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Now that you’ve purchased your neutral cotton t-shirt keep in mind we’re discussing layering. Another must have for the soon approaching autumn/winter season is the cardigan. What a fun way to dress up or down a basic top! The good thing about cardigan’s is that they come in a variety of neutrals, patterns and lengths, so there’s a plethora to choose from. In addition, the neutral cardigans can go into the next year without little or no variation. Whispers…(Save your money)

In short, today’s cardigan are not your mama’s.

The modern cardigan carries descriptive terms such as the waterfall, maxi, boyfriend, boho, and of course thanks to Balmain, last season was all about the fringe. When purchasing a cardigan Forever 21 is a relatively inexpensive route and for pricier alternatives, stores like Boohoo and Asos stand out. Below are some examples of how to style a cardigan for leisure or work. (Click on pics to see where to purchase.)

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Southwestern Pattern Cardigan Forever 21