Brunch Anyone? Bon Appetite, Tea time

Sometimes you feel like having a spot of tea. This outfit suits the mood. I love a lace top and a modest skirt. Modesty does not have to entail being frumpy. The outfit is colorful, and grown up all the while  exuding a youthful feel because the skirt is playful with just enough flair and flirtatious appeal. The top is sexy and mature with the right amount of cover up lace for appropriate detailing, it is topped off with a cute bow.



This outfit is so whimsical I couldn’t start at the patterns for the top and abruptly end them with the tights. After all, tights are an all important part of an outfit too, when people look, they don’t stop at the skirt. My tights/stockings have a crisscross pattern, and the purse handmade and available here has pearl details. Have fun down the rabbit hole.

“CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS” handmade faux PEARL clutch.

Photo credit here. 

Location: Cleveland Galleria



Some people enjoy throwing shade.

Let’s be honest, everyone NEEDS a pair of shades. They are without doubt the least expensive way to spruce your wardrobe up. Sunglasses have a way of announcing movie star status even if your outfit of the day is already nice, in short they.are.essential.

Here are some examples of how sunglasses can take an ordinary outfit up a notch. All are available here.

HANDMADE “KANDILAND” Special request

Fragrances that leave her smelling like a snack. #issasnack

Ready to smell tasty, even lickable? Perfume fix ahead. He’ll be all over you like a pig on LSD.


Perfumes are subjective. Of course. Your nose may not like what mine does, thank goodness for samples!

Prada Candy– Smells so good my bottle is almost gone! Every time I wear it my husband goes crazy and nuzzles me immediately. It emits a warm, fuzzy feeling because of the caramel top note, just in time for the vanilla to kick in and make you smell like a scoop of ice cream. Who doesn’t like vanilla ice cream?


Thierry Mugler Eau de Sucree– This fragrance is the grown and sexy version of candy. It’s sweet like a first date but ravishing like seasoned lovers. You know when you whisper to your significant other in the movie theater what you’re going to do to them when you get home? That’s how good it is. It’s composed of berry fruit notes mixed with vanilla. It is the vanilla note that calms it down. This version is seasonal so make sure to smell it while you can.


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucre– I usually don’t mention ages when speaking about fragrances, however, I have no control of what others think. The woman at the perfume counter stated that to her Juicy Sucre is childish, I can see why she would feel that way being a connoisseur and all, and to be honest compared to the former scents this IS on the sweet end of the candy spectrum. But I love it! Sometimes a girl wants to smell edible, and this is TASTY! The back note is whipped cream. If you have ever used whipped cream for “other” purposes you know that’s it’s tasty, but sticky. (which isn’t necessary a bad thing) because if it weren’t for the latter, you’d eat it all day. Same notion with this parfum.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my compilation of smell goods that will leave you smelling tasty. Are there any others that I missed that you love from this list. Be sure to leave comments and recommendations below.

xoxo, Kanesha

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When Black and White Stripes Give Life featuring Ralph Lauren; LabelMePosh; Fashion Nova and Free People


When a shirt has an attitude! I am in favor of stripes, as long as they don’t leave me looking like an umpire. This top has accomplished the alternative masterfully because the shirt features horizontal and vertical stripes, it even has the nerve to have outlets made in it for your fingers to peep through. SEXY! The top is form fitting so I decided to wear white form fitting jeans and to round it off black riding boots. I feel like a sexy (albeit) tall jockey.

When the look is bold I like to take a minimal approach to the shades and jewelry. I wore some not so basic black shades with bottomless rims and a minimalist necklace with crystal detailing that creates a cascading effect down my neck.

The shades and jewelry are here, the top is no longer available but from Free People, the pants are from Fashion Nova and boots are Ralph Lauren.


Neutral Pastels 70’s casual ft. HouseofCB & LabelMePosh

HELLO LOVERS!! Thanks for your patience.  Spring has sprung.

In Ohio there can be a fine line between Spring and Summer with springtime appearing briefly only to last for a month or so. Although the official month for spring occurs in March it will oftentimes still snow up until April or beyond (we’ve even had some dusting in May.)

The thought that spring has finally sprung makes me ecstatic! The weather for the rest of this week hinges upon the high 70’s, when just this weekend I was wearing faux leather, anyone will tell you “that’s Ohio for you.”

When I think of spring I think lilac, baby pink, white and even nude. You can get away with wearing all of these colors together if it’s done correctly to create this look. Anyway, here’s to Spring and being girly.


 Sexy wide leg pants here

“Unicorn Tears” 70’s inspired, drop frame sunglasses here.