Ladies First: Casual Slay Ft. Forever21

Sometimes you just have to remind them.


I know that in this day and age, this is a foreign concept to some but I know mothers around the world are still teaching sons this, so here’s to the mothers out there that still teach their sons to treat ladies first without reservation.


This is for you. I wore this and cars stopped to let me by, doors were opened all day and one man opened the door and when I said thank you he answered “ladies first right.” My husband is chivalrous and learned the same from his mother so I never have to ask, but strangers opened them for him and I – who says fashion doesn’t allow others to form opinions or better yet, change the world for the better?




Shirt from Forever 21 purchased during the winter months of 2016.

Sunglasses here.

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Dress like a lady with the BASIC CLASSICS PART 2 GO NEUTRAL or COLORFUL while layering.

Now that you’ve purchased your neutral cotton t-shirt keep in mind we’re discussing layering. Another must have for the soon approaching autumn/winter season is the cardigan. What a fun way to dress up or down a basic top! The good thing about cardigan’s is that they come in a variety of neutrals, patterns and lengths, so there’s a plethora to choose from. In addition, the neutral cardigans can go into the next year without little or no variation. Whispers…(Save your money)

In short, today’s cardigan are not your mama’s.

The modern cardigan carries descriptive terms such as the waterfall, maxi, boyfriend, boho, and of course thanks to Balmain, last season was all about the fringe. When purchasing a cardigan Forever 21 is a relatively inexpensive route and for pricier alternatives, stores like Boohoo and Asos stand out. Below are some examples of how to style a cardigan for leisure or work. (Click on pics to see where to purchase.)

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Southwestern Pattern Cardigan Forever 21


Dress like a Lady with the BASIC CLASSICS. (PRIMARY NEUTRALS) Part 1

These days there is such a negative connotation when it comes to anything basic. When basically the person who considers another, basic is paying close attention to their basic ways so who’s the basic one?

All of that aside EVERYTHING begins with the basics including fashion. Use your basic wardrobe as a base and build up by layering. I know it’s still mid summer, however, autumn is fast approaching (in most circles fashion runways have already been lit) in early July. Zimmerman, one of my favorite houses had their showing about 1 week ago.

Here is the first basic in this series which I think will help your wardrobe easily transition from Fall to Winter, showcase your accessories, and highlight your style. The long sleeved cotton top.

These shirts go great with everything as long as you purchase them in the primary neutral colors such as grey, black, white or tan, they look good dressed up or down. Below are some examples. I like the Mossimo brand available at Walmart, however, you can also find the shirts at H&M, Forever 21, and outlets like Asos. Accessories are available here. Happy shopping.

Black long sleeve t-shirt






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Shoes!! Shoegasm featuring Designer Shoe Warehouse 30% off sale. #DSW

I love a good shoe and I was on a mission; to prepare myself and wardrobe for a special event. Few things make me feel better than purchasing them at a lower price. This could explain why I always wait until the last fashion season ends to to buy them.

Got these beauts from Designer Shoe Warehouse affectionately known as DSW. They are comfortable heels no higher than 3.5 inches. See, once I got out of my late 30’s my ankles couldn’t take 4 inches any more so I got my heel height down to a science. If I can run in my shoes, I chose well because I like to be active and to be able to walk about in my heels without looking like Bambi, stammering and what not, that’s not attractive.

Fact is, just because they are lower heels doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy (I will style them for you later) But for now all of the heels that I will picture were lower than $40.

Sidebar:  I have on the stockings the store provides for sanitary reasons. Tap on the pictures for name of product. PLEASE BE ADVISED KELLY & KATIE shoes are true to size. I had to buy larger sizes because my size was available only online and I waited until last minute. SMH.


Top to bottom: NinaVaretta” Sandal in silver.

  Kelly & KatieThilima” Pump

Kelly & KatieNadia” Glitter Sandal

Not pictured; practical navy pumps you can get them here: AbellaJudith” pump in navy.



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Shawn Carter moves like a drug dealer (not a Jew)

We all have a past.  This is not a glorification OF it, but rather a glimpse INTO it.

