I love to dress, that’s no secret to anyone that knows me. Fashion is into me. My super girly approach came a little later in life because in my youth I didn’t want unwarranted attention, but I was tomboy fly; so much that the guys used to call me “G.Q.” affectionately after the distinguished Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine. Fine by me, kept me out of drama with the high school girls and I set a couple of trends along the way. (Bright colored t-shirts under our dress code white shirts)

Of course my sense of style eventually sashayed into the girly approach. Which is why I believe one is naked without accessories and, when it comes to formal attire I feel the same if one doesn’t possess a good, eye catching clutch.

Enter my hand beaded special occasion clutches. They are unique, stylish and labor heavy, the beauty of my design is the fact that since they are handmade they are completely custom. In addition they are so close to my heart and, I wouldn’t design something I wouldn’t wear. Step into the posh circle or invite someone else to it.

Kanesha, xoxo

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clutch your peals
“Clutch Your Pearls”
“Clutch Your Pearls” in action
strut shoe
“Strut” hand beaded, iridescent peacock feather clutch. FRONT
strut back
“Strut” hand beaded, iridescent peacock feather clutch. BACK
strut leg 1
“Strut” in action.

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I celebrate people, I love writing and helping them to access their inner beauty through clothing, accessories and housewares which I believe helps to build self esteem. With those factors in mind I built my business - www.labelmeposh.com and this site, so through this avenue both can be expressed; as an outlet. My style can be described as feminine, flirty and sometimes edgy. I am also a person shopper that shops for both men and women so I'm able to give advice on what to wear and how to wear it. In the process I've learned to love myself for the person I've become.