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HELLO LOVERS!! Thanks for your patience.  Spring has sprung.

In Ohio there can be a fine line between Spring and Summer with springtime appearing briefly only to last for a month or so. Although the official month for spring occurs in March it will oftentimes still snow up until April or beyond (we’ve even had some dusting in May.)

The thought that spring has finally sprung makes me ecstatic! The weather for the rest of this week hinges upon the high 70’s, when just this weekend I was wearing faux leather, anyone will tell you “that’s Ohio for you.”

When I think of spring I think lilac, baby pink, white and even nude. You can get away with wearing all of these colors together if it’s done correctly to create this look. Anyway, here’s to Spring and being girly.


 Sexy wide leg pants here

“Unicorn Tears” 70’s inspired, drop frame sunglasses here.