Did I mention I am from the inner city? I mean I was the nerd, but I was an observant nerd. Anytime one can tell a woman “don’t embarrass me” while cheating, come from a place where you shot your drug induced brother, got exonerated after allegedly stabbing another, swaying public opinion by making an anthem for the people that states “not guilty ya’ll got to feel me” to the point where you eventually evolve into a corporate giant…

YOU HAVE STREET MENTALITY. Not learned from books.

Let’s be clear, I have never really been a die hard Shawn Carter fan, enjoying only the radio and family friendly hits like “Anything” and “Hard Knocks Life” but he has a business acumen like none other. I believe that’s what pulled Beyonce’ in, she admired his hustle even though it could have ruined her own credibility. After all, she was just 19 years-old at the time. Shawn Carter’s story is the difference between becoming Jay-Z and ending as Dame Dash.

We all know about his business moves there are too many to catalog. His moves are like chess but, let’s explore some similarities between Jay-Z and successful ex-dealer moves.

Move silently: He does not announce to the world his next step until his bag is secure. For instance, he’s never really publicly announced his mogul wife until recent times and it came with the acknowledgement of his infidelities.

Stack and Flip: Jay-Z is quoted as saying “I have to know about a budget I was a drug dealer.” Nothing has changed, although most may not reach the global success of Jay-Z, many ex-dealers find success by stacking and flipping. Washed and clean.

Be relentless: Insert Dame Dash situation. What dealer you know didn’t rise to the top by killing off stragglers or competition?

He hires loyals: Jay-Z wasn’t the run of the mill drug dealer, he pushed weight- kilos in fact. He admired men like Emory Jones whom he once ran for in the streets and upon Emory’s release from incarceration he became creative director of RocNation. Name an drug dealer who doesn’t still ride with their day 1’s.

Shawn Carter is now a changed man but his mentality is still that of a hustler which is what has helped him to evolve into the business savvy mogul that he is, in fact he is nowhere near done, and there is nothing wrong with that.


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Dress Like a Lady: Off the shoulder tops. Be casual and sexy at the same time.

The cold shoulder version never did suit me. I don’t know if it’s just me but I really like my clothing well fitted and cold shoulder shirts always droop on my shoulders. On me the cut is just not flattering.

Enter off the shoulder tops.



They can be sexy but not over expose you; in the meantime they cover flaws  if you get the right style. Pair it with Capri, shorts and sandals- WALA! You’re all set for the weekend.


This off the shoulder number is from Free People I got mine this past winter – as I generally shop for my clothing off season. Don’t fret! The trend is all over the place and still available at such retail outlets like Fashion Nova, necklace and accessories from LabelMePosh.


Just in case you’re in the market for a red, white and blue look.  SIDEBAR: I STRONGLY believe in natural looking brows. ALSO I NEVER FILTER OR MANIPULATE MY TECHNIQUE.

You can find the silver plated hoop earrings here.


I LOVE the result. The look is relatively simple, the only thing you work hard at is  blending because we want the makeup to look like there was hardly any work involved. The blending technique is effortless with the  brands I used together.

BASE: My favorite primer is a glitter primer, but I use it to for my colors to adhere- it is Too Faced “Glitter Bonding Glue” I use a white base and to avoid creasing I bake with Laura Mercier “Translucent Loose Setting Powder” in that order.

EYES: Clinique “Wear Everywhere Greys” palette on the lid (the 5th color from the left) make sure to pat on-also before going to next step add the 5th silver color to transition seamlessly in the BH Cosmetics “Foil Palette” (the color is not named but it’s the darkest blue) MAC “Swiss Chocolate” in the crease as a transition color and MAC “Naked Lunch” as highlight. BLEND BABY BLEND!

LASHES: Ardell “Wispy Natural” lashes and for drama I added blue Make Up Forever glitter on the lash line.


FACE: Smashbox CC Crème in the color “Medium Dark”

LIPS: NK Wine (discontinued-once I find a compatible red, I stick with it) with a red beauty supply gloss atop. Any brand will do, just make sure it’s a true red.



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xoxo, Kanesha

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