Shoes!! Shoegasm featuring Designer Shoe Warehouse 30% off sale. #DSW

I love a good shoe and I was on a mission; to prepare myself and wardrobe for a special event. Few things make me feel better than purchasing them at a lower price. This could explain why I always wait until the last fashion season ends to to buy them.

Got these beauts from Designer Shoe Warehouse affectionately known as DSW. They are comfortable heels no higher than 3.5 inches. See, once I got out of my late 30’s my ankles couldn’t take 4 inches any more so I got my heel height down to a science. If I can run in my shoes, I chose well because I like to be active and to be able to walk about in my heels without looking like Bambi, stammering and what not, that’s not attractive.

Fact is, just because they are lower heels doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy (I will style them for you later) But for now all of the heels that I will picture were lower than $40.

Sidebar:  I have on the stockings the store provides for sanitary reasons. Tap on the pictures for name of product. PLEASE BE ADVISED KELLY & KATIE shoes are true to size. I had to buy larger sizes because my size was available only online and I waited until last minute. SMH.


Top to bottom: NinaVaretta” Sandal in silver.

  Kelly & KatieThilima” Pump

Kelly & KatieNadia” Glitter Sandal

Not pictured; practical navy pumps you can get them here: AbellaJudith” pump in navy.



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