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Billions is one incendiary of a show with one liners such as “they applaud while you’re up but can’t wait to boo when your down” makes it my new fix. Careful, this is no ordinary series, if you are intrigued by the mega wealthy but at the same time repulsed by their ostentatious display of wealth, particularly by investors; this series kicks them while they’re up for you. In the process you will learn the lingo of stocks if you don’t already- long and short term, fluffing, the list goes on. The writing and acting is phenomenal, the cast is diverse, and the actors are relatively unknown, but not so much that you won’t recall their faces-specifically the character Rhoades who is executed brilliantly by Paul Giamatti. Rhoades acts as the complicated United States Attorney General who is a stickler for the rules but every now and then enjoys the wiles of a dominatrix (played by his wife) who finds pleasure in cigarette burning him despite the fact that she’s a psychiatrist.  Let’s not get started on Axelrod who is the main character. He’s an intelligent, power hungry, snake of a man that you’ll love to hate despite the fact that he plays chess with people’s lives. See how twisted yet layered these characters are? I’m obsessed, and you will be as well. Tune in to “Billions” it airs Sundays on Showtime, its already in Season 2 however, you can also stream it to start fresh at Season 1.

xoxo, Kanesha

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