorance.

What is the buffoon at your job like? How do you cope?

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