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Sundress season can sometimes come with its reservations. Am I sundress ready? Do I have enough wiggle to support the jiggle? You can be subtly sexy in a sundress without being overtly so.

Calvin Klein has THE sexiest sundresses that won’t cause undue attention, and believe it or not some of us just want to be comfortable. The reason this is so is because of the patterns. For instance a sundress in a solid color gives the eye nowhere to wander so instead of focusing on the look the focus shifts to the body shape. The focal order can however, change if the sundress has a pattern such as stripes or flowers thereby making people pay attention to your style instead of your amazing figure. Throw on some accessories and wala worship appropriate. I purchased my sundress at T.J. Maxx, they can be purchased as well at Burlington Coat Factory. My chain belt is from Etsy (I support small business) and the purse and gladiator sandals are from Designer’s Shoe Warehouse. Happy sun dressing.

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xoxo, Kanesha