Sometimes you feel like having a spot of tea. This outfit suits the mood. I love a lace top and a modest skirt. Modesty does not have to entail being frumpy. The outfit is colorful, and grown up all the while  exuding a youthful feel because the skirt is playful with just enough flair and flirtatious appeal. The top is sexy and mature with the right amount of cover up lace for appropriate detailing, it is topped off with a cute bow.



This outfit is so whimsical I couldn’t start at the patterns for the top and abruptly end them with the tights. After all, tights are an all important part of an outfit too, when people look, they don’t stop at the skirt. My tights/stockings have a crisscross pattern, and the purse handmade and available here has pearl details. Have fun down the rabbit hole.


“CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS” handmade faux PEARL clutch.

Photo credit here. 

Location: Cleveland Galleria