DON’T give them a brain cell @work: The Outgoing Introvert

Some people don’t deserve an iota of your time or thoughts.

There exists a person who exists only to irritate and disrupt the creative process that you are trying to accomplish (sometimes more than 1) What do you do? Although it may not be easy, ignore them. This is especially hard for me because I’d like to think of myself as an outgoing introvert. That is, a person who loves people but can only tolerate them for a particular amount of time. What leaves a bad taste in my mouth is gossip, idle use of time and stupidity in general. I know a person who works with a GROWN person who comes to the window (they are on the ground floor) and makes faces at the people who walk by; like a gorilla at the zoo. My friend is like- This can’t be life!


Alas, we all work with someone or several people who, although grown, never made it past the puberty portion of adolescence mentally.

However, as for us that have our only option is to keep hope alive and continue to work on ourselves because it is hard to overcome stupidity, but fortunately it can be accomplished by ignoring ignorance.

What is the buffoon at your job like? How do you cope?

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Mid-range Priced Luxury Handbags

I am new to luxury handbags, not luxury in general, just investing into the handbag side of it. I’ve owned Coach and Michael Kors bags, to be honest I’m just not a bag lady, until of late.

Hard work has to pay off sometime, at some point you have to treat yourself to whatever (within legal bounds) tickles your fancy. My quest was to start at the top for a  Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chloe and Burberry. The problem is however; that I like luxury leather like lambskin and at the range I was willing to pay between $1200-$1900 USD the big houses just weren’t having it. Here’s to your climb up the luxury ladder. What’s your current favorite?

My quest led me to mid range luxury which by the way is just as beautiful as the materials the high fashion houses were offering for the range of $2000 beyond.

  1. Creature of Comfort – Creature of Comfort has THE most beautiful, supple, calfskin bags. My favorite is the ” Large Bucket Bag” which retails for $595.00 and is very reminiscent of the now defunct Coach duffle sack.COFC_BUCKET_BAG_LG_BLACK_1024x1024

**By the way Coach is coming back out with a limited amount of Duffle sacks in September. You have to go to the Coach store to see their personal website to know this**

2. Henri Bendel – I just purchased a $398.00 Henri Bendel “Soho Hobo” in black for 15% off, by signing up for email. The bag is beautiful and appears to be durable (time will tell). It is made of pebbled leather, is very soft and exactly what I need since I am just dipping my toe into my luxe collection. I need a base before I start spending on the bigger brands for the looks.


3. Theory – This house has a very beautiful handbag line. If you’re looking for suede or leather that is. There are also a great variety in choices of bags. The styles include hobos and shoppers to name a few. The colors are also outstanding; navy blue, greys, black, burgundy I was like a kid in a candy store. The following bag  is named “The Mini West” and it’s in suede.Check it out.


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Pantone Color Institute: 2017 Fall Fashion Color Palette BOLD REDS- U.S. & U.K.

Did you know that there is practically one entity that determines the “it” color of the year or season?

Pantone Color Institute.

This topic interested me because I normally bypass trends, but just for entertainment I wanted to see what the fall/winter color palette is going to be. There are several but the unanimous standout color for both countries is red or a variation of it. For the first time Pantone even included London as a muse. What Pantone does is evaluates colors shown by fashion designers at New York Fashion Week and then decide on the top 10. They’re even partly responsible for helping Tiffany & Co. to brand the color “1837 blue” and the color “Minion Yellow” based on the blockbuster Minions movie. Pretty interesting,  by the way the color of the year is GREENERY.

Courtesy of Pantone here are the top 10 colors for fall and winter for

The United States:

Pantone’s Top 10 Color Palette for Fall/Winter Season United States


Screenshot_2017-08-23-10-57-58    Pantone’s Top 10 Color Palette for Fall/Winter Season London



Costco owes Tiffany&Co. 19 MILLION

That’s a HUGE chunk of change.

Costco landed in hot water for using luxury jewelry giant Tiffany’s name while selling engagement rings. I am a business owner myself so I agree with the verdict. With that being said, it so happens that Costco’s argument is that the name Tiffany is generic, that  it can encompass any statement or meaning. However, anyone else everywhere else knows that the name Tiffany (especially when it comes to jewelry) is a nudge to the luxurious retailer that is known to have made a guest cameo in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and whose name is synonymous with their trademark robin’s egg blue colored boxes; in some circles the blue color is often referred to as Tiffany blue. Costco is now barred from using the name Tiffany alone when it comes to selling jewelry. Come on Costco you were well aware of what you were doing.

And if you weren’t the judge was. Costco is appealing.

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Yeah, right I can’t even walk in stilettos, see the featured photo? That’s exactly how’d I’d be looking if I tried these.. like a broken doll.

Skating was a huge part of my culture growing up. During the weekends it was and still is a great way to exercise and relieve stress;

I don’t know about you, but it stresses me out just to look at these things.DGSr7P5VwAAD7OY

The concept is cute enough, but I’d love to see someone work them. The thought of falling 4 feet (or more) from the air is enough to convince me that the pain is not worth it, but for you hardcore fashionistas – I am sure you will find a way to make them look cool. As for me, I’ll sit this one out and watch from the sidelines.

Yves Saint Laurent’s eye catching stiletto skates will set you back a couple of thousand. Follow their Instagram account for places to purchase. I wish the best to you, you brave soul!

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Becoming a mature woman doesn’t mean fun can’t be had with makeup looks. This look is a prime example, a twist of shocking pink on a mundane purple smokey eye.

20170723952050735 FACE SHOT

This look is all about the eye, rather simple and doesn’t involve too many steps. Everyone knows the secret to “the perfect” smokey eye, blend, blend, blend. After you’re done with the blending, just apply the liner. Listed below are the following steps I took to achieve this shocking smokey eye.


Eyes: Primer-Two-Faced glitter adhesive, Base– Laura Gellar, Makeup Forever #9 on the lid, Mac-Swiss Chocolate in the crease and, also Mac-Naked Lunch on the brow bone. After blending like your life depends upon it, I added NYX- Vivid Brights collection in the color Vivid Petal on the lash line and a waterproof white liner on the waterline.

Lashes: Ardell “Natural Whispies

Skin: Smashbox CC cream in the color medium dark and Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder **this is great for putting on before shadow to avoid creasing.


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Dress like a lady Fall/Winter Basics: GRAPHIC Tights- stockings’ cousin Part 3

If you don’t own a nice pair of tights you are missing out on style and warmth during those cold autumn and winter days. Not only are they stylish, but they make a nice statement when worn under a skirt. They also provide the perfect opportunity to show off your quirky or edgy side and, unlike their close cousin the stocking, they can last 2 or 3 seasons. Finally, the patterns and colors make the fashion possibilities endless.

Here are some examples of how I wore my tights and the dimension they added to my outfits.

Polka dot tights
Layering: Black T, Cardigan and Striped Tights

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Some places to buy tights are Target and American Apparel, but I’ve found the best and most diverse at D.S.W. (Designer Shoe Warehouse) happy hunting!