Men love to feel loved too, and not just during the holidays. Ladies have you ever walked past a man that smelled so good you start thinking naughty thoughts? Well these colognes will help to indulge your lustful behavior toward your loved one or to just help a man out in the smell good department. Either way you’ll thank yourself, it’s better to give then receive right?

  1. Bleu de Chanel (say it in a sexy French accent) Oh. My. Goodness. This cologne is powerful, yet not overpowering. This cologne smells like a gentleman would look. Understated but commanding, generous but uncompromising. In short I be on my suit and tie.

The top notes are citrus scents which gives the commanding fragrance but in the middle and end notes to dial the cologne back are the “woods”; sandalwood, amber wood, cedar wood the combination of these make the scent fall back into what defines a manly fragrance. In short, it’s good.. almost good enough to eat. Bleu de Chanel comes in parfum and eau de toilette and there are also different sizes available. One can also purchase Bleu de Chanel in shower gel and soap.Bleu2014EDP_collection

2. Tom Ford Neroli  Porofino Acqua

When I first smelled this I had no idea it was part of a “private blend” collection.   It gives an exotic woodsy vibe. This cologne comes off citrus like Kiwi not too thick, and although woodsy finishes with fig. Yes fig. It’s a very complimentary, pleasant scent and lasts about 4 hours Neroli Porofino Acqua is like a vacation in the French Riveria which was the intent; cool and casual, full of surprises and engaging. Some of the selections available in this cologne are Parfum, Eau De Toilette, and body oil.

Notes are citrus and amber. (Tom Ford is very secretive when it comes to disclosing notes) Smells like a day at the beach- FRESH.

tom ford


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xoxo, Kanesha