I love to dress, that’s no secret to anyone that knows me. Fashion is into me. My super girly approach came a little later in life because in my youth I didn’t want unwarranted attention, but I was tomboy fly; so much that the guys used to call me “G.Q.” affectionately after the distinguished Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine. Fine by me, kept me out of drama with the high school girls and I set a couple of trends along the way. (Bright colored t-shirts under our dress code white shirts)

Of course my sense of style eventually sashayed into the girly approach. Which is why I believe one is naked without accessories and, when it comes to formal attire I feel the same if one doesn’t possess a good, eye catching clutch.

Enter my hand beaded special occasion clutches. They are unique, stylish and labor heavy, the beauty of my design is the fact that since they are handmade they are completely custom. In addition they are so close to my heart and, I wouldn’t design something I wouldn’t wear. Step into the posh circle or invite someone else to it.

Kanesha, xoxo

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clutch your peals
“Clutch Your Pearls”
“Clutch Your Pearls” in action
strut shoe
“Strut” hand beaded, iridescent peacock feather clutch. FRONT
strut back
“Strut” hand beaded, iridescent peacock feather clutch. BACK
strut leg 1
“Strut” in action.



Ok so I gave my little sob story about going to the hospital, just kidding it wasn’t sob.. a sister was close to getting amputated; but you know what I mean. I told the woe is me version. Step into the lab and let’s get into the juicy bits.


After I was told that I was able to keep my limbs, the stay became therapeutic for me- no cleaning the house, no cooking dinner, pushing a button to be serviced, and the MORPHINE. I am not a drug user or as the generation before me used to call them a junkie- I am not a junkie of any kind however; my consensus is that the world would be at peace if there was some kind of low dosage of morphine that was safe to take occasionally. I was in pain – so much pain but as soon as they gave me that morphine the world was a better place. I smiled, talked, titled my head and giggled despite my inward pain. No lie I was like YASSS!! (SMH) I kind of feel ashamed for feeling such a sense of euphoria even as I type this. After all, I don’t have an addictive personality and don’t want to encourage it, but I’m speaking from a first time experience. At one point I asked for Tylenol to curb my “appetite” but the RN instead offered me MORPHINE, I felt horrible for saying yes because by this time the pain was tolerable but it was good, good to escape the pain if only for 4 days.

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Baby you are dark chocolate; SOPHISTICATED AND REFINED.

Dark chocolate is an acquired taste. It can leave the most satisfying feeling, it has several different health benefits one being that’s it’s good for the heart. It’s the chocolate that knows where it’s going and understands where it’s been.

It is YOU.

Complex but simple. Palatable but unapologetic. The discerning  tongue has to be distinct to deal with it. At first it starts off bitter, but upon peeling the layers it melts down to this buttery softness that makes the most discriminating taste squeal. with. delight. Yes, the periods in the preceding sentence are intentional; Although, a women in her “dark chocolate” phase may no longer have to deal with them. Younger people can’t compete, nothing against them, because it’s one of those things that unless that bridge has already been crossed most won’t understand the symbolism. In addition; don’t get me wrong milk chocolate is good, but it just isn’t ready yet. Who has time to wait for maturation when dark chocolate has settled on its beneficial attributes.

Yes, in the world of milk chocolate which is swayed hither and thither with no clear direction, dark chocolate is already established.. ready to explore.

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Sundress Season

Sundress season can sometimes come with its reservations. Am I sundress ready? Do I have enough wiggle to support the jiggle? You can be subtly sexy in a sundress without being overtly so.

Calvin Klein has THE sexiest sundresses that won’t cause undue attention, and believe it or not some of us just want to be comfortable. The reason this is so is because of the patterns. For instance a sundress in a solid color gives the eye nowhere to wander so instead of focusing on the look the focus shifts to the body shape. The focal order can however, change if the sundress has a pattern such as stripes or flowers thereby making people pay attention to your style instead of your amazing figure. Throw on some accessories and wala worship appropriate. I purchased my sundress at T.J. Maxx, they can be purchased as well at Burlington Coat Factory. My chain belt is from Etsy (I support small business) and the purse and gladiator sandals are from Designer’s Shoe Warehouse. Happy sun dressing.

