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As the summertime approaches I want to raise an often ignored fact. Bugs can be lethal and they are in full effect during this time. I am living proof that the threat should be taken seriously. There used to be a time when one would get bitten and the bite would itch a little and then go away; not so much anymore, pestilence is prevalent so it’s important to wear some kind of bug repellent or you could land in the hospital like me. I was in the hospital all last week and the outlook looked so grim that the physician’s were talking amputation. Yes! The poison/infection started at my left hand and traveled so far up my arm that doctors assumed the tissue had died and my heart could be affected. It turned out to be STREP THROAT via my arm the bug had infected me with strep throat! Trust me, it looked grotesque and deformed. As of today, ( I am typing this 6-3-2017) although MUCH better I am still on watch by my doctors.

I am not in a position to suggest any repellents because I am not a medical professional and I read that some repellents can eventually develop into cancer, however, I am using OFF, in addition I bombed my home (I GOT BIT IN THE HOUSE) with insect repellent; ***please be sure to follow the instructions carefully when bombing***  in addition I put insecticide around the perimeter of my home. According to my aunt who is an avid gardener, this process should be done every six months.

Here are the stages in pictures this infection went through. IF YOU’RE SQUEAMISH DON’T LOOK.

bite 1

Stage 1

bite 2

Stage 2

bite 3

Stage 3

travel 1

Stage 4

travel 2

Stage 5

bite 4

Stage 5- The ink pictured is a representation of how swollen my hand had gotten; my WHOLE HAND was within the lines drawn by the Registered Nurse!

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