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Oh don’t act like you haven’t said it. I can proudly say I haven’t because I try not to be that shallow. But plenty have, especially when T.I. (Clifford Harris)  and Tiny (Tameka Cottle) of Xscape first got married. It got so bad she had to defend herself in 2013 by saying infamously:

“Piggy Was A Bad Beyotch And She Kept Kermit!”


That’s sad and shameful that we care more about outer appearance than loyalty, and no one can deny that this woman was loyal to her husband. In addition we have the audacity to gasp when she has surgeries to change her appearance and wonder how in the world T.I. is as arrogant as he turned out to be. Some of us made him feel like he deserved better than her. I read and heard it- women wondering how a “ugly woman like Tiny got a man as fine as T.I.” Is he attractive to you now? Especially since it has come to fruition that he cheated with a woman that Tiny hired to help the family. No, because now I’m reading how much of a dog and disrespectful man Clifford Harris is, even though deep down some of you would happily be on his arm despite this fact. This ought to be a lesson to all of us, but of course it won’t if we continue to put looks over substance.


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