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xoxo, Kanesha



Men love to feel loved too, and not just during the holidays. Ladies have you ever walked past a man that smelled so good you start thinking naughty thoughts? Well these colognes will help to indulge your lustful behavior toward your loved one or to just help a man out in the smell good department. Either way you’ll thank yourself, it’s better to give then receive right?

  1. Bleu de Chanel (say it in a sexy French accent) Oh. My. Goodness. This cologne is powerful, yet not overpowering. This cologne smells like a gentleman would look. Understated but commanding, generous but uncompromising. In short I be on my suit and tie.

The top notes are citrus scents which gives the commanding fragrance but in the middle and end notes to dial the cologne back are the “woods”; sandalwood, amber wood, cedar wood the combination of these make the scent fall back into what defines a manly fragrance. In short, it’s good.. almost good enough to eat. Bleu de Chanel comes in parfum and eau de toilette and there are also different sizes available. One can also purchase Bleu de Chanel in shower gel and soap.Bleu2014EDP_collection

2. Tom Ford Neroli  Porofino Acqua

When I first smelled this I had no idea it was part of a “private blend” collection.   It gives an exotic woodsy vibe. This cologne comes off citrus like Kiwi not too thick, and although woodsy finishes with fig. Yes fig. It’s a very complimentary, pleasant scent and lasts about 4 hours Neroli Porofino Acqua is like a vacation in the French Riveria which was the intent; cool and casual, full of surprises and engaging. Some of the selections available in this cologne are Parfum, Eau De Toilette, and body oil.

Notes are citrus and amber. (Tom Ford is very secretive when it comes to disclosing notes) Smells like a day at the beach- FRESH.

tom ford


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Tiny doesn’t deserve T.I. she looks like Miss Piggy


Oh don’t act like you haven’t said it. I can proudly say I haven’t because I try not to be that shallow. But plenty have, especially when T.I. (Clifford Harris)  and Tiny (Tameka Cottle) of Xscape first got married. It got so bad she had to defend herself in 2013 by saying infamously:

“Piggy Was A Bad Beyotch And She Kept Kermit!”


That’s sad and shameful that we care more about outer appearance than loyalty, and no one can deny that this woman was loyal to her husband. In addition we have the audacity to gasp when she has surgeries to change her appearance and wonder how in the world T.I. is as arrogant as he turned out to be. Some of us made him feel like he deserved better than her. I read and heard it- women wondering how a “ugly woman like Tiny got a man as fine as T.I.” Is he attractive to you now? Especially since it has come to fruition that he cheated with a woman that Tiny hired to help the family. No, because now I’m reading how much of a dog and disrespectful man Clifford Harris is, even though deep down some of you would happily be on his arm despite this fact. This ought to be a lesson to all of us, but of course it won’t if we continue to put looks over substance.


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Along came a spider..or whatever it was.

As the summertime approaches I want to raise an often ignored fact. Bugs can be lethal and they are in full effect during this time. I am living proof that the threat should be taken seriously. There used to be a time when one would get bitten and the bite would itch a little and then go away; not so much anymore, pestilence is prevalent so it’s important to wear some kind of bug repellent or you could land in the hospital like me. I was in the hospital all last week and the outlook looked so grim that the physician’s were talking amputation. Yes! The poison/infection started at my left hand and traveled so far up my arm that doctors assumed the tissue had died and my heart could be affected. It turned out to be STREP THROAT via my arm the bug had infected me with strep throat! Trust me, it looked grotesque and deformed. As of today, ( I am typing this 6-3-2017) although MUCH better I am still on watch by my doctors.

I am not in a position to suggest any repellents because I am not a medical professional and I read that some repellents can eventually develop into cancer, however, I am using OFF, in addition I bombed my home (I GOT BIT IN THE HOUSE) with insect repellent; ***please be sure to follow the instructions carefully when bombing***  in addition I put insecticide around the perimeter of my home. According to my aunt who is an avid gardener, this process should be done every six months.

Here are the stages in pictures this infection went through. IF YOU’RE SQUEAMISH DON’T LOOK.

bite 1
Stage 1
bite 2
Stage 2
bite 3
Stage 3
travel 1
Stage 4
travel 2
Stage 5
bite 4
Stage 5- The ink pictured is a representation of how swollen my hand had gotten; my WHOLE HAND was within the lines drawn by the Registered Nurse!

You’re welcome:


Take care,

xoxo Kanesha