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Don’t you just love a preppy look?

Sometimes I like to take a detour from girly that’s why they used to call me GQ. With that being said, I’m not a huge fan of the ladies’ Louis Vuitton bags this season, however the men’s fashion line is simplistic and sleek. Louis Vuitton teamed with Tokyo designer Hiroshi Fujiwara who is credited for  bringing street wear from the United States to Japan in the 80’s. I love a man in a good suit and one that puts effort into smelling good, but it’s nice to deviate from the suit. The good thing about this collection is that LV doesn’t drift too far.

The Fragment collaboration line is like wearing dress casual in street wear form. The collection consists of black and white tones; the monogram is present it is there in a fairly understated way, in the same vein the varsity jackets and tennis shoe give the collection edge. All things considered the line is not hard to style. It in itself has style. Take a look.